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The Crazy Spammer - Clarissa's EMP !

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#1 Elusion



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Posted 03 October 2008 - 02:58 AM

Posted Image

Waaaaaa. 47 days since I joined this forum.
The time has come..for Clarissa's EMP!

I think its gonna be quite a long post..sorry!

Since I didn't make any intro thread when I first joined, I'm gonna do a brief intro here.

From Singapore, 18 years old though I dont really look like one..lol.
Been a BoA fan only since April/May this year, and the first MV that drew me to BoA was the Olympus MV - Key Of Heart.
Also a small fan of DBSK, SHINee, BigBang, Wonder Girls(recently only)
Haha, u see, quite a few boybands above..cos of influence by my sis and fangirls around me..

Okay..it's getting boring..
Lets start!Posted Image

Firstly, I would like to thank this person..u made me join this forum..the only forum where I became so active.
And,like many of u, I didn't expect myself to be making this EMP.
Of course, needless to say, the person is...BoA!!!
Posted Image

I'm not a person who goes really crazy over stars,but for BoA, idk, I just feel for her!
Can't use other words to express this already, my vocab is limited.
Though DBSK's comeback has turned me into a stronger fan of theirs..I will not forget BoA!! :hug:
BoA! U brought me those funny people..im gonna mention later on..

Sorry, Singaporeans are not very creative, especially JC students like me..just study..LOL.(Don't bash me pls, head-bashing club!Posted Image)
Also, I will name some of u here whom I have had the chance to come into contact with.

When I first joined, I was basically stuck at the Downloads section. That's where everything started..

Okay..I can vaguely remember what my first post was..since the server crashed..
I requested some BoA pics at the eye-candy section..and here came this guy..kyo_jieming2000(jieming)!

Jieming - This guy..is almost everywhere. He will come when the red light for help is up..
I think ur the first person I talked to in this forum.
After observing for sometime, Im 100% sure..u are a super super loyal BoA fan! :P

Eh,can u recall that there is something we have not "traded"? :D
Goodluck for ur A lvls too..omg la i can't believe its coming so soon..
Here.. Elmo is here to deliver A's for all ur subjects! Gongxi gongxi..
Posted Image
Wait.I forgot this :
LOL LOL LOL. :wub:

Next..I remember I requested quite some stuff here..this guy also came to my rescue a few times.. - Y2Kevtjai (Kevin)

Kevin - Yes. As promised, i posted this at 5pm.^_^
Hey LOL! We chat almost everyday la, this shoutout is to thank u for being such a good and patient friend or maybe brother since I dont have one to catch and kill insects for me! :wub:
So I will give u this thing
Posted Image
Kill those irritating flies that go into ur tea! I will need one too LOL. But probably wont even get the chance to use it..I run when insects come. :lol
Sorry, its a very cheap item...but u dont mind..hor?
Thank u for ur dedicated encodes too..I will dedicate back to u after my exams. LOL. But dont expect much..no flair in that lol.
LOL. I can still rmb tht spark req thread i created before the server crashed.. ROFL. U and jieming replied..then nilvesse gave me the last perf..
Not forgetting our routine Hi-5.. Posted Image

Also, thanks to all the uploaders here! Especially worldofboaandme(Gin), doubletakeit(Hung) and sennheiserlover(Matthew) Posted Image
Hmm, U all seem so busy, doing serious stuff not like me spamming my time away here..
Don't really know much about u all, but I really appreciate ur encodes and uploads for BJJ..
I'm a computer idiot..can't do encoding and things like that, so its all on u guys! :lol:
Maybe one of u is patient enough to teach me encoding after my exams?
Eh Kevin, ur definitely in for this..lol.

Then I started to proceed on to the other parts of this forum..the spamming section..and I saw this damn cute and funny girl!!
Who? Posted Image
It's my BJJ sister Lisa!! (yippy11)

Lisa This girl, she really hates project work! Hey sis, U really got me into spamming lol..there was this night where I was browsing and i saw ur nick all over the forums..so I clicked..and i joined in! :D
Though ur older than me..Im sure siti also agrees that u sound very young la. Don worry..stay happy and LOL for all u like..^_^
Let's spam after my exams..like 1 month more!! :lol:
U always make me laugh..I was surpised that u can speak chinese..that time when u told me WAN AN!Haha! ALAMAK!!
Here's a phone for u! I bought the exact same one I have for u! Green! Like it?
Remember to give me ur number after applying for a line okay? Then we can SMS :lol:
Posted Image
Oh yes..sis loves coffee too..here! A cup of coffee as cute as u..LOL ^_^
Posted Image
Long Live the spamming sisters - Lisa & Clarissa! :lol:

Let's go on..
The Fire Rose!
This guy, who is quite random..just like me lol..is CADENZA(Sunny)

Sunny - Eh Sunny, U..always bring up those topics that people dont in the spamming section..and after a few mins its like the whole row of "CADENZA"
Okay la, wont say so much about this, said many times already lol. The Fire Rose..:lol:
Computer idiot like me also? :lol:
Continue singing...But I still havent heard u sing leh. Haha.
Soccer lover, so here's a pair of soccer shoes for u..since urs is spoilt! ^_^
Posted Image
Remember..just do it? LOL.

To all other spammers..like HOPYA(Ryan),torukun(Trieu),Eugene(Eu-Kun),BoA[MU](Jason),angel_kulet16(Vikki),Kungfu-Hungsu etcetc..
The spamming section would be so quiet without u all..thanks lol. I still remember this nub game..
Lisa, there was only one day I didnt see ur name appearing in the forums - 1st October! :lol:
Trieu : Where's the verdict for the Girls and Boys Game where we spammed like hell? LOL.
KungFu-HungSu : Hey..ur werewolf game..LOL. Were u irritated by me? I didnt do anything for the poor villagers!! :lol:

Anyway,spammers, here, our trademark
Posted Image
NO! We shall not stop it! Keep it going!! LOL.

Sorry SG club and headbashing club..ur turn now lol. I had to go in