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#2279904 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by hinachan on 13 June 2015 - 09:57 PM

@Hinachan: Those are YOUR assumptions, YOUR belief that she isn't a good songwriter, and in the end, YOUR opinion. Far from reality.

The FACT is, nobody wants BoA to write songs for them. She's been in the music business 15 years. Name one artist (i.e., give me a fact) who has recorded a song she has written. That's not my opinion, that's reality. I base my assertations on facts.

Last I checked, you weren't part of her management team. How do you know if anyone's hit BoA up to write or compose a song for them? Those are YOUR baseless assumptions.

LOL, everyone knows it would be all over the K-pop news if anyone were planning to record one of BoA's songs. This is not a baseless assumption, but a fact. You're grasping at straws.

Besides, she's BoA. Amongst her promotional activities, recording music, shooting music videos, shooting for TV/movies, and traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan, I doubt she has the time to write music for anyone else but herself.

Do you seriously think that other artists who record and tour extensively are incapable of writing their own songs, or songs for other artists? People have been writing songs on the road since rock 'n' roll's infancy. Artists have been simultaneously recording music, shooting music videos, shooting for TV/movies, and traveling WORLDWIDE since the days of MTV, before BoA was even born. If people wanted to record her songs, she wouldn't even have to write especially for them. They could just cover a song she's already recorded; cover versions have also been around since rock 'n' roll's infancy.

I find Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to be talented songwriters, but they hardly (if ever) write song for other artists. That doesn't mean they're terrible songwriters. It just means they write for themselves and there's nothing wrong with that.

Not at all. My point was that, in Korea, you'll find someone like Kangta who was an artist and songwriter, whose songs were in demand by other artists (like BoA, herself). You'll also notice that Gaga and Swift's self-penned songs have sold MILLIONS more than anything BoA's ever written. You've also ignored the fact I mentioned earlier, that songwriting is not a skill you pick up in just a few years' time. BoA's FIRST self-penned single was Only One. Writing one single, then thinking you can write an entire album, is a recipe for disaster. And even you can't ignore the fact that the KML album release has been an embarrassing disaster for her.

There are plenty of hidden gems in the music industry that go unnoticed.

A release by someone of BoA's stature is neither hidden nor unnoticed. Others in this thread have mentioned the Britney/Iggy Azalea song that tanked. Rest assured, it didn't tank because nobody knew about it. Just as with BoA's album, the hype was there, but the music didn't deliver.

I get that you don't like Kiss My Lips, and that's fine, but there's a fine line between your own opinion and reality. And the reality is: There are positive reviews out there and people like myself who love this album.

Let me get this straight: My opinion doesn't matter, but yours does? Especially when I wasn't writing my opinions, but pointing out facts??

That small handful of positive reviews and your opinion are mere opinions. My observation that people are avoiding BoA's album in droves is a fact based in reality. Attacking me because you're unwilling to face reality won't change the fact (that word again!) that KML was just not good, and SM didn't promote it heavily and print a lot of physical copies because they knew it wasn't good. I've had friends in the music industry (USA and other countries), so I know how record execs think. SM didn't deliberately stab BoA in the back; they just knew that their promotional money should be spent on albums that could bring a good return on their investment.

I've been on this forum since 2005, and you've only made 111 posts. I've been a BoA fan from the very beginning. You're really out of line attacking me for (supposedly) ignoring facts, when I've been a fan long enough to see all the facts of BoA's career as they happened. I would've LOVED to see this album slay everything else on the charts, and be the huge 15th anniversary celebration that BoA deserved. But I'm realistic enough not to blame other fans, or SM, or the tooth fairy for the failure of this album. BoA controls her career now. She made bad decisions, and we're seeing the results.

She's the one who tried to write an entire album too soon. She's the one lipsyncing instead of singing live as she used to. She's the one who isn't picking choreographers to give her some really awesome routines to do. She's the one who, for whatever reason, has lost Korean fans' interest by holding back her charming personality and making people think she's boring now.

I'm only the messenger. Attacking me and pretending that my observations are "baseless assumptions" isn't going to change the fact that BoA's popularity is plummeting because of BoA's own decisions. We can only hope she'll learn from her mistakes, but the worrisome problem is...does she have time to rebound and revitalize her career? Or will she become a has-been?

As a fan, I don't like seeing her career implode. Maybe all that matters to you is whether you like an album, but if her sales numbers continue on this track, no record label will see fit to release any of her material in the future. Then you won't have anything new to listen to. Because, again, the music industry is a business. They don't care if you like her album. They care about the hundreds of thousands of people who don't like it.

#2277733 BOA's 2015 PROJECTS

Posted by hinachan on 24 January 2015 - 03:18 PM

I'm hoping for for something more like my name or GOT album. I wouldn't mind HV kinda thing as much as long as she doesn't redo the supersonic hypertonic.. Whatever.. Outer space chick thing again. If she goes edgy, I hope it's more of a GOT kinda edgy, minus the mullet!

