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[RQ]New pics of BoA in specified outfit

19 February 2006 - 09:13 PM

requesting hq pics of her wearing this outfit. i think there's a few or maybe just one other one that came out with Outgrow. thx a lot! :notworthy:

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Daenar's (Sam's) 5k Post

29 November 2005 - 10:48 PM

Daenar’s FEP

so since i've hit my 5000th post and keeping with tradition, i've gone and done an FEP. this must have taken me almost a week now and about 9 pages of text. it's not as awesomely decorated as sexy Truong's or as full of friends as hot Danny's, but this is what came out after i sat down for a few days and worked things out. hopefully it's somewhat enjoyable and interesting as it totally was for me while writing.

a little about me first…

Name: Samuel Yung (pplz just call me Sam)

Why this screen name?: i used to be all crazy about Lord of the Rings when the movies came out and found out this name means “shadow fire”.. and being the dork that i am i thought it was pretty cool, and it’s stuck since but has no real meaning to me anymore.

First BoA song: Every Heart -- yes, like many of you heard it on Natasha (even though I’ve never watched more than 8mins of that show at a time)

First BoA MV: Shine We Are -- she was so cute here and totally made me want to find out more about her!!

Other interesting (or not) facts: I’m 18 years old and I live in Richmond, BC, Canada. I currently attend the University of British Columbia, although I highly question how i ever was admitted into this school :P I’m Christian, absolutely love music, and have a ridiculous passion for Ultimate (Frisbee, official sport) even though i suck at it. uhh, I’m MALE if you haven’t figured out by now lol!! :lol:

Shout Outz - Part 1

xx_lost_love_xx - Shengyi
well no doubt, my awesome wifey deserves top spot in my fep :wub:! i remember i started talking to you maybe just a bit before my emp a while back.. and since then, I’ve come to know that you are an amazing person. yes, you’re an awesome singer (contrary to what you may think) and pretty (VERY pretty haha), but you have a genuinely wonderful personality and heart. just look at all the friends you have on BJ is evidence enough! i can totally see you being such an awesome role model for kids AND peers alike around you. yes.. sam gets cheesy and corny too :P well keep up being who you are, cuz you’re totally awesome, and i know you’re really busy with school and AP and all.. so “add oil”! :wub:
PS. Shengyi owes me cookies too!!

0_0BlanK0_0 - Stanley
hmm, don’t know what to say about you buddy.. knowing you in real life is pain enough :lol: jk jk. it’s great to see you on BJ, especially when you keep reminding me of the number of days until your suspension ends haha!! you should post more pics, keep going with your creations, and definitely.. keep killing people on vent! :P

&'Beti__* - Betty
i was SOO confuzzled when you first changed your sn!! i thought you made a new account but then saw your posts were still the same.. gosh, was just a confusing time. but all good, i still know you’re betty :D aww miss you and winnie and thaoie and shengyi spamming everywhere.. been keeping busy?? anyways ya, van-city buddy should talk to me more!!

Ace - Andrew
ahh Ace, i communicate with you with the majority of the time relating to you doing your mod job on BJ lol! well either way, you’re an awesome staff member and a really cool dude! keep up the good work and would be great if i got to know you more!

APrayer4U - Chris
Chris, you’re an awesome dude that i love in a totally non-sexual, but yet very intimate way :P you’re great and it’s been awesome first meeting you and getting to know you.

anime811 - Karen
so karen, HOW many times exactly have i died because of you now?? :P mm i actually haven’t seen you around BJ much recently.. which is really sad. come back and brutally murder me again, i miss you!! and i still need revenge…

arf_arf -
ahh, you noobie!! ya, you know that i know that you know that i know you in real life :P not sure if you’ve actually decided to introduce yourself yet so i won’t do that for you (unless you pay me of course!). but yep, you’re an awesome guy… other than all those slow lunches, your ‘dumb-blonde’ moments, and (unfortunately) knowing you since kindergarten, etc. haha!! but hey, you were the one that introduced me to BoA! so without your weird sense of taste for asian music, styles, etc. in the first place, i wouldn’t be here now.. posting 5000 posts (which is kind of sad if you look at it.. i should be busy with school and not my fep :D), and most definitely i wouldn’t be enjoying and supporting BoA! so a lot of thanks to you good buddy, and i’ll eventually repay you with sufficient purple nurples and retarded comments lol!

