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Favorite comic/manga based movie? Least favorite?

20 July 2009 - 06:58 PM

What is your favorite movie that's based off of a comic? Which one do you think is as good as or does justice to the original or which one do you just like the most.

Cutie Honey is definitely one of my favorites though I have never read the manga so I don't know how well it's done. I really think the movie Spawn was absolutely amazing, though I've also never read the original. Last Quarter was also a really great movie! I thought it would be stupid but I loved it. I think the best one is probably 30 Days of Night. That was much better than the comic, which I found hard to get into.

As far as animated versions go I really liked the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie and Wonder Woman movie (though I only have a few issues).

Iron Man and Daredevil were also really great and fun but I don't read the series so I don't know if they did justice to the product.

As far as movies that were dissappointing I'de say The new Batman movies. While I liked the bad guys in both the new ones just felt really dull and overrated. I liked Adam west and Michael Keaton did amazing though. Christian Bale is a good actor but the new ones are so dull and dissappointing. The x-men ones were also really dissappointing. Halle Berry is a terrrrrrible terrrrrrrible actress. She never fails dissappoint me. Anna Paquin is brilliant but her rogue was not very good (though I think it's the writers fault). The only x-men movie I did like was the last. The Dark Phoenix was totally different looking from the comic but really nicely done.

BoA in american magazine Thirteenminutes

25 November 2007 - 08:53 AM

I picked up this magazine at borders yesterday called thirteenminutes. This magazine is geared towards asians, and while I am not asian I loved the photo layouts and articles. If you see it you should take a look. They had a section about asian artists from around the world and talked about BoA, Se7en, Gackt, Ayumi Hamasaki, Andy Lau, Jolin Tsai, Tata Young, and a few I haven't heard of. They have a small info section and talk about their achievements on each person as well as a picture. I would scan it in but it's not working. <_<

Assassins Creed

21 November 2007 - 02:23 PM

I just bought it last friday and I have to say it's so much fun and brilliant. The graphics and story are top notch and it's one of the few games where climbing huge buildings and have to jump from ledge to ledge isn't a pain. The voice acting is also really good, a rarity for video games. So does anyone else have this? Do any of you guys like it?

Need help with Trig Homework

13 November 2007 - 03:28 PM

I don't think I am getting this. could someone who is good at trig check my answers, and if they are wrong give me the right answer and how you get it.

5) find the sum if A1=256, r = 3/4, and n=9

I put it in the calculator : (256-256x3/4^9)/(1-3/4)

My answer is 242461/256

6) find the sum if A1=625, R = 2/5, n=8

I put it in the calculator: (625-625x2/5^8)/(1-2/5)

My answer is 130123/125

7) Find the sum if A2 = -12, A5 = -324, n = 10

I did two or three steps and got -480.

Something really doesn't seem right. If someone could check this and show me what I am doing wrong I would be very greatful.

Shortest Books Ever Written

10 November 2007 - 06:08 PM

Have any of you guys seen these lists of fake books that would be short. They are almost like oxymorons. Do any of you guys have any titles?

Here's some I came up with

Insightful Lyrics by Koda Kumi
My Favorite Dinner Time Meals by Victoria Beckham
The Importance of Working Hard- By Hyori
Strengthening Your Conversational Skills by Mana
Koda Kumi's Recipe for Debuting at Number 1 by Koda Kumi
Making a Master Piece by Uwe Bole
Being a Lady by Britney Spears
How to Dress Your Age by Madonna
How to Look Sexy and Dress Modestly by Lil Kim
How to Care for Your Dog: The Dog Lovers Guide by Michael Vick
Treating People With Respect - By Avril Lavigne
Healthy Habits - By Kate Moss
What To Do In Case of Emergencies: The Emergency Information Book for New Parents - By Britney Spears
Success - How To Make It In The American Music Industry By Utada Hikaru
Staying Loyal - By Jessica Simpson
Say "No" To Drugs - By Amy Whinehouse
Why It's Wrong To Ruin Someone's Marriage - By Evan Rachel Wood
How Violence in the Media is Harmful to Society - By Takashi Miike
Staying Original - By Dane Cook
Violence is Not The Answer - By Naomi Campbell
Patriotism - By Jane Fonda
Why Drugs Are Harmful to Your Health - Courtney Love
Training Your Voice - By Gwen Stefani
Staying Calm in Moments of Emotional Distress by OJ Simpson
Good reasons to Multi-task by Rebecca Gayheart
Tips on Keeping Children Safe at Birthday Parties - By Tommie Lee
Earning Respect By Fred Durst
Being a Man - By Clay Aiken
Motivational Speaking - By Simon Cowell
Making it on My Own - By Ashlee Simpson
Staying in Shape - By Oprah
Dating People Your Own Age - R. Kelly with a Foward By Demi Moore