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Top 100 Oricon Singles Ranking of the year 2007

01 January 2008 - 07:08 PM

Top 100 Oricon Singles Ranking of the year 2007

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001.Sen no kaze ni natte - MASAFUMI AKIKAWA (1 115 000)

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002.Flavor of life - UTADA HIKARU (644 000)

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003.Tsubomi - KOBUKURO (442 000)

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004.Love so sweet - ARASHI (430 000)

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005.Keep the faith - KAT-TUN (404 000)

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006.Yorokobi no Uta - KAT-TUN (371 000)

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007.明日晴れるかな - ��'�"�佳祐 (359 000)

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008.旅立ちの�"� - MR.CHILDREN (355 000)

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009.Kanfu Fighting - KANJANI 8 (341 000)

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010.weeeek - NEWS (334 000)

011.winding road - AYAKA X KOBUKURO
012.fueiku (fake?) - MR.CHILDREN
013.hoshi wo mezashite - NEWS
014.ultra music power - HEY! SAY! JUMP
015.happiness - ARASHI
016.hana no namae - BUMP OF CHICKEN
017.Lovers Again - EXILE
018.ズッコケ�"���" - Kanjani 8
019.Super Love Song - B'z
020.Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry - UTADA HIKARU

21. Eien Ni - KinKi-Kids
22. ????? - Kanjani 8
23. BRAND NEW SONG - KinKi Kids
24. 愛�"� - GReeeeN
25. メーデー - BUMP OF CHICKEN
26. 永遠の翼 B’z
27. We can make it! 嵐
28. Hey!Say! - Hey!Say!7
29. FREAKY - Koda Kumi

30. �'�く 優しく コブクロ

31. しるし Mr.Children
32. 風の詩��'聴かせて ��'�"�佳祐
33. DAYBREAK’S BELL L’Arc~en~Ciel
34. 100萬回のKISS GLAY
35. Rolling star YUI
37. ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン ~わたしたちの未來予想図ï¿
38. PEACH/HEART Otsuka Ai
39. glitter/fated Hamasaki Ayumi
40. もって��'!セーラーふく 泉��"なた(平野綾),柊かがみ(加藤英美里),柊つかさ�

41. 聖なる夜に/冬物語 ケツメイシ
42. Ikenai Taiyou - ORANGE RANGE
43. おしりかじり虫 おしりかじり虫
44. Bokura no Machi de KAT-TUN
46. キッス~帰り��"のラブソング~ テゴマス(手越��'也&増�"�貴久)
47. ひとり薩�'�路 水森かおり
48. Baby Don’t Cry - Amuro Namie
49. SEVENTH HEAVEN L’Arc~en~Ciel
50. HONEY BEAT/僕と僕らのあした V6

52. また君に會える ケツメイシ
53. 時の描片 ~トキノカケラ~/24karats-type EX- EXILE 《第49屆日本�"�片大賞》【最優秀歌�"�賞��'
54. 東京にもあった��"だ/無敵のキミ 福山雅治
55. My Generation/Understand YUI
57. LIFE Nakashima Mika
58. ミソスープ テゴマス(手越��'也&増�"�貴久)
59. BUT/Aisho - Koda Kumi

61. I Believe - EXILE
62. Ai no Uta - Koda Kumi
63. トレイン ケツメイシ
64. SUMMER-Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice- Tohoshinki
65. Hurry Xmas L’Arc~en~Ciel
66. CHU-LIP Otsuka Ai
68. �"�歌(エレジー) Hirai Ken 《第49屆日本�"�片大賞》【編曲賞��'
69. Lifetime Respect-女編- RSP
70. 睡�"�花 湘南乃風

72. リンク ポルノグラフィティ
73. ��"��"ろ 小�"��'�正
74. きよしのソーラン節 氷川きよし
76. ��"(完全限定�"��"�盤) EXILE
77. 星のない世界/橫顏 aiko
78. 春風 ゆず
79. talkin’ 2 myself Hamasaki Ayumi
80. Climax Jump AAA DEN-O form

81. サクラ色 アンジェラ・アキ
82. ALONES Aqua Timez
83. あばよ 氷川きよし
84. 愛しのナポリタン トリオ・ザ・シャキーン
85. 宙船(そらふね)/do! do! do! TOKIO
86. 君の好きなと��" 平井堅
87. Ashes.EP GLAY
88. ×~ダメ~/Crazy Rainbow タッキー&翼
89. シアワセ aiko
90. Cry Baby SEAMO

91. ��"動 GLAY
92. KISSして KOH+
93. ダーリン ��'�"�佳祐
94. ��"��"にいるよ feat.��'山テルマ SoulJa
95. 吾亦紅 すぎもとまさと 《第49屆日本�"�片大賞》【作詩賞��'
96. ジャスミン/Rainbow V6
97. 茜空 レミオロメン
98. Answer - FLOW
99. SAMURAI Takki & Tsubasa
100. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki - Koda Kumi

information credits to PlusBB Forum
translation (part of them) credits to Queenie (me :) )

Do you think that you look good with long or short hair?

14 April 2007 - 10:53 AM

A random question inspired by BoA's short hair in Sweet Impact :rolleyes:

What happened in this ep of Music Station???

09 April 2007 - 09:35 AM

I'm not sure if this is the right section for me to open this topic but I wonder if anyone understands japanese can translate the conversation between SMAP and BoA in Music Station of April 6th. Thanks in advance.

