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19 January 2004 - 10:04 PM

there's also the fact that you lisspell things a lot when your young, so at a young age, your used to reading words that are spelled wrong.

In Topic: anybody like tupac (totallyrandom topic)

19 January 2004 - 10:02 PM

I thought tupac was one of the best rappers out there if not the abosolute best.
It's a shame that he got signed to Death Row because that's when he started on his Thug Life trip and acting like a gangsta when he wasn't. He was just a poet.
He had tons of fame when he was alive or else his albums wouldn't have sold when he was dead.
He has so much material coming out now because he wanted to get out of his deal with death row. So he was making like 3 songs day to get out of his contrat.
I really his death was sad because he was beginning to see that he was wrong to blame Biggie and Puff Daddy for him being shot four times and he was beginning to try and right the wrongs that he did and go back to being himself instead of trying to be a gangsta. Not to say he wasn't hard, but he was trying to make a difference through music (as seen in his early days). Then he went to making that glorifying the dark side rap, and then he went back to trying to make a difference through music. And then he died. But even the day he dies, he beat down this guy in the lobby of the place where the boxing match was so, I think his story is just sad.