That wasn't a mullet, that was a shag hairstyle:

The mullet doesn't have feathered layering as BoA's 2005 style did; the shag does. I know, because that's my own hairstyle. ;)

#2276953 I did not recognize BoA here.

Posted by hinachan on 08 November 2014 - 05:23 PM

Before I go into what I think I'd just like to say something. I know we're not meant to be talking about this here but I have to say it would be nice if we could do so even if it's just once.

She has had the V-chin surgery done (Google it, look at the pictures), and a nose job as well. Normally, I couldn't care less if someone has surgery, but someone as gorgeous as BoA DID NOT NEED IT. She's nowhere near as pretty as she used to be, with her softly dimpled (SQUARE!) chin and cute little nose. People in the West have surgery to get a chin that looks like hers used to, and she had it changed. Now she looks like every other cookie-cutter K-pop star. It's like spray-painting over the Mona Lisa...WHY? :(

Before anyone says you can't compare adult BoA to teenage BoA, nobody's doing that. BoA's chin and nose only changed very recently, during the "Only One" era. Nobody's face changes that radically in their mid-20's. :)

And before anyone says I'm hating on BoA, I'm absolutely not doing that. I'm saying that she's a victim of how South Korean society can even pressure someone as pretty as BoA into having completely unnecessary surgery. Guys are pressured into it, as well. Not just singers/actors, but even ordinary people are made to think they have to look perfect to get ahead in their careers. It's utterly ridiculous, and so many people are being disfigured or even killed when operations go wrong. I'm not hating on any of these people going under the knife. I'm sad for them.

#2276224 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by hinachan on 26 August 2014 - 08:38 PM

Sadly, this forum is so dead that there's really no need to combine threads anymore. Individual threads make it easier to see each news story ( = the subject line), rather than having to wade through a whole bunch of posts just to see the individual stories. :)

#2276151 [NEW SONG] Self-Composition "FLY"

Posted by hinachan on 19 August 2014 - 09:03 PM

Am I the only one who's noticed that even though BoA is known for her powerful dancing, vocals and songs most of her self composed songs are ballads? :)

I've noticed it too, and that's part of her problem. Her voice can be wonderful at times, but she hasn't learned to use it well enough to be good at singing ballads. Her self-penned songs are nothing to write home about, either. She needs to stick with what she can do best, which is dancing. :)

#2276149 [Album] [03.09.2014] WHO'S BACK?

Posted by hinachan on 19 August 2014 - 08:54 PM

This is what happens to artists who don't sell well. I know everyone loves to say, "Sales don't matter, BoA doesn't have anything left to prove!!!111!!!!" But you can't expect Avex (or any label really) to actually invest in her if they know that it'll be a bad investment (in that it won't sell well and no one will pay attention to it).

Exactly! This is what I've been saying for years. I get so tired of fans saying stupid things like, "I don't care if she sells well, I like everything BoA does." Well, this is what happens when your sales go down: the label invests less money into promotion, and the sales get worse and worse. It's a self-perpetuating cycle. Then finally, the contract expires and they don't renew it, and guess what? The blindly-worshipping fans no longer have any new albums to buy!

At this point, I don't know what could be done to boost her career outside Korea. Her US album was marketed very poorly, and her movie wasn't marketed at all. When Derek Hough didn't even mention it on DWTS...what the heck?!?

Maybe if (as is being discussed on another thread) she could get some vocal coaching to make a comeback with a more powerful voice, that might make people take notice. Because, if good songs like Shout It Out and Masayume Chasing aren't enough to kickstart a career, it's time to worry. :(

#2275762 【Single】〖14/XX/XX〗BoA - MASAYUME CHASINGï

Posted by hinachan on 25 July 2014 - 11:55 AM

I scanned through the article and it's really mean. People should stop focusing on whether someone's face is changing and start listening to her music.

It's not mean at all. These comments are good feedback that SM/Avex/BoA should take to heart.

For instance, BoA does give off a standoffish vibe nowadays, as if she can't even loosen up and have fun (her latest video being an exception--she finally exudes some joy!). And she does really seem as if she's not giving 100% anymore, because it's like she's trying to be too ladylike. She doesn't always have to behave like a tomboy, but tomboy BoA had so much more passion and energy, which is lacking in her performances now. As one commenter said, "Where is the star power?" That's what's missing from BoA now. Growing up is no reason to give up your passion and personality. :)

As for her looks, it broke my heart when I saw she finally succumbed to the pressure to have surgery. Her pretty nose is now too long and thin, and that "trendy" V-chin makes me ill. She had a beautiful jaw line and a lovely faint cleft/dimple in her chin. Now her whole head looks too long, and I could barely focus on her dancing in "Shout It Out" because (with that hat elongating her face even more), it looked as if she were wearing a long mask. Looks *are* important in showbusiness, but the real tragedy behind BoA's decision to get the surgery is that it's another symptom of her losing the individuality that made her so unique. She's not like some of those SNSD girls, who were plain-looking before surgery. BoA had natural, stunning beauty, but now she looks just like everyone else.

