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화요비 - 어떤가요

23 December 2008 - 09:56 AM

can someone please help me translate this song into english >.<

화요비 - 어떤가요
Hwayobi - eotteongayo

어떤가요 내곁을 떠난 이후로
eotteongayo naekyeoteul tteonan ihuro
그대 아름다운 모습 그대로 있나요
geudae areumdaun moseup geudaero itnayo
아직까지 당신을 잊는다는게
ajikkkaji dangsineul itneundaneunge
기억 저편으로 보낸다는게 너무 힘이 드는데
gieok jeopyeoneuro bonaendaneunge neomu himi deuneunde
하루종일 비내리는 좁은 골목길에
harujongil binaerineun jobeun golmokgire
우리 아끼던 음악이 흐르면
uri akkideon eumagi heureumyeon
잠시라도 행복하죠 그럴때면
jamsirado haengbokhajyo geureolttaemyeon
너무 행복한 눈물이 흐르죠
neomu haengbokhan nunmuri heureujyo
가끔씩은 당신도 힘이 드나요
gakkeumssigeun dangsindo himi deunayo
사람들에게서 나의 소식도 듣나요
saramdeuregeseo naui sosikdo deutdayo

알고 있어요 어쩔수 없었다는걸
algo isseoyo eojjeolsu eobeotdaneungeol
나만큼이나 당신도 아파했다는걸
namankeumina dangsindo apahaetdaneungeol
이젠 모두 끝인가요 정말 그런가요
ijen modu kkeuchingayo jeongmal geureongayo
우리 약속했던 많은 날들은
uri yaksokhaetdeon maneun naldeureun
나를 사랑 했었나요 아닌가요
nareul sarang haesseotnayo aningayo
이젠 당신에겐 상관 없겠죠
ijen dangsinegen sanggwan eopgetjyo
듣고있나요 우습게 들릴테지만
deutdoitnayo useupge deulliltejiman
난 변함없이 아직도 그대를 .
nan byeonhameopsi ajikdo geudaereul

thank you sooo much!!

Alan - megumi no ame

03 November 2008 - 06:00 PM

hi does anyone have the romaji +translatio?? I can't find it anywhere T_T

warnings lol

07 March 2007 - 09:19 PM

woo~ The last time I was at BJJ (long time ago b4 bJJ was fix), I only had a 20% warning n now it jumped to 67% lol THe box that gave reasons to the warnings only explained the 20%... lol I find it rather amusing... yea..

OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) - 01 - a little pain

30 July 2006 - 09:58 AM

anyone have the romaji?

is this true!?! o.O

08 July 2006 - 08:46 PM

Charlene Choi Undergoes a Secret Surgery

Charlene Choi, who always had a weak health this year, was in the hospital earlier for a surgery! At first ,Charlene found out that her thigh has a cyst and suspected it to be cancer which startled her. Afterwards, the doctor confirmed that it is a only a sebaceous cyst (noncancerous) and now she has the confidence to tell her family.

Yesterday Charlene was seen going on a cruise with Gillian and the old Boy'z. Although she wore a bikini, she never went into the water. It is said that after the surgery to remove her sebaceous cyst, there was inflammation on the wound therefore she can only go sunbathing on the boat.

Earlier Charlene felt that her thigh ached and had thought that it was because of the wires from filming. Then soon she felt a lump and immediately when for a check up. It was confirmed that she had a cyst. Charlene has always been sick these past years and she already had surgery for her eyes and nose. At first, Charlene thought that she had cancer and didn't tell her family since she doesn't want them to worry. She finally told them after it was confirmed to be a sebaceous cyst.

Because Charlene wanted to finish all the work that was in her hands, she didn't have enough rest after the surgery and rushed to Japan to film a comercial. On usual days, she loves to wear jeans so because the wound was ruptured, it turned into an inflammation. Therefore in the end, she didn't get to soak in the hot springs for the commercial.

source of info: http://www.karazen.n...opic.php?t=1192