BoALover - Will
how could i not include a shoutout to such a sexy man?! will, you definitely need to take more pictures for us.. dang you are one hawt stud!! it does the eyes good to look at you (of course i mean that in a purely non-homo and non-sexual context):lol: better see you online more!

CoCoGirl886 - Betty
hey betty!! i remember you for reminding me of you telling me that i took this picture that looked like a spark position.. (did that line just make sense? lol!). and your really cute dog!!!! ahh remember that too hehe. it’s so sad i don’t talk to you regularly.. but would be awesome if we do. oh you know what?? i think you should start cam-whoring like a bunch of us.. cuz i was going thru some videos and saw you dance contest submition.. you so hawt and you dance so crazy!! B)

drummakidd - Jon
dude you insanely addicted to BJ!!! even moreso than me! i think i did my emp in a month and a bit or something like that.. and then after my emp i slowed down on my posts and stuff for various reasons. but seriously, you need help lol! i think we need to form an addict-help group for members like you and stephy :P but all addiction-related things put aside, you’re an awesome person that I’m so glad to have met and talked to. you’re actually one of few members that i even talk to regularly and it’s just been amazing getting to know you better. you’re a great member, an awesome friend, and a true Christian - i challenge and encourage you to continue to grow in all these aspects! :thumbsup: and you know that if you’re EVER in need of a crappy bassist or guitarist.. I’m your man haha!!

Evolution - OLD MAN
*only deserves screen name mention*

Heartbeat - Vanessa
hmm i guess just KINDA started talking to you a bit, but i know you’re from van-city AND go to ubc.. so that’s good enough for me!! woot woot vancity pride… and THUNDERBIRD pride!! and seen you on vent and in the collab, but yet to hear you sing i think (except the bee-a-bee song).. so you owe me some singing!! and yes, here come those brutal exams. don’t stress yourself out too much and hopefully we both come out alive and with awesome (or barely passing :P) marks in mid-late dec!!

icy_jaded_heart - Wendy
Wendy… my pretty van-city homester!! keeping busy at hamber?? wow, we STILL gotta hang some time with all the other Vancouver folks! but like i said, I’m not organising :P

K-PopChink - Johnny
I REMEMBER YOUR NAME!!! wow.. after leeching off you for ..almost since i started @ BJ, i FINALLY got your name haha!! :lol: i have to admit, as much as I’ve leeched from you, I’m never tired of it lol! it’s been awesome.. especially to finally put a name to the member. thx so much for your contributions to BJ and towards me personally, especially thru downloads. you’re an awesome member who’s been here..hmm.. just about a month before i did!! and you’re going to be on your way to your fep VERY soon!! (psst, i want in! :P)

Koneko - Thaoie
wahhh haven’t talked to you in sooo long!!! what happened?! hmm, i think it was just cuz I’m a guy and get left out of all those gurlie chats. :o were you the one that only uses AIM and not msn!?!? :o :o :o i think it’s about time that you switch JUST so you can talk to me!!!! :D -- your umm.. disowned brother.. or bro-in-law or something.. lol!

even tho i don’t know where you went or even your name, you were one awesome active member up til you left. probably one of the first members that i started talking to (and of course leeching off of :P), and as weird as it may seem, your never-ending contributions to the Downloads section really challenged me to take more of an active role in sharing with members and in other areas on BJ. hope you’re still doing well and one day will come back to BJ with a grand return -- i still need you to tell me what your 3 wishes were that i was hoping you’d discover for yourself!!

kuraudo - Danny
woah what can i say!? well, i think it was sort of recently that i actually started talking to you other than those: “thx for the video!” and “can i get a PM please?” lines :lol: you’re one fine dude, in whatever way you people choose to interpret this haha! but in all seriousness, Danny, you are one amazing person.. ridiculously friendly and putting up with way too much weirdness -- which makes sense considering I’m one of your friends (..i hope… :P). keep taking the high and narrow road and living out loud for Him! your bro in Christ always here for you.. and hey, i can always do with more chatting with a hawt, sexy stud like you!! :thumbsup:

LoU_4_BoA - Louie
so been gone THIS long just for school huh? well it’s great to have you back here on BJ.. was totally missing your antics! :P hope it’s going good for you, school and all.. wow, remember when we first talked on msn and then like every time i went online after that we’d just chat it up a bit at least haha. great times! for all the good times and the good times to come *cheers* and keep sharing pix… you got an awesome new hairstyle!!

