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Kwon Soon Hwon’s Interview

08 September 2010 - 11:53 PM

Kwon Soon Hwon’s Interview

“Younger Sister BoA is a very special singer since young”

He has a brother and a younger sister. Music Video Director Kwon Soon Wook and BoA. Music is their life. Especially BoA, who has surpassed Asia and is shown interest by the World. The older brother said, having a sister like her makes him very proud.
“When we were younger, there isn’t much to play with, and we weren’t really interested in entertainment, and there are not much computer games. Hence to me, my brother and BoA, watching the TV and listening to music is everything. All of us particularly like singing and dancing. If So Bang Cha’s music starts there will be a big commotion. We did such things (laughs).

When he was still in elementary he specializes in the classical piano, BoA and her 2 oppas love music and dance. The reason BoA became a singer started because the 3 of them went for an audition together.

“Actually, my brother was the one who wanted to go for the audition, and he danced really seriously. And he got the number 1 spot in the dance category. When he went for the audition, BoA also went up and danced well. And it was then that SM Entertainment spot her.”
From then on, BoA started training in grade 5, and worked her best and made through the trainee period, becoming a singer at the tender age of 14. Apparently, he feels that sometimes, BoA feels like a noona. “Because she left us at a really young age, so she’s always appeared very strong in front of oppas.”

“My sister worked and studied really hard even when she became a singer. She fufils everything even if in time constrains, she makes sure she does it, and started a life that doesn’t seem fit for a 10 plus kid. She doesn’t allow herself to have flaws. Things that she planned for herself, even if there are a lot of obstacles, she will do it. She ‘s living a life that is very different from all the people of the same age.”

“Sometimes, my heart aches. Travelling to and fro from Japan and America, never enjoying the love we have for her as a magnae like every other same age person, having to endure everything on her own, my sister is very pitiful, there’s a lot of situations like this. Her debut in Korea was not very successful, and when she had to go to Japan all alone, all 3 of us cried our hearts out at the airport.
“In 2008, when BoA is to debut in America she injured herself. During the operation, she never even made a noise or cried. But when she heard that her press conference might be cancelled, and that she cannot even go for it, she felt very pained unknowingly… Even though it was to the extent that she has a fracture, she just went to the press conference in a bandage. I know how much pain she was in the day before the press conference, and when I saw that netizens/antis left bad coments about her, I felt that they were very fickle and hateful!”

Successful BoA who is constantly receiving the encouragement and support of her oppas. Therefore, after 5 years of absence and to celebrate her 10th anniversary, BoA asked her oppas to participate in her 6th album “Hurricane Venus”. Her elder brother played an amazing piano piece for “Don’t know what to say”, and her 2nd brother director her first mv of the album “Game”.

“BoA was the one who suggested it, say what if we participated in her album together. I told her my sister is a big star, there’s no need for my participation. Im very thankful that I can work with my brother and sister on such a memorable activity. Because it’s my sister’s album, so I really wanted to do it better so it was really hard and I spent a lot of thought on it.”

After Kwon Soon Hwon’s interview, he had a blissful smile on his face. I can feel the happiness from the siblings, protecting each other, the kind of warm family love. Even though it was a summer day full of rain, but it showered by warmth.

Translated by : [email protected] / @boajjang

Please credit if taking out. Thank you =)

i can feel the love her brothers have for her. =)
really sweet =)

BoA on HeeChul's YoungStreet Radio

09 August 2010 - 06:16 AM

hello everyone =) here's youngstreet translation. i might not be 100% correct. forgive the lack of proper caps. im trying to post this soon so everyone can see =)

before BoA came, there were 2 other guests. they were talking about marriage as somebody called in. so they were discussing about who should host their wedding, what song they should sing and...

heechul: if im going to get married, what dance should i dance to? ah! boa is here. when i get married, i'll dance to boa's song then. let's welcome todays's guest, the best among female so singers, boa. come, introduce yourself

BoA: hi everyone. kekeke

heechul : really the best singer in the universe. haha. you can't just keep laughing, say something

BoA: looking at the theme for today, i fine it really interesting. kekeke

heechul: just the theme and it's interesting right? why are you here on youngstreet today?

BoA: because heechul oppa used many ways to threaten me, so i came to youngstreet today

heechul: BoA really has got loyalty to friends. once she appears on a radio show, she would have to attend all other shows. but she still came to my radio show. she just had her comeback during the weekends and she came to my show on monday.

heechul : 5 long years, how do you feel?

BoA: on last weeks' comebacj, there's so many new faces

heechul: a lot of listeners wants to here the story of us. the temperamental siblings

BoA: i have very good character

heechul: why are we called the temperamental siblings?

BoA: but you're the one that called us that on twitter...

heechul: in our character, it's true that we can be a little picky. but we're also very loyal

BoA: yup, loyal

heechul: there's a listener that left a message saying that our characters are really cool

BoA: let's just change our name to so cool siblings

heechul: so cool siblings, not bad. actually, what's wrong with us being a little weird and picky. so long as we do our job right.

