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Fan Fic

03 July 2003 - 08:20 PM

Im sure some of you have gone to www.soompi.com to read fan fiction. . I just read my first one there. . and it was good! well up to chapter 31/45. . .lol but up to that point it was really interesting and stuff. so i was wondering if any of YOU have written any, and if not, SOMEONE HERE WRITE A BOA FAN FIC! that'd be cool, and instead of having Kangta or Minwoo as the characters, you can use our names in the forum lol

Dir En Grey

03 July 2003 - 08:16 PM

Hahah what's with the names eh? Dir En grey and L'arc en ciel. . so frenchy

well anyways, I was wondering if anyone's seen this one music video of Dir en grey. it was extremely freaky, with this naked girl writhing around, and like all the freaky hardcore stuff rockers like. But one of the guys had this spikey gas mask on and pink hair. . and the way he styled his hair was just. . ultimate. combined with that gas mask. . he looked totally awesome. So if anyone knows what video i'm talking about, elmme know the name so i can download it!


12 June 2003 - 08:55 AM

who here knows what 'GO' is?

by this i am referring to the ancient chinese board game, which is now the national game of JApan.

if you do, does anyone know an online programs i can use to play other people online? I have egg=panda, but you hafta pay, so i just go on to watch other people play each other. but i want to play more people!!! any help?

SHinhwa - All Your Dreams

31 May 2003 - 08:56 PM

Hahah dunno if you've ever noticed it listening to this rockish kpop song, but when all of them start singing (its after hye-sungs 'solo' part, int he music video, its after junjin gets a swift blow on the back).
anyways, this riff/meoldy is EXACTLY the same as britney spear's "Hit me baby one more time". its hilarious.


27 May 2003 - 08:42 PM

Who here likes X-Japan?
I think they are one of the greatest bands. Their skill in guitar and drums are unmatched. I think the drummer was ranked top 10 in the world, and was 1st in asia. HE had MADD skills. he broke many bones playing drums, cindluing spraining his neck. THen there's Hide. . .one of the best guitarists in asia. When he died, Japan mourned for him. Every X-Japan hardcore fan has had his screenname be some kind of tribute to him. They play power metal, and its awesome. The stylish solo licks are amazing. The vocalist actually had his vocal chord snap before. . =S and he had it surgerically reattached.
Oddly enough, many of them cross dress. I never understood this. . .but many j-rock bands seem to do this, or at least look extremely feminine. but two ofthem were actual crossdressers (At least two, Hide and the drummer).
Man their music is good. They also have a song called Art of Life that is 30 minutes long, and has solos from every instrument (lol the drummer plays piano too).
Some of my favourite songs from them are Silent Jealousy, Weekend, RUsty Nail, and X.