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DJ "Styles" Kitsune

03 June 2009 - 03:10 PM

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it's dj kitsune!!
Hey guys! It's DJ "Styles" Kitsune here. I debuted on may 26, 2009 and am known far and wide for "quack quack." i'll admit, i've had my share of nerves at first BUT!! i have gotten through it.

On another note, I love basically any kind of music. My music ranges from old music down to the new stuff that you hear on a daily basis. OF COURSE!! I have plenty of Asian Pop music. Korean, Japanese, some Chinese, and Filipino music!

A music list will be up eventually..

because a lot of times i don't really pay attention to my thread while i'm streaming, you can request songs, dedecations, and shout outs using the following services;

AOL INSTANT MESSENGER screen name :: aegistyle
JAVA CHAT :: click here
MSN MESSENGER screen name :: [email protected] <== this is more then likely to fail you.

**do NOT IM me just saying the name of the song.. say "hey! i want to request __________ on bjj radio!"
**you CAN add dedications if you want.
**NO PROFANITY IN DEDICATIONS OR SHOUT OUTS. i'm pure. i can't help it

se7en on BET?

01 June 2009 - 04:19 PM

dengg so i was on facebook and allkpop was one of the things i put myself as a fan of. and wow!! i read that se7en, tomorrow would have a showing of "Girls" ft. Lil Kim tomorrow at 6pm. ...

and apparently theres a possible collab with JT?? geezz..
he beat BoA to JT!! xDD.

Diet and Excercise?

25 March 2009 - 02:08 AM

im not really thinking about LOSING weight [86-94lbs o__O] i'm more so looking to well.. get decently toned!

i need help staying in shape!
can someone give me tips?

I don't have a gym membership and i don't plan on getting one at this moment in time.
[eventually i will! I REALLY WANT TO!]

what are good health and exercising tips!?
more so.. what is your routine?

and no. typing and clicking on the computer doesn't count. :ph34r:

just curious to what works for you and what i can do!

age :: 17
height :: 4'9
weight:: 86-94lbs

help help!! :]

woops i forgot to specify what unit of measure my weight was!! rawrr. xD it must have made me look uber gigantor for a second :|.

California's Educational Budget Crisis

12 March 2009 - 08:39 PM

Because of california's budget crisis, many many.. MANY teachers are being laid off and pay checks are being cut as well..

we are having pink friday in support of those who are being pink slipped.

i was on pinkfriday09.org and my gosh there are some sad stories!
there was a couple who got a pink slip unfortunately and they had a baby last november..

whats kind of sad are the men who are unwilling to wear pink at ALL because of "humiliation of their masculinity" they asked why pink but the answer is quite obvious.. i still find it sad how some people can't just man up for a day and wear pink. its not humiliation its support. there are some guys who arent even teachers who will wear pink for what they believe the teachers deserve yet the teachers cant seem to get a grip on it..

its a sad situation though.. 7 teachers in my school may get laid off.

and plus the 20 to 1 teacher ratio for freshman english classes is taken out.. 35 freshman in one english class? and the cutting of many electives?

i'm wearing pink tomorrow to support pink friday.

anyways whats your take?

[oops!!] can this be moved to serious discussion!?!!

Maple Story vs. Ragnarok Online

16 September 2006 - 01:22 PM

Which do you think is better? I've played both for a long time and i cant seem to choose ^___^