BoA: that's right

heechul: we have a lot of messages, this is crazy. over a million messages. let us hear a song. the really popular song, boa's hurricane venus, not love venus anymore

-hurricane venus-

BoA: Initially i thought i would see siwon on my comeback stage. but in the end he didn't appear

heechul: he's a business man. he's different from us. super busy. kekeke

listener: BoA, when do you think that heechul's character is the same as yours

BoA: the cool side. we both have a cool side. oppa, why did you call us the temperamental sinblings on twitter. change it to cool siblings.

heechul: then the reporters will have to write another report. why change it to cool siblings?

BoA: it sounds bad. like we have bad personality

heechul: what can we do about bad personalities? we just have to do our job well

BoA: i keep wanting to laugh when i look at heechul. what do i do

heechul: you can't laugh. when i look at you i feel like laughing too. im enduring. look at your hairstyle. what is that!

BoA: I tried so hard to pull it up.

heechul: usually whan im on radio im very calm, but because boa's here today, im excited

BoA: kekeke

heechul: i heard that you wrote the lyrics to this song?

BoA: yes, when i first got the song and they asked me to write the lyrics, i didn't have any ideas. then i happen to see a lot of news on hurricanes. apparently hurricanes are often named after female names. so i added venus at the back. initially the staffs were hesitant, btu htey used it in the end

heechul: ah~ so boa's lyrics has got science in it. i heard that this time there's a song by kim dong ryul

BoA: yes. kekeke

heechul: why are you laughing again?

BoA: when i see oppa's face i feel like laughing

heechul: i want to laugh too. im holding it in. look at your hair

BoA: i spend a lot of time on it. kekekeke. i really like songs by kim dong ryul, so i asked him for a song. i didn't expect him o accept so quickly. really, thank you so much.

call-in (by girl group Sistar's leader): hello BoA sunbae. how should we protect our voices?

heechul: protect voice. i want to learn too. boa, what good methods do you have?

BoA: you have to rest more, resting enough will make sure you have healthy voice/throat

heechul: ah~ so it's to sleep more.

call-in (by boy group Infinite's leader): i watched boa sunbae's comeback, daebak. boa sunbae you debuted since really young. how do you manage your personal time?

heechul: this call is from infinite's leader. he's your crazy fan. he's so nervous he forgot to introduce himself. i'll do it for him. about time management, how does boa do it?

BoA: when i first debuted i don't have a handphone. it was when i got my id, that i start to have my personal time

heechul: how do you spend your personal time recently

BoA: like any other people, i watch some movies and stuff. i think enjoying my own time is the most important

heechul: today's guest is the big star boa. there's messages from listeners. come boa, read it

listener: im in high school 3rd year, and i quited listening to the radio, but because boa is here, so i can't help but listen. boa's hurricane venus, daebak!

heechul: come boa, sing us a little

BoA: kekeke. no~

heechul: then let's take another call-in

park ga hee: hello everyone, im park ga hee from after school

heechul: how did the 2 of you know each other? how was your 1st impression?

gahee: we known each other for almost 10years. boa debuted really young. i started to like her then, really cute

BoA: unnie is really concerned about me. when unnie debuted, i didn't even get the chance to congratulate her. let's do it now

gahee: i remember watching a movie with boa

BoA: that's right, i remember it too. but i can't remember what movie it was. we saw it at XXXX (i don't know the place)

heechul: are the both of you advertising for XXXX?

BoA: Ah! im sorry. it's been 5 years. i didn't realise. kekeke

gahee: previously for quite a long time i lost contact with boa. it's only recently that we got in contact again

BoA: yes. recently there's twitter, i followed

heechul: let's take this chance for the both of you to say something heart-felt to each other

BoA: im so happy that i got to talk to unnie through the radi oshow today. i've always watched unnies' performances. i hope you'll continue to bring us exciting performances

heehcul: let us thank gahee for the call-in through the radio even with her busy schedule. i hope you have a smooth filming (the variety show that gahee is currently on)

gahee: thank you

-stand by-

heechul: just now we heard boa's stand by. she even sang it to me just now. no wonder she's the best female solo singer

heechul: there's a lot of replies, let's read it

BoA: the message i sent was, how do you get closer to younger singers/hoobaes. SHINee's minho said (can't hear). suju's donghae said (can't hear). se7en said he doesn't know it himself, tell him too. there's someone who didn't reply

heechul: who?

BoA: siwon

heechul: he's a businessman. very busy. no time to reply messages. keke

heechul: Defcon messaged and say they're your fans

listeners: BoA, who do you drink with? how's your hold for liquor?

BoA: siwon. and you, heechul oppa.

heechul: let's not talk about this (drinking with heechul)

heechul: today's show is ending

BoA: so fast?

heechul: yup. so how do you feel?