Padlet - Quynh
qtipppppp!! actually i don’t even really remember why i started call u that quynh :unsure: well I’ve always known you as the pretty tennis girl with the pictures.. sometimes looking rather tired :P haven’t talked in quite a while too!!! gosh, either one of us needs to make more cam-whore threads.. that makes for the best communication haha! oh i remember a picture thread you had a while back.. maybe end of summer or something? said you were leaving your school.. why’s that? graduated? hmm.. ok, since i put you in my fep, i think you owe me a tennis lesson!!! :lol:

RitaZafra - Rita
woah rita!! i just noticed that whenever i make a thread almost ANYWHERE outside of Downloads section you’re always one of the first to reply! that’s so awesome.. reminds me of who you are .. even with my really bad memory. mm haven’t seen pix of you in a long time *hint hint*. missing the talks la.. find me on msn!! -- after exams lol!

Schizophat - Yova
oh for sure you deserve a spot in my fep yova! hope you get a chance to see this.. but, the FIRST member i basically ever met and kind of talked to. and asking you to upload BoA songs for me was why i found and came to BJ in the first place! your friendliness and contributions really was one of the biggest reasons that made me stay.. turned me from probably just being a leecher to a more active member. so yep, basically without meeting you on BJ, i probably wouldn’t be here right now.. wouldn’t be sharing files.. and wouldn’t be getting to know the really awesome people in this community! hope you’re still doing great! :thumbsup:

SexyBoAFan - Truong
gosh… i finally get to truong and i dunno what to say. well you were probably the first BJ mod that i actually talked to, i mean, outside of being in trouble ;) you’re an awesome person (and very sexy of course!) who’s probably too nice to people at times lol (particularly me haha)! always busy -- probably saving the world --, but always finding time to come on BJ and do what you gotta do.. AND uploading billions of things for crazy leechers like me! :P always hawt and sexy in my eyes :wub:

shadowdragon_7 - David
mm never actually talked to you outside of threads, but I’m sure you’re an awesome person!! thx so much for all your contributions, especially in our DL thread. hope to get to know you more buddy!

Spring Sakura - Chloe
aw i STILL haven’t done that thing with the hat.. the one that i said i would do after you took another pic with your hat and earphones lol! gosh I’m so forgetful. ok, i’ll do it…next time haha! [alright, i lie again. i TRIED (kind of) to do it. didn’t turn out as funny or awesome as i imagined in a my head.. but i tried. pic is at the bottom.] I’m such a procrastinator :P but i really think you need to take more pix for us chloe, you’re so cute!! and you sing like a maniac!! oh my goodness, you are so freakin’ awesome!!! :rolleyes: <_< and you’re never on msn!! or maybe i just still haven’t added you.. hmmm…

Squiddy -

…the guy who makes the homo statements

viper92583 - Nick
nick, another one of the awesome uploaders who probably gets little credit for his contributions. keep up the great job buddy!! haha, i know you spend WAY too much of your time online uploading :P mm ya, need to get to know you a bit more!

WINNIEE - Winnie
ahh haven’t talk to another one of my sis’ in a LONGGGG time.. how’s it going winnie?! missing your pix too, i think it’s time for another pic thread ;) wanna see you online more often lol! been keeping busy tho i guess huh?

Shout Outz - Part 2

these are “some” of the members that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and maybe even chatting it up a bit over the short time that I’ve been here at BJ. unfortunately due to time and length issues, you guys only get a shoutout-mention :lol: would be awesome to be able to get to know all you members more!!

BoA Fan 23
Dj Badtz
°»¦¦Kkåm§hi_ ~¤ßøŤ
Mirai Pan-chan
princess azalea

BJ Staff Members
well first off to all the staff here at BJ, thank you guys all so much for keeping this forum up and running at such a high standard. you guys probably devote 29 out of the possible 24 hours in a day to BJ just so that we can have such an awesome place to hang out and share our love for BoA. unfortunately I’ve only ever really talked to a few of the many awesome staff members here, but I’d like to express my deep appreciation for you all as I’m sure many of us under-credit or don’t give credit at all to you guys way too much. keep up the good work; your efforts and time spent are definitely much appreciated! :unsure: :D :D

to the subbing team, gosh you guys are amazing!! so much talent and effort put into the work that you guys do.. JUST FOR US! thank you guys over and over again for enriching our experience and enjoyment of BJ and BoA!

and particularly to the TBP2005 crew, “gambatte!” (がんばって!)
-- nah, i don’t know Japanese OR Korean, but that’s the best i could do :P

