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(req) baek ji young's 아이캔드링

25 May 2011 - 11:22 PM

One of the songs from Baek Ji Young's newest album Pitta.
I really wish someone can translate/find a tranlation it for me.
Thanks in advance
P.S. I tried google translate, it sucked...

난 술을 못 마셔요
몇 번을 얘기해야 되요
술을 마시면 전화를 하는
몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠
그렇게 이상하면
이별을 한번 해보세요
이별을 하면 알게 될 거야
술 마시면 안 되는 이유
취하면 바보 같은 용기가 생겨서
취하면 바보 같은 사랑이 커져서
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서 자꾸
핸드폰을 쳐다보고
이렇게 몇 번을 망설이다
번호를 누르고
난 아직까지 너만 사랑해
내가 보고 싶어 미치겠다고
어제처럼 전화를 하죠
난 정말 못 마셔요
나 이제 그만 일어날래
술을 마시면
눈물이 나는 몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠
그 사람 생각나면
한잔씩 하며 참아왔죠
그래서일까 술을 마시면
바보처럼 또 눈물이 나
울다가 바보 같은 눈물에 취해서
울다가 끝나버린 사랑에 취해서
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서 다시
전화번호 누르게 돼
이렇게 차갑게 식어버린 목소리
들으며 난 죽고 싶어 제발 돌아와
이미 끊겨 버린 전화를 들고
어제처럼 그렇게 울죠

( 출처 : 가사집 http://gasazip.com/408068 )

Favorite S.H.E member??

18 July 2007 - 03:32 PM

so. whos ur favorite member?

Selina, the princess
Posted Image

Hebe, the cute and funny girl who is really cold on the outside
Posted Image

Ella, the outgoing and straight to the point
Posted Image

Selina + Hebe
Posted Image

Selina + Ella
Posted Image

Hebe + Ella
Posted Image

orrrr , ALLLL
Posted Image

commment GREATLY appreciated!!! :smartass: :smartass:

So...i was watching S.H.E on the taiwanese reality show KONGXI and i saw S.H.E
at first i hated them, not on the show but before,, i've always despise them cuz i never liked girl band cuz i think they're so girly (NO OFFENSE TO ANY...please dont come and start critizing me :notworthy: )
anyway.. and i remembered seeing ella cuz shes at so drama, and i didnt like her cuz i think shes this guyish girl (again.. no offense cuz im one also... :rolleyes: )
ANYWAYS...so yea i didnt like them until KONGXI and i saw Hebe. and i saw how funny they are when theyre not juz on the cover of their CDs, etc (cuz thats how ive always remembered them... the Once Upon A Time CD cover.. yea.. i hated it)
so yup
im offically a new fan of them and im really glad i saw them on a show besides covers cuz u know... (those gossip and paparazzis in taiwan..)
I juz wanted to say this for some weird reason cuz i think im.. wrong for hating them when i only saw the outside..
so yup
sorrrryyyy about beforeee.. :unsure: :unsure:
I LOVEEEE YOU HEBE! and ur hair!


i like Hebe the most is cuz shes funny and it sucks.. cuz she never talk a lot on shows and when she finally started to talk
its sooo funnnnyyy GAH!
and i love her voice + personality

YUP! :lol: :lol:

[Blog] [6/21] "ATTENTION"

22 June 2007 - 07:49 AM

tho i might give a help to our bjj ,,,this is my first time .. so if theres any mistakes please dont be so harsh :notworthy:

おしらせ  2007年06月21日(木)


Posted Image
Posted Image


im translating from a chinese BoA fansite to english
The hardest weather for BoA: SUMMER is gradually coming
Today I will give a little something about myself
I have always love glasses and sunglesses
and i have made few of my own, there are 8 models
i hope you guys will have some of them!
these pictures are from the workers that make my models!

sooo cutee!!!
gah! i love her!

since its my 1st time
if u wanna credit
please credit me and the chinese translation as well!

any1 from L.A wanna go to the SM AUDITION?

07 August 2006 - 05:54 PM

juz like the title
i wanna noe who is going to the sm audition in L.A
mb we can support each other and carpool or something