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cute gif

11 February 2005 - 09:44 PM

wow...my first topic of the year! :D well it's not realli a topic...*shrugs*

i realli like this gif! it's so cute yet so evil! :angry:

Posted Image

credits: my friend who sent it to me

Making a commercial

30 January 2005 - 02:43 AM

hey! we're going to b making commercials for my I.T(info tech) class ;) and i was wondering what i should do for the commercial... my friend said a hair commercial...but i dunno if that'll work out cuz we can onli film in da skool since our teacher will b providing us with expensive cam corders :D unless my friend can use her own...!!! so what do u guyz think i should do? since my group is bigger than everyone else's, we're gunna make two commercials :P plz post ur advice and opinions! thanx! :(

Milky Way

09 January 2005 - 12:29 PM

i couldn't find any translations...if anyone knows it or has it, plz post it for me! thanx!

Ayumi Hamazaki & BoA

08 November 2004 - 10:28 PM

My mom just read and translated a chinese article about BoA and Ayumi. It was saying how Ayumi isn't doing so good in the Japanese Charts so she's going to try things out in Korea! Utada Hikaru seemed to knock her off her #1 spot! While BoA is doing very well in Japan and Korea! The article also talked about BoA's 18th birthday and it said how she was supposed to do a performance in Seoul, but it got cut for some reason. That made the fans unhappy.

uhhh yea...that's basically whut the article said..i did a bad job of summing it up =S i'm sorry! maybe i'll get my mom to translate it again while i type it out!


12 August 2004 - 01:29 PM

first of all...i neva thought i would EVER 1000 posts...i didn't even think dat i would even take the time to...but now that i haf, it's pressie time!...*saids jwu*

aznality - HEY! hehe! i jus' wanna say, thanx for bein' dere for me, u like a big bro...so *muah* ummm i'll give u plane tickets to where ever u wanna go! :P *cough*come visit me*cough* tty soon!

jwu - muh other big bro...!! thanx for helping me out with all da computer stuff...i probably gave u a headache :P so my pressie to u is...a hammer to remember all the bashing from ppl! :P and maybe $10 000 to spend...

tiggy - man...i dunno whut to give u =S ...how 'bout a nice car with the seats covered in tiger fur :P

xenon - i'll give u a bat...to hit jwu with...and i'll give u a whole new computer :D

esty - i'll give u different swords and knives for u to sharpen and kill ppl with :huh:

ling yun - i'll give u a graphic program!

addkidd/charlie - i'll give u a kick in da ass so u'll get da courage to go up and talk to da viet girl =/ ...i can go meaner on u if u want...*shrugs*

queenie - i'll give u ur own kingdom along with ur very own gallery of every boa pic there is!

bea - i'll give u all the boa outfits so u can look like boa even more! den u can take pics of urself in those outfits using...a new digi cam!!....then postin' da pics hopefully

alan - i'll give u a brand new boombox to play all the chinese music u haf! :D

cori - u get ur own recording studio! it'll b connected to ur house...sumwhere :D

diana - u'll get a broadband high speed internet!!!

scuz - boa's choreographer will b giving u a visit...along with boa :( to help u learn all da moves to her diff songs :P

choopy - i duno whut to give u, so i'll jus' give u a small theatre to go in ur house :P

vxspec - i'll give u a razor...b/c jwu said ur hairy :angry:

coolin! - i dunno whut u give u either... =S how about...$5000 to spend :P

-----if i missed any one, tell me!!!!!-----