Yes, she's still wonderfully talented--I'm just in love with "Masayume Chasing" as it's the best her voice has sounded in ages. But talented people are a dime a dozen. What makes people FAMOUS is personality and star quality. This quality is what enables even minimally-talented people to become famous. BoA was that rare combination of star quality AND talent. Maybe it's insecurity on her part, or maybe she thinks she's acting grown up by restraining herself so much. We'll never know the cause, but the effect is clear: She's submerging her intensity and individuality to the point where fans are being turned off. If she wants to resurrect her career, she needs to go deep within herself and tap into the passion and joy she had before, and bring it to the surface so that fans will feel passion and joy for HER.

The commenters on that site (and other sites) are making that point again and again. One said: "I was super into her when Every Heart single was just released say 2003? Then she became this bland singer." That isn't meanness, it's honesty. These are people who WANT to adore BoA again. BoA could reach these people again, if she would just let her true self shine once more. :)

#2275636 It's hard to be a BoA fan right now ;-)

Posted by hinachan on 12 July 2014 - 12:35 AM

Don't worry, this isn't flamebait, LOL!

On July 4th, one of the particularly loud fireworks injured both my eardrums. How is this relevant, you ask? Because BoA's got new songs coming out, and I can't play my stereo at all because my ears are so sore. And they may take weeks to heal. :(

I'm aching to blast "Masayume Chasing" on repeat and dance-dance-dance...but I can only play it softly on my computer speakers once or twice, before I have to turn off the music to spare my ears.

This stinks! I love this song so much! :(

Thanks for letting me vent....

#2274105 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by hinachan on 29 March 2014 - 03:35 PM

It makes NO sense, that BoA will not be on the OST. Girls Plastic Surgery Generation will be on it, but not her? Meh.

#2257646 BoA should release a Special album for her American fans

Posted by hinachan on 24 July 2013 - 06:12 AM

No one's going to buy it in the USA so they won't release anything.

As much as I'd love to hear another English-language album from BoA, it would be insane to put the $$ needed to record an album into an album destined to fail. People often act as if an artist can just waltz into a studio, and do anything they want, at no expense. Recording an album is expensive.

It really baffles me how BoA threw out her largest fanbase and market, Japan, to flop in the USA and return in South Korea as a singing competition judge.

I agree with your sentiment, but you're forgetting that she was already flopping in Japan at the time. It's what I called the Pink Lady syndrome--when, like Pink Lady, their Japanese career is circling the drain, so the management rushes the artist to the USA in an attempt to break into another large market...without proper planning. Her debut was predestined to fail, when Lee Soo Man's SM Entertainment USA did so much wrong. For instance, they had her jetting back and forth from here to Japan (to promote yet another CD that flopped) until she got sick and had to cancel a live appearance at a sports event that would have presented her to a large number of people. And how about the way that virtually all the promotional appearances were geared solely toward Asian-Americans (a very small minority), rather than U.S. audiences in general.I could go on, but that would be laboring the point. BoA could've been the first Korean artist to make it big here, given proper promotion by people who actually know the American market. But LSM was too busy wanting to use BoA to start SM Entertainment USA as a way to bring other SM artists here. LSM is a big fish in a small pond in South Korea; here, he's just another inexperienced showbiz wannabe. Too bad he had to take BoA down with him. :(

#2253926 Oricon chart positions for "Tail Of Hope"?

Posted by hinachan on 11 June 2013 - 05:23 PM

Does anybody have this info, or sales info? I don't have Japanese text enabled on my computer, so I can't read the site for myself. Thanks!

#2253778 BoA summer 2013 Jap new song/single

Posted by hinachan on 05 June 2013 - 04:22 PM

^ I agree, it's about time BoA released something happy and upbeat. :)

As for opinions, I like seeing the negative ones as well as the positive ones, as it gets old reading post after post of "ZOMG, BoA's new single is soooooooooo kewl!" Nothing is worse than brain-dead fans who get all bent out of shape if you don't worship every move a star makes, LOL.

Differing opinions are also interesting, because they give additional insight into a song or album. The only real annoying posts are the ones whining about the differing opinions that people have about music.

#2252334 PSY's new song is HOT!

Posted by hinachan on 11 April 2013 - 02:34 PM

Warning: The hook, and the words "Mother-father-gentleman" will be embedded in your head for days! :D

I looooooooove it!

#2250007 [Netizen Buzz] BoA's first Korean concert, reasons why it shined

Posted by hinachan on 10 February 2013 - 02:28 AM

I agree with so many of those comments. I was LMAO at "brainless plastic surgery monsters"! :lol:

But what's this about her "aging" well? She's only 26! What did they think, that she would get crow's feet around her eyes at age 25?

#2242170 [REQ] 2NE1 - I Love You translation

Posted by hinachan on 12 December 2012 - 06:40 PM

Can anybody translate this? It's an utterly gorgeous, haunting song!