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15 September 2005 - 05:11 PM

Well yea -_-
Final Fantasy Advent of Children was leaked out VIA Torrents.
I just finished DLing it, Now to go watch it -_-

Tell you guys what I think of it afterwards XD

Make urself into....

18 August 2005 - 08:37 AM

yep yep...!

Do it here

I'll post mine after I do it.

Try to make it resemble yourself as close as possible...!

Edit: here's me :(
Posted Image Posted Image

here's how to copy the picture:

ummmm on your keyboard find the button "prt scr", press it
Open up paint or sumin, paste the image onto the screen and yea crop your image out.

then use imageshack.us or sumin

enjoy ^_^

Haunted thread

11 August 2005 - 12:29 PM

Inspired by a thread on soompi (I thought was interesting)

Post your scary stories that you had heard/read before.

Well I'll start with some from soompi that i thought were pretty scary

Need a place to stay
This took place in the old days when the houses in Japan still used paper sheets for walls and doors. A young business man was traveling through town after a day of hard work. He though he could make it back home but it got dark before he knew it. He didn't want to waste time going back to the town for shelter and thought perhaps he could find a house down the road. Lucky for him, he saw a glimmer of light a little ways off the road and decided to try asking for shelter there. He came upon this little hut and knowcked on the door. An old man came out and asked if he could be of any help. "Would you be so kind to let me stay tonight? I will pay you for a room."

"Nonsense! I'll be happy to let you stay. I don't many visitors out here. Come on in!" Te old man said. He gave the young man food and told him he could have the spare room. While walking to his appointed room, the young man noticed another room right next to his. Saying thanks to the kind old man, the young man went into his room. After he blew out the candle to go to sleep, the young man heard a soft melodic sound from the next room. It sounded like someone singing. Being curious, he crawled to the wall, wet his finger, and poked a little hole in the wall (remember the wall was made of rice paper). He peeked into the hole and saw the most beautiful woman dancing and singing, her long black hair covered one side of her face. He looked away from the wall and thought to himself, why didn't the old man introduce them? He decided to look back into the hole but all he saw was a red glow and nothing else. Maybe he was dreaming, he thought, and decided to go back to bed.

The next morning, the young man was waken up to eat breakfast. While they were both seated, the young man asked his host who was the beautiful woman in the room next to his last night. The old man was shocked. "There's no one there. That was my daughter's room until she died. She was born with a disfigurement and could never find a suitor to marry her, so she ended her life in that room."

"What was the disfigurement?"

"She was born with one red eye."

Momma got cho back
A married couple, with a young son, was always fighting, bickering, you name it. One day out of pure rage, the father murdered the mother. He hid his crime well, no one suspected anything. But he noticed something strange about his son. The boy never complained about the absence of his mother.

"Son, why aren't you calling out for Mommy? Most little boys would want their mommy to be with them. Tell me what's bothering you."

The little boy replied, "I'm fine. I was just curious why you're always carrying Mommy on your back."

A little six-year old girl was waiting for her mother to pick her up while she was waiting at the gate of her elementary school...Then her mother came late and fetched her home.....When they reached home and take the lift up to their apartment on the sixth floor,the lift went up and stopped on the fourth storey,which never exist,while the little girl's mother's eyes suddenly became red and mouth with blood grinning at her,laughing hysterically,"do i really look like your mother?"

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of em all?
There is a university in Korea which is supposed to be haunted by a ballerina who had commited suicide because she had broken her leg and was not able to dance anymore.

After years of ghost sightings and unnatural disturbances the university started to suffer because students did not want to go to a haunted uni.

At that time the president of the students association was a young strong minded woman by the name of Rison who incidently was also an aspiring ballerina. She did not believe in ghosts and after watching her uni's popularity slowly crumbling she publically announed that she would spend the night at the university to show that the uni was fine and not at all haunted.

That night alone yet vigilant she walked around the campus armed with only a torch and her unflinching valour.