BoA: previously i've never really attended talk shows like that, i only perform on stage. but because im close with heechul oppa, coming to this show today, im really happy. it's really interesting

heechul: this is asia's star BoA. even the star of asia listens to youngstreet, how could you not? there's still a little time. say a few more lines.

BoA: im suppose to be here to promote my album today. my new album hurricane venus is released. i will continue meeting all of you on stage. i hope everybody likes my new album

heechul: today is up in the sky below the sky BoA rules (this is something heechul says all the time. meaning he rules everywhere) of course heechul rules as well. let's hop BoA moves from asia to the universe. up in the sky below the sky heechul rules, BoA rules!

BoA & heechul: youngstreet daebak!

credits: baidu
translated by : [email protected]/@boajjang

i think my fingers and arm is going to fall off. lol
i think boa had a great time at ys with heechul =) there's a lot of people that commented that there's a lot of laughing form the two of them =)

Japan's Manager's Blog Update (17/03/09)

17 March 2009 - 09:06 PM

Japan's Manager's Blog Update

Today is 17th of March, the beautiful day where BoA, who is leading the artistic life, debuts for the third time.

2000 in Korea, the next year in Japan, debut in America when she's 22
I'm thinking, BoA is so amazing! "BoA's debut" is like this : Even though she's singing a different language without being too good with it, while promoting she still needs a translator with her, but not just it, she stills practice the language diligently. Living in a different country, while learning and understanding the culture and way of living, she's slowly improving...

I really didn't want it to sound so simple.
Not being able to speak the language well, the loneliness and insecurities she feels, the time difference, the food difference, pressure and insecurities, so many more that makes people unable to take it and wants to give up, but, BoA has never said a word of wanting to give up!

Come to think of it, debuting at 13, and debuting in the unfamiliar Japan the next year, even thoguh she wants to play with her friends, wants to fall in love, but BoA uses hardwork that everyone is amazed of to work towards her goal, it is so touching!

Talking about it, when i first met BoA it was backstage of 2002 Fuji a-nation.
BoA was 15 then.

To greet the other people, and while she's feeling nervous, waiting backstage (with the other singers)
BoA had her headphones on and started learning in this noisy backstage...

From the bottom of my heart I was so amazed, learning that BoA achieved success because of this. Of course, this is the reason why the fans and our staffs love BoA~

7 years just passed like this.

BoA's japanese is already pretty good, even though she still gets prank on and teased by our staffs sometimes (laughs), but the still "everything must be perfect" BoA.

And, English that is very problematic to us, BoA learnt it diligently, and she can already speak so well in one year time.
The company's overseas representative, after hearing "Eat You Up", praised BoA on her pronunciation.
Even though I only know things about music, but listening to USA DEBUT ALBUM"BoA", I can feel how BoA, throughout recording, wanted this album to be of quality and did her best.
Now, BoA is promoting her album in America as a new artist, I will support her with this new challenge.
Being a staff, I can only be by her side by planning her activites well, and watch BoA make her third debut.

BoA, congratulations in breaking into America!

credit : http://www.avexnet.o.../boa/index.html
translations : [email protected], @boajjang

NTV Best artists awards

07 November 2008 - 12:58 AM

The yearly NTV Best artists awards is here! let us vote for BoA and TVXQ东方神起 and TSZX天上智喜 !
so here's how we do it. go to this website http://www.ntv.co.jp/best-artist/
answer the questions below

Q1 Please name 3 artists that can represent Japan this year. and put down the reasons. (do note you cannot repeat the artist so choose 3)

Q2 From Q1, choose a song by any of the artist you've chosen and write down the feelings/emotions you get while listening to that song.

Q3 From Q1, pick an artist and write down what they remind you of.

Q4 List the 3 artist you've chosen that have made a difference/change of style/became a topic of discussion in order.

Q5 Who do you want to see doing a collaboration? (eg. BoA & 东方神起 & 天上智喜)

Last column for Name, Age group, Gender

credits :[email protected], @boajjang

Yes =) english is fine

BoA’s manager’s blog post

05 November 2008 - 09:17 PM

BoA’s manager’s post on 05-11-08

No.31:Happy Birthday!!

What day is it today?

it’s BoA’s 22nd birthday!

Happy Birthday Dear BoA♪

Really thankful to everyone.

BoA is now in the faraway America.

When she’s here in Japan, I will pass all your well wishes to her.

Time passed really quickly.

When I first met BoA, she was 14.

And I was 20 plus……

Really a cute and smart girl.

But now she’s totally a “Lady”.

From today onwards, working towards being a successful female, we pray for BoA to be happy.

To all fans, please carry on taking care of BoA!


I think there will be news of activities in Japan this month.

Really happy.

Sorry. No photos.

Credits : http://boa-staff.syncl.jp/, baidu
Translations credits: [email protected];@boajjang

news of activities! yay!
can't wait for more news from BoA