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In Topic: Notebook for teens

18 March 2009 - 04:17 AM

fancy text of your name with/or Chihuahua. white cover.

i thought the topic was about notebooks (computer kind) for teenagers.

In Topic: The truth behind Jung Ja Yeon's Suicide.

18 March 2009 - 04:10 AM

If that was really what happened then it is very appalling. I was disgusted reading it and feel very sorry for Jung.
Nobody should be treated like that and the person in question should be held accountable for his actions. So to her company.

and what alarms me is the suicide rate in a country like skorea. this should NOT be an option when somebody has problems. i hope they (govt) do something about it like programs/education.
i don't know if they have helplines and such available but its sad to hear every time a person takes their own life.

Why the manager tried to take his own life is beyond me. he did nothing wrong.
Why anybody didn't realize what has been happening to her is beyond me. I mean I'm sure there would have been signs of beatings if not depression, sadness.
And her family should have went to the authorities rather than hide it. If they knew beforehand they could have prevented this tragedy.

In Topic: Hm.. 360 or wii?

23 February 2009 - 04:02 PM

The majority of people I know have experienced the RROD. Including Myself. Although Microsoft have said they have fixed the issues i'm hearing of some people with new sku's to experience it also.
My 360 scratches my discs also. so yeah.... microsoft wanted me to purchase additional warranty because it wasn't covered under the new 3 year RROD warranty.
But hey don't let that stop you :notworthy:

In saying that it does have a wide selection of games, xbox live has alot of demo's, videos and content in general. though i still don't like the idea of paying money to play online and access gold material. microsoft points to purchase material is one thing but this gold subscription is ridiculous. you are already spending alot to buy the game and to have to pay to play online where the other consoles/pc are free. no.
and so you have an idea i got around 9 games on 360 but altogether since i've bought it i've spent around $2600. monthly/yearly subscription, warranty, accessories which i think are a must such as rechargeable batteries pack, headset.
sounds negative but i do say it does have good games.

Onto the wii, people say its fun with family/friends but not on your own. you can definitely have fun on your own... Because i do.
There are plenty of good games to go around albeit a lot of very bad ones so be careful choosing.
this year will see more mature games if you like coming out exclusively on the wii.

it would be a coin toss up in the air but since you already own a ps3 forget about the 360. its exclusive games are (if i remember) mostly shooters. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were mentioned but the latter is the only real game worth a look that's not on the ps3.

In Topic: Utada Hikaru

03 February 2009 - 07:32 PM

come back to me is an easy listener. great song. only just heard it.

In Topic: Plans for Jewelry S's debut

18 January 2009 - 08:27 AM

Yeah the description implied the members from the previous lineup, which would have been shocking because they weren't that great.
And saying that i wonder how these two will go (in terms of vocal abilities) when they release that single.
AFAIC Jewelry has great individual talent in jungah and inyoung showcased when they went solo but as a group, doesn't cut it imo.