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"Heartful" by Sugar

22 November 2005 - 06:44 PM

Sugar's "Heartful" PV features both Japanese and Korean--I found the Japanese lyrics fine but am having the worst time finding the Korean romanization. Can anyone help in this matter? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!!! Fan-made is welcome cuz I just want to sing along---heck, I could just do it phonetically myself, I guess....

Concerning "A&R" from the BOS diaries

12 October 2005 - 09:04 AM

I was reading the BOS diaries and wanted to clarify that A&R is actually a position at a record company--it stands for artist and repertoire. I think their job is to recruit artists and help create a buzz about them so that other media and the public are interested in them--henceforth, I'm guessing this "A&R" person helped document BoA's tour to draw in fans and media about the inside daily workings of her tour. I don't know so much if "A&R" i's a character as it's portrayed in the diaries but more that it's just the person's job title.

But maybe it IS meant to be like a character, henceforth there's also Fake BoA. I don't know. It's food for thought!

Chai Vang

10 October 2005 - 09:45 PM

Well, the verdict was out last month but these last few days, I've been able to watch some of Chai Vang's trial on television. It's such a difficult assessment to make--I don't doubt that if I were in his position, in the middle of private wooded property, surrounded by 8 people who may have come off as threatening... I don't know what I would have been capable of.

What drives me crazy is the commentary of Court TV--this very attractive, can't-be-more-than-35 blond woman is talking about how broken his defense is. I live in Atlanta... now if I wandered into the ghetto and was surrounded by 8 big black guys who were "sort of" taunting me, I'd be scared as flowers. No doubt about it. If I was armed, who knows what might happen if push came to shove? In my experience, white NRA-plugging folks aren't known for having equal opportunity, we-promote-diversity kind of outlook.

The commentator says to the guest expert of the day, another obviously affluent, upper-middle class white woman, if Vang is not guilty, why would 4 of the 6 dead have gun shot wounds that indicate they had been shot in the back? Well that's obvious. When someone starts shooting, you run the other direction.

At the same time... I can't really understand how Vang managed to shoot 6 people and come away without a scratch. Did none of the white people shoot back? He couldn't have shot all 6 of them without some kind of retaliation...

It's so hard because I've never been hunting--I don't know what it's like to be out there in the middle of nowhere. Vang being alone and surrounded--those guys could have done anything to him and no one would have known. The whole race issue doesn't help. Again, if either of these commentators were surrounded by Asian guys or black guys or whoever in a place where anything could happen and no one would be the wiser, it would do something to your state of mind.

You can google your own articles and make your own assessments. I'm just dumbfounded and truly at a loss over how to feel about this whole episode. I hope I haven't offended anyone--I'm trying to speak as true to my heart as possible.