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happy birthday stephyy

05 May 2007 - 08:03 AM

keke, i get to make your birthday thread. ^_^

university/college majors?

10 March 2007 - 05:00 PM

i don't know what to pick..
i was thinking something in business would be pretty reliable. but it sounds awfully boring. i'm not really interested in that stuff, but i'm not passionate about anything else either.

journalism sounds fun, but oh so competitve. pharmacy sounds good, but i'm horrible at memorizing. psychology looks to be interesting, but way too competitive. something in the culinary field would be cool, but i don't have "experience". being a teacher sounds easy and relaxing, but the wage is a bit low and i can't really imagine myself as one. i'm not really an expert in anything.

how did you decide on your major? / what major are you taking? / what major do you intend on pursuing?

i'm currently in prebusiness admin. i just did it because i needed to pick a major to get the form over with. actually, i could've just chosen to do only basics my first year, but it seemed like that choice would've wasted time. i'm thinking about only taking basics again though.. since i'm so unsure.

oh and what do you guys think about dorming? it's more expensive than staying at home
my mom wants me to commute, but i'm thinking it might be hard for me to get a good uni experience.. you know. and harder to socialize, harder to get to classes, etc.

a single or a double? a roomate could be cool.. but most of the time people get annoyed up the wall by their roomies? :\


12 September 2006 - 01:49 AM

so who's going / got an email reply back?

... i might go. even though it's a school day.. i'm very curious. :D

(req) don't you say... - dreams come true (eng trans.)

05 August 2006 - 05:52 PM

i love this song, please post a trans. or lyrics if you have them. thank you. ^_^

i'm planning on cutting my bangs again...

23 July 2006 - 08:27 PM

edit - okay, i ALREADY cut my hair. so thanks to everyone that replied, but no more tutorials are needed. ^^;;

Posted Image

there are my dream bangs. <3!
i'm a pretty impulsive person, so i always cut my own hair. even though it never works out.
but next year is an important year for me. i don't want to look like.. well, like i always do. hahaha
so i thought about asking y'all for advice on how to cut bangs like those. ^^;.
... would anyone happen to know how? lol.

i have somewhat long bangs now that i just part in the middle or to the side sometimes.
they look alright, but i prefer bangs that cover up my face i guess. it'll make me feel more secure. lol.
kinda like.. hey, the less you see of my face, the better!
and also, my forehead's really big :x. so bangs would help. well, nice looking bangs would help. haha
i'm gonna try to take my time on this and not just pull out a random pair of scissors and start snipping.
please help me with your guidance!

ps - and i guess i'm open to going to the salon too. feel free to tell me if you don't believe i can do it. haha :|