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[REQ] Clockwork (Lyrics + English translation)

14 May 2015 - 05:49 PM

Any kind soul who can translate the lyrics of Clockwork from BoA's 8th Album: Kiss My Lips?

I'm dying dying, I'm dying, to know these lyrics...  :blush:

Review: Make Your Move 3D

14 July 2013 - 03:32 AM

Yesterday, July 13 2013 at 21:00, I was at the Pathé cinema in Scheveningen (The Hague, The Netherlands) to watch the Make Your Move 3D sneak premiere. The movie was not promoted well, there was space for more than 200 viewers, but I think there were around 30 viewers. Hopefully this will change for the release on the 25th of July.

Make Your Move 3D is a Romeo and Juliet themed movie with some Taiko drumming and tap dancing featuring BoA Kwon (Aya) and Derek Hough (Donny).

I had high expectations for the movie and after watching it, I was left with mixed feelings.

I liked the Romeo and Juliet theme and I think BoA and Derek have depicted it very well. You'll get touched by how they grow to each other, interact and sensually dance together.

So the story was great, but then the (tap)dancing and music. I think the trailer compilation was much more exploding for the eyes and ears then how it is done in the movie. It's hard for me how to describe this without spoiling. But I'll try…

I liked the COBU Taiko drumming and dance sequences but I think it lacked power. Then there's the tap dancing. Now I'm not a fan of tap dancing, but I think Derek did this very well. The only thing is there was no music playing during these tap dances and that made feel those sequences as a bit empty.

If you look at the trailer with Derek and BoA dancing on the bar, it's great, but in the movie, those scenes were music-less.

The end dance however, is a whole different story. :blush: That was what I was waiting for and expecting, even though I think they still could’ve put more power into it.

So there where some sequences without music, but the music that did play during the movie was cool, I'm waiting for the OST to pleasure my ears. Let Me In is a really great song, with BoA and Derek, making it complete! The song is played afterwards as a short rearranged instrumental during some scenes. ^_^

The audio system of the cinema was behaving strange. It was like watching a stereo movie (as if the boxes in front where only used) instead of surround sound.

Acting… I think BoA did great on acting even though there were some moments where she will get you out of the movie. Her English has improved, but it sometimes lacks the right emotion. Donny even mentioned her English as funny, which somehow made it acceptable (as of her way of speaking was just scripted that way). :lol:

I think Derek acted pretty well. I don't know him, but I got the impression that he may have some acting background (besides dancing). They both danced great especially in the end. But again, it somewhere lacked power.

I haven't watched much dance movies, but a friend of mine, who does, did watch Make Your Move 3D with me. She doesn't know who BoA and Derek are, but she mentioned their great dancing skills. She thought the movie was a bit flat. It won't match up to Step Up, but maybe on the same level as Save The Last Dance. Duane Adler mentioned earlier that it won't be a blockbuster movie. I'm afraid he's right. It's up to the fans! =/

Oh, I almost forgot about U-Know!
He had just a little screen time, but his dancing was great (as always)… But again, it lacked power too. It's like the movie is holding them all back. I know how U-Know and BoA can dance and kill stages, but that was not happening in the movie.

I don’t know… Maybe those scenes where filmed in the wrong angles or the dance/storyline scenes switched at the wrong moments, missing out the killer parts...

So… Like I said in the beginning. I was left with a mixed feeling and I think my review is doing the same. :ph34r:

I think I would watch the movie dance sequences over-and-over again, when it’s released on Blu-ray. I would then put my headset on and enjoy it even more! ;)

If you're a BoA or Derek fan, then it's a must-watch! You'll see your favorite artist in a whole different way. For me, as a BoA fan, it was an almost 2 hour of BoA epicness! Her cuteness is all over the place. ^_^

BoA releases MV for The Shadow

17 August 2012 - 07:58 AM

BoA released the MV of The Shadow, I'm now totally addicted to that song! She just keep amazes me :notworthy:

What do you guys think 'bout the MV? :wub:

Username change

06 December 2009 - 04:23 PM

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to change my username here in the forums?

BoAjjang on boaamerica.com

09 October 2008 - 05:13 AM

I've just visited the boaamerica.com website and saw that they added a new link called "LINK"... And... BoAjjang is also included in there with alot of other sites. I think this site may get alot of visitors if BoA succeed in America :-)

I just wanted to share this with you guys!

*** Supports BoA and BoAjjang ***