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i cant choose what classes to take

08 March 2006 - 02:55 PM

so im gettin programed tomorrow and i have no clue what i want

ap americas hist.
ap european hist.


honors physics
honors bio-chem

im leaning towards ap americas and physics but for people who took the class who do you think?

i get my full progam tomorrow! =] so far the only class i know of is pre-cal

people are complete idiots

24 January 2006 - 11:54 AM

a ramble about the horrible day of yesterday!
so yesterday was finals.. blah blah blah.. ok to the end

so i'm riding the train home and fuschia texted me and said "paul and leo got jumped" and than she calls me
this is what happened in fuschia point of view
-paul gets hit in the head with a snowball he turns around and said who threw it? and next thing you know a whoel fight starts
-leo gets thrown to the floor and is gettin stomped on by like 10 guys when paul is gettin pounded on

that was enough to scare me and put me on a verge of tears

so than after that i call leo and asked him what happened, he tells me he'll tell me online

he goes online and tells me that they are in a circle talking and a snowball hits paul and pauls says "wtf? who threw that snowball" and looks around and next thing you know theres like 10 guys surrounding paul and they start punching him

leo tries to stop it because paul is his best friend, instead a guy picks up and and throws him onto the paul and he is gettin kicked around

ok there were a lot of stories but i'll put everyones stories as one

paul gets hit in the head, and he goes "Wtf? who threw that and looks around"
like 10 guys surround them instanly and start punching him and things happened so quick
all they remember is paul gettin punched by 10 guys, leo getting throw onto the floor with like 10 other guys stomping on him. paul pulling him out and both of them bleeding. leo being sore and not being able to walk with a messed up face and paul with a messed up jaw, loose teeth, and a missing tooth.

did i include that leo got a concussion?!

now whats the point of this ramble? shengyi had to let it out but im not dont yet
IT WAS SO STUPID THOUGH! if you are going to hit someone with a snowball EXPECT a reaction coming your way. they got pissed off because paul responded so they decided to hit him

but what got me pissed off some more was the fact that they threw leo on the ground and guys that didnt even know what was going on, started stomping on leo just because they wanted to and cuz the other guys were.

now isnt that stupid?

well theres more.. while emmy, paulina and daniella are trying to get all those guys off them. THE THREE! YES THREE! guys that were with them stood there. well not really. magdiel stands there, while julian and will leave. WTF?! your friends are gettin beat up by like 20 guys and you guys leave them? and leave 3 girls to try to pull everyone off of them two? how messed up is that? ugh..

so leo and paul went to school today because of finals
pauls face is messed up and swollen and he cant talk or eat
leo is walking but not that well. his face is messed up though >.< and his whole back is like full of scars and bruises.

ok so why didnt leo and paul fight back?
-there were too many guys and mainly because they didnt want to start anything with them because well they are the JDs. A well known gang that everyone knows. and they even said why bother or try fighting off over 10 guys.

what else is there?
o yeah the stupid people we call the cops. see we have cops watching the school and the train station but why didnt they help? why didnt they stop them? cuz they are stupid and lazy. when the fight was over (it was over when paul pulled leo out of the circel) the cops still werent there. where were they? across the street talking in the school parking lot. how stupid is that? i mean arent you suppose to stop things like this?

and usually when we hang out around the train station is by the walls but the one day they decided not to hang around the walls but by the trees this happens. >.<

it was bad mix to begin with. 8th and 9th period kids gettin out at the same time. why?
-8th period: we are the "smart" kids of the school, the IB kids, MYP and Honors kids start 1st and end 8th.
-9th period: these are all the bad kids of the school that just got in mainly because of well, they lived near and yeah. the troublemakers are here too because they let you get out 9th to keep you off the streets more.

thats how my school is. well you get in trouble the first thing they check is your ID to see when you get out.

ok so why does this affect me this much?
leo is my best guy friend in school. he is the guy i tell everything too. hes the only guy i trust in school, this kids knows everything.
paul, well uh.. i think some of you know cuz i told you already. this is the kid that i have liked for a while. this is my crush >.<

so yeah two of the most important guys to me in school are getting jumped for the STUPIDEST reason ever.

ok i think i am done for now.. =]

wow i typed a lot

Happy Birthday Hwanhee! (Fany)

17 January 2006 - 03:01 PM

Happy 24th birthday Hwanhee! =]
Isn't it cool how his and Brian's birthdays are only 1 week apart? :huh:

I wish this cutie a very happy birthday! =P
Don't you love his voice?

Just on Brians birthday, i uploaded 3 pictures so now I'm going to upload recent pictures of him too =]

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

*skips around* i can't wait for more perfs =]

credits: heaven sent


10 January 2006 - 05:39 PM

Happy 25th Birthday to Brian Joo!! He's turning 26 in Korea. =]
For those who don't know who he is, he is one of the members of a R&B duo called Fly to the Sky =D

If you have never heard their music, theres a thread in the non boa download section that has their recent album that i have uploaded =P

i hope their album sales go great
and that they would be worked too hard promoting it :hug:

Pictures of the birthday boy from the recent photoshoot :P
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

group pictures =]
him and hwanhee
Posted Image
Posted Image

picture credits to heaven sent

i'm dying my hair again

01 January 2006 - 05:07 PM

soo!! i'm gettin my hair dyed again but this time i'm making sure that you can see the red so i am gettin a lighter color.. but.. little problem!

what brand shoud i buy? which ones are better or would you say are good?
last time i bought loreal feria and it was watery and liquidy
for people who have dyed their hair before, are there any types of dye that umm are not liquidy?

lala thanks! =]