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Filmed & Exploited

29 August 2006 - 07:51 AM

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Anyone who has recently picked up a Chinese newspaper, by now have knowledge of a scandal that is rocking the entertainment world in Hong Kong: Semi-nude photos of singer/actress Gillian Chung (of TWINS) appeared on the cover of a Chinese tabloid, with headlines that she was changing her clothes in public. This is highly controversial for five reasons:

1.) These photos were taken when Gillian was changing in a PRIVATE and LOCKED dressing room, after performing a concert in Malaysia. An intruder had snuck in and installed a hidden camera with full conspiracy in snapping these pictures. The pictures were taken without permission and is HIGHLY ILLEGAL!!!

2.) The photos were then published in a tabloid, under the headlines that Gillian was changing in public. So not only did these perverts violate the complete privacy of the girl, they were publishing FALSE accusations with full intent of defaming and hurting her. Gillian had always obtained a very wholesome image, never wearing any type of overly revealing outfits, and have always had the target market of kids and teens. That false headliner was a slap in the face.

3.) The person who took the pictures, not only is NOT being punished by the law, but has sold the pictures to a tabloid and made a ton of cash from doing so.

4.) This sick magazine (Easy Finder Magazine) had full knowledge that these pictures were illegally obtained, but decided to publish the photos anyway, profiting on the emotional and very public breakdown of Gillian Chung, her family, her friends, and her fans.

5.) What is appalling, is that everyone who has heard of this situation knows that it is a atrocity and a attack against any morality known in any country; And yet, the Hong Kong government will not step in to do something about this, because there is no law that prevents this.

This is not the first time something as disgusting as this has happened. Actress Carina Lau was kidnapped and raped many years ago by gang members. The gang members who did the deed filmed her rape, and are selling the DVD on the streets in Hong Kong! But WHY is the government not stepping in to do something about this?

Disgusting crimes like these do not just happen in Hong Kong. They happen in many other Asian countries as well. For example, Japanese actress Ai Kato (Umizaru II) found herself to be a very humiliated victim, when someone secretly filmed her bathing in a private hot-spring resort in 2003. It wasn't long before the photos were published in a magazine, and the footage sold on internet porn sites world wide. And what about the young girls of Morning Musume? A demented sicko installed a camera in their toilet and filmed them using the restroom. That footage ended up on DVD and are sold underground as well. But what is the government doing to punish these criminals who are profiting off of illegal activities...?

The lack of any government support not only put Asian movie stars in vulnerable situations, it also leaves any Asian girl to be unprotected as well. If a young girl was riding on a train, and someone slipped their cellphone underneath her skirt to snap pictures; this person can put the pictures on porn sites or magazines, and the girl would be powerless to prosecute this criminal.

We all know that snapping pictures or even FILMING these acts are inexcusable, unethical, immoral, and sick. But publishing and making money off of it too?! Why is the world even putting up with this? These insane paparazzis cross the line because they think we enjoy seeing these girls in such a vulnerable state. WE DON'T!!! THAT-- itself is an insult to the public and to the fans, for these sick paparazzis to even THINK that we are as demented as they are. Its time that we stand up for these girls and for ourselves too!

Hong Kong's government has announced that if there are 10,000 official complaints logged, then they will step in and take action. If 10,000 complaints are sent in, then the criminals (sick photographer and sick magazine included) in Gillian's case will finally be punished. This affects not only one female star, but a whole society's ethics in general. Hong Kong is one of Asia's largest entertainment outlets. If they can successfully prosecute the sickos in this case, then it will lead to a very good example for other Asian countries to follow in. As a person, you can do something about it. It will take only 1 email and 1 minute of your time to do this. Please fill out the form and send the complaint in. The last time that AsianFanatics checked, there are less than 1000 complaints logged. Every email counts and you don't have to be in Hong Kong to do this. Protect this from happening to your favorite idol, and any other girl in Asia. As corny and as cheesy as this sounds, if we stand up together, we can all accomplish something great.


To : Newspaper Registration Section, Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority
Report of Public Complaint on Obscene / Indecent Articles

Please see the notes on how to return this Form
Complaint Hotline: (852)-26767676

Date: (dd/mm/yy)
Name of Complaint: ? Mr. ? Mrs ? Miss
Correspondence Address:
Phone Contact 1 / Contact 2:
Email Address:
Detail of Complaint: (Please provide details, :including nature of article, :location and the like)

Signature: ______________________________________


Email the form to: [email protected]

You can even print out the form, fill it out, scan it back in, and email it to them. The form is located here.


For more information, go here:
[ YOUTUBE: Gillian Crying Her Eyes Out || News Article 1 || Article 2 ]

Original article by: http://www.nana-nana.net/index.html

I don't have much to say since the article says it all. Once again, you don't have to be in Hong Kong to send the complaints letters. And in the e-mail, for the detail of complaint, please type is http://www.nana-nana.net/index.html not BoAjjang coz' I didn't write the article myself. Tell all your friends, family or all the people you know!!!!!!!!

Oricon Style Poll: Which female singer becomes prettier?

19 July 2006 - 01:25 PM

BoA no.2 after Koda Kumi. But it's still pretty good ranking. She beats many other japanese singers ^_^

1.Koda Kumi
3.Amuro Namie
4.Aya Ueto
6.Otsuka Ai
7.Utada Hikaru
8.Nakashima Mika
9.Matsuura Aya
10.Hamasaki Ayumi

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credits to JBFC in Taiwan forums