Uploading Buddies

all of you guys have become very dear to me, particularly those helping out with that music DL thread! you guys are the ones that allow me to slack off, encourage me procrastinating, AND cover for me while i do both these things!! :lol: you guys know who you are, thanks SO much… whether you’ve contributed small or great, in the past or recent.. to that thread. honestly you guys do not know how many members you’ve all shared BoA’s awesome music with. searching for BoA’s music was how i first found Boajjang, what led me to get some of her songs and begin to love her, and was what led me to share this joy with others. i can tell you guys that 157 pages and nearly 2350 posts, many members have become fans of BoA and have had their sense of music enriched because of you guys. that’s what i was striving for when i first started that thread small and it’s been so wonderful to share with some of you guys and now contribute together with you guys to keep this going -- seriously very encouraging and makes it all worthwhile. thx thx thx!! :P

for those who hang out in the DL section and share without ever wanting anything back, you guys are soo awesome and I’d like to thank you guys. for members like me who are there so often (leeching away of course :P), it is most definitely a great thing to see so many members sharing and helping each other out. over the past several months, I’ve been able to experience firsthand the impact and joy all you uploaders bring, whether great or small. you guys are all very much appreciated!! :D

BJ Family
wow our family is just SO ridiculously huge and has so many weird relations I’ve never been able to keep up… especially after that whole disowning incident a while back :lol: anyways, i love you all (in the most non-sexual way possible) and would really like to get to know all you guys. so particularly for the ones that I’ve missed so for.. this part’s for you :P :hug:

…to everybody else…

i apologize so much to have missed anybody, likely cuz I’ve never really met or talked with you. but you guys are all awesome because each member is what makes Boajjang .. well.. Boajjang… looking forward to seeing you around and hopefully getting to know more of you guys!

mm i think that’s about all, thanks for tuning in to Sam’s FEP. for those not reached 5k or done their fep yet, you have NO idea how long this thing is :lol: I’m on 8 pages of just pure text right now haha! brutal, but hope it’s been somewhat entertaining and interesting.

below i have a few pictures I’ve taken today JUST because i wouldn’t deserve to be a camera-whore if i didn’t put any up, since i haven’t done pictures in quite a while now. and yes, i still owe chloe pictures (but she needs to send them to me cuz she took them down :P)yes, I’ve finally done the chloe pictures but they aren’t as good as i imagined the idea to be. and yes, I’m aware that it’s a pink hat lol!! :lol: enjoy!!

so my mom's been bugging me about cutting my hair before this Thanksgiving Concert (though in early December) that my church is having soon. one of the first things she said to me the past two days: "you HAVE TO cut your hair before the concert!"

my hair's not usually like this, but got out of shower and towelled my hair up good, and this is what happened. so i decided to look like this for today
Posted Image

my trusty hat that lets me sleep without notice during boring psych and econ class :P
Posted Image

the usual look of my hair if not under hat...long??
Posted Image

wanna fight?!
Posted Image

Chloe-wannabe picture! -- with the hat and earphones :P
Posted Image

peace out BJ buddies, take it easy!
Posted Image

**lol, you guys can give me comments on my hair too haha!! it's so whacked and i'll probably have to at least trim it before the concert hehe :lol:

BoA's my new GF!!!

Do You Eat While You Watch TV?

05 November 2005 - 01:27 PM

Hey so for my english term paper i am writing a research paper regarding the negative health connections between food and viewing television. for one of my arguments and support, i plan to using stats from a survey taken. so instead of printing out many little poll forms which i would never get any back anyways, i thought BJ would be an awesome place to collect info, since there are so many different members.

So please answer this poll truthfully if you want to take it as it will (hopefully) go towards supporting one of my paragraphs in my term paper.

Thanks!!! :thumbsup:

Please only answer the second poll question if replied "YES" for the first

BoA - DBSK's Tri-Angle MV

03 November 2005 - 08:48 PM

Pictures of BoA as an angel was requested by Wishes from DBSK's Tri-Angle MV. Here are some caps that I took. It was sort of hard to find points in her short appearance in the MV where she wasn't singing :)

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Your Favorite Disney Songs

02 November 2005 - 11:35 PM

So I just felt like embracing my adoration of Disney songs today by starting up this thread and seeing what each of your favorite Disney songs are. I remember as a kid I always watched Disney movies and ALWAYS found the songs to be so awesome and sing-along-able -_- So ya, tell us you fave songs (no limit), from what movie, and maybe why if you want! :thumbsup: