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In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

18 May 2012 - 08:39 PM

the guy apologised to fans again i think 2 days ago or something. he got bashed on pretty bad. he said he shouldn't have drank. so i supposed he was super drunk.

In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

18 May 2012 - 02:23 AM

am not sure about what happened to boa fan's and jyj's fan. but about that murder thing...

there's this guy who said something like this on twitter

this year 2012 06 25 4am. i will murder BoA. kekekeke. I want to have you! so much so that I'm going crazy! kekekeke

BoA replied

what is this. this makes me unhappy.

the guy apologised immediately. apparently he's a big fan of BoA

BoA replied, asking him not to say things like that again

he got bashed by people immediately and apologised again on twitter.

In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

22 June 2011 - 07:53 AM

^i can only translate roughly

1st one with the pic. somebody twitted the pic. i think it's like a random test (something like the relationship test from previously).

things associated with kwon boa.

and boa replied: and there's a mike too!

so i guess it's quite accurate in a sense. haha. mp3 and mike.

as for heechul and her twits

BoA: Here's new duet project M&D!! Heechul from super junior, Jungmo from trax!! Digital single "close your mouth song" just came out!! No joke!

HeeChul: Ya~ my terrible sister BoA! Ur smile or exist in my arm. Keep faith with Heeee Fuckin' cool group 'M&D'. even if my grammer is wrong, accept it (i think he meant his twit)

BoA: I'm not your A terrible sister!! I'm A terrific sister!!! Congrats for your new challenge with jungmo oppa!!!

HeeChul: Yah. I still want to use english and blah blah with you. but, the grammer is all wrong, right? i learnt all these lines from my friends in america. keke

BoA: blah blah with me again next time round ;)

BoA: Hee-nim

HeeChul: Go Go KOREA

translated by [email protected]

In Topic: Official BoA Twitter Thread

14 January 2011 - 08:27 PM

BoA to Rain : Hello JiHoon Oppa!!! (in a very cute tone)

Rain to BoA : It's very nice to see you too (in a cute tone too! lol)

Se7en to them : Don't say hello on twitter~ Do it when we meet up ^^

trslated by [email protected]/@boajjang

There were talks/guesses that the 3 of them met up after the tweet. but i can't be sure about that.

In Topic: BoA's Korean twitter

22 August 2010 - 04:05 AM

about the twitter incident, apparently boa is upset with her manager, which i think said something about the cake incident. it seems she's quite upset about it

BoA to leeteuk: it seems a little overboard yesterday

BoA: These days… there’s a lot of people who are overboard… if you know you did something wrong you should apologise… after making a scene you pretend you don’t know what’s wrong?

BoA: Alright~~ the guessing ends!!! Why did people say things like that? There’s a lot of people that says it’s the cake incident… as for teuk oppa… I will take a cake and chase him to the LA concert!! Till the end of the earth~~~ kekekekeke

BoA: Loach manager!!!!! How are you going to apologise?! Kekekeke I’ve been enduring for a very long time?! kekeke

BoA: this is the first time that my photo appeared in these. But they said even so I don’t really look like me… kekekeke

BoA to kyuhyun : eh? Why did you take a picture with my bodyguard!!!! Kekeke in my mind woo sung oppa is such a handsome gentleman… dream came true kekeke

BoA to se7en: you have to share good food together~~ keke (in reply to his twitpic of eating with taeyang)

Heechul: yah! the picture at the top is scary keke i tried this before the result was that i look like ryeowook
BoA: because of loach manager im really angry TT_TT humph~~~~~ I think oppa will come out as a female keke
Heechul: next time let’s try with your photograph together, this is boring, should I go see inkygayo? (in reply to the celebrity lookalike)
BoA: you have nothing on?! Come and play ^^ im playing with SHINee now
BoA to heechul: I really want to watch but it ended keke really cruel… but I really want to watch it ^^ ( I think she’s referring to a movie)
Heechul: "Devil" is showing now. should watch it. watching alone :D
BoA: have you seen the devil?
Heechul: don't tell me you did? let's go watch together
BoA: i really want to watch it, i heard the ending keke but it's a cruel ending. even though i want to watch it ^^
heechul: because of the blood? seems like its a horror movie, let's watch it together ah this is the season for horror movies good keke
BoA: because manager is torturing me keke nothing special going on~~ devil… ke will I be able to sleep after watching it?! Keke
BoA: come and get me!!!!! Let’s throw it on teuk oppa kekeke but im feeling quite happy now ^^

BoA: got no.1 in inkigayo!! ^^ hehehehe~~~~~ thank you…. Im feeling happy

BoA to kyuhyun: isn’t jung woo sung oppa warm/friendly.. :D but he’s too tall… so he can’t find me sometimes keke

BoA to sungje: thank you.. because I didn’t manage to see you at the station so I couldn’t greet you… lets meet next week ^^

BoA to yoon eun hye: kekekeke en en let’s watch it together ^^ and drink rice wine together

BoA to song eun I : kekeke I don’t know what you’re talking about.. keke