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REQ boa's ear piercings^^

10 April 2009 - 08:48 PM

i really need it~
i'm hunting the stud actually
thank you^^

BoA's rival

18 September 2005 - 11:59 PM

well i just saw this...
The 17-year-old Korean singer Younha, a relatively unknown artist in her home country, has recently created a sensation in Japan. Although she has yet to make an official debut in Korea, Younha already debuted in Japan in September of last year, earning the nickname ¡°another BoA.¡±

Known for having a strong artistic image, Younha has received better reviews than BoA herself in terms of her potential as an artist. She first displayed her outstanding piano-playing skills at the age of 4, and ever since has composed and performed her own songs in the ¡°piano rock¡± genre.

Her fourth single, entitled ¡°Touch,¡± took the 15th spot on the prestigious Japanese Oricon chart on the day of its release on Sept. 7. ¡°Touch,¡± which is featured in the same-titled movie scheduled to open in Japan on Sept. 10, is the remake of the hit song originally performed by popular Japanese artist Iwasaki Yoshimi in 1985. The local media wrote that ¡°the voice of an up-and-coming Korean artist revived the famous song.¡±

Younha will hold a showcase tour concurrently in seven Japanese cities with the opening of ¡°Touch.¡± Earlier, she drew attention for her second single ¡°Houki Hoshi¡± (Comet), which was ranked 18th on the Oricon chart on the day of its release and recently leaped to the 12th spot. Before Younha, BoA was the only Korean artist to enter the chart¡¯s top-20.


i still like BoA... love her... that's not gonna change...

[request] Mega Step

13 August 2005 - 03:52 AM

can anyone please give me the hangul lyrics of Mega Stpe... please and thank you!!