After hours of walking her confidence soaring she ended up in front of the very room where the failed student had years ago decided to end her night.

Even the bravest of people know fear and even though Rison knew ghosts did not exist she couldnt help but feel a little apprehensious as she stared intently at a door that no one had dared to open.

Her fingers reached out and stopped, indecisive as the fear of the unknown quelled all reasonable thought. Stuck in that position, hand outstretched, feet planted, chin down and teetch clenched, she stayed, her mind unable to control her rising sense of fear.

Finally with a wrench of willpower she shook the cobwebs of doubt in her mind and slid the door aside.

Nothing, the room was empty, no ghost, no ghastly apparition.

She let out the air in her lungs that had been trapped for who knows how long.

Her confidence grew again and she started to laugh and giggle and she grew embarrased at what her mind had put her through.

She stepped in studying the room, noting how clean the room was, how spacious it was. Wandering around she suddenly noticed the chill enveloping her and she pulled her cardigan tighter around her body.

She rubbed her hands together and blew into them her breath exploding suddenly into white clouds of mist.

Looking around past her hands clasped in front of her face she suddenly fainted as she saw a female figure on the far side of the room.

She closed her eyes unable to move.

Slowly she opened them, she was still there, in a panic she moved back, the figure grew distant. She moved to her left, the figure followed in unison.

She smiled, stupid girl it was a mirror.
She moved closer, noticing how dirty the mirror was.

She touched the mirror, making sure it was real. It was icy cold yet it solidness comforted her.

She noticed her hair was a bit messy, she ran her hand through it, combing it down.

Getting bored she decided to practice her dancing moves.
Gracefully she twirled and pranced about, jumping in the air, somehow her moves seemed effortless and watching the mirror she thought to herself that she would someday be the best ballerina in the world.

Hours passed as she danced the night away and she could see the sunlight peeping through the curtains.

She stopped, tidyied herself one last time in front of the mirror and left the room ready to tell everybody of her night.

Morning came and her uni friends milled about her telling her she was the bravest person they had ever met. She basked in their praises, glowing with self importance and chastisising those who believed in the ghost story.

They asked her if she had gone to the room where the girl had commited suicide.

"Yes" , she said "not only that i stayed there for hours and nothing happened to me".

"Wow, really?" they exclaimed with admiration.

"Yes", she said "i wasnt scared at all, actually i got so bored i practised my dancing in front of the mirror for hours" she beamed.

It was then that the janitor in the back spoke out.

"What do u mean you were practising in front of the mirror ? Im sorry miss BUT THAT ROOM HAS NO MIRROR".

Haunted hospital
Okay... *takes place in a hospital* There was this girl who was waiting for the elevator with a doctor who worked in that hospital. As they entered and the doors began to close, another girl told them to wait for her, but the doctor saw this and pressed the close button and the doors closed quickly.
The girl being curious asked the doctor why he didn't wait for the girl, and he replied, "Did you see that red tag attached to her left wrist? The tag is used for identifying dead people."
The girl looked at him, deep in thought. Then she rised her own left hand, and pulled up her sleeves, "You mean like this one?"


Scared yet? I'll post more up after... hehehehe :sly: :sly: :sly:

Naruto CATS!

07 August 2005 - 07:47 AM

Would you wanna mess with these pussies rofl

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I'm pretty sure these cats would kick me arse... how bout u? ^_^

Post ur Desktop!

05 August 2005 - 07:30 PM

Jk about teh not cool part :P

Well topix title Post ur Desktop!
I know this has been posted before but I wasn't there on BoAjjang at dat time... and I'm sure we have tons of new members who would participate ;)
Also the Don't bump up old threads rule XD :)

Ok if you don't know how to do it... i'll teach ya :thumbsup:
On ur keyboard find the button dat has "prt scr" On it, press it, Open up "paint", PASTE IT ON THERE. Save the file then go and upload it on Imageshack.us or sumin :(

Post here :)

Here's mine *oh try to resize the image*

Posted Image