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28 June 2011 - 12:03 AM

the song sounds very good! I'll be looking forward to them. they can actually sing not like some other girl groups who only go for looks or sound so super girly and all. they sound mature, I like that! ^^

In Topic: Language Poll!

21 June 2011 - 12:44 AM

I'm fluent in German, English and Japanese ^^ I'm taking other languages right now as well, because languages are just wonderful~ =)

In Topic: European food contamination kills 16, sickens 1150

31 May 2011 - 12:53 PM

it really sucks. I love cucumbers and salad and now we're not allowed to eat raw vegetables anymore ;__; buh! I hope it'll be over soon!!

In Topic: Should you have to pay for college?

29 May 2011 - 11:07 PM

I also think that paying for college can be a real hassle. I do understand that some colleges don't get financial support from the government to renew facilities, pay for their professors etc. but still...

I'm from Germany and we never really had very high fees to pay, compared to other countries. The fees we had to pay only were 500€ (~450$ or something) and people were already climbing walls. So now we students won and the fees will be gone starting from the next semester. Even at that time, when I had to pay fees I found it kinda stupid for me since I also went to work to afford a better living and paying my rent. My parents help me a lot and I have quite an amount of money on the bank. However, who would want to profit from their parent's money or spend all of the money you saved before even really starting to live? I personally don't, so I'm really thankful that there no longer are fees to pay since I never really saw where the money went to. And we're still lacking profs so they can't tell me that they actually make use of that big amount of money. If they used it after all, I would probably approve...
We do have a certain system that allows students whose parent's don't earn enough money loan money from a special insitution without any interests and half of the whole amount doesn't have to be paid back. I guess it's a nice idea to help those who wouldn't be able to afford the living expenses. Though sometimes I really feel that it's not that fair for people like me who don't get this support just because your parent's earn too much money or something. It's not that everybody really wants to draw support from their parents >.<

However, when I hear of fees like 6000$ and in some countries, even more for normal colleges, I wonder why they have to take so much money from their students. They really should think about another solution IMO. Especially, since there really are many people who go to college just to enjoy a so said "student's life"

In Topic: Learning Korean

25 January 2011 - 12:04 AM

Ah, I'm envious >_> Someday I'll learn Japanese too!!! TTTTTTTTTTT My Japanese is very very very basic hahaha XD T.T I think it's because...she learned Korean first. Haha. I learned Korean first too (Well...I studied Japanese first but took Korean first seriously hahahaha -___-;;)

I start to compare both languages and try to find similarities. Me too ;;;; I guess we try to make it easier this way haha

lol like numbers, I totally don't like learning them and until now I have problems with it. Example, I need to use the number 7, I have to count from 1 in my head for me to remember what 7 is XDD

if vocabulary just wasn't necessary to learn a language... HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD

WOAH!! NUMBERSSSSS!!! I hate them too xD why the heck does this language need two counting systems while others are satsfied with one??? lol it's so not fair ;___; sino korean is alright (since they are alike to chinese) but the pure korean numbers are killing me xD'' buh, I'll just never count or tell somebody the time lol but I really found it super strange to use pure numbers for the hrs and for the rest sino numbers o.O it literally makes my had going BOOM!! I'm really not good with numbers, hence why I'm good at languages and NOT at math >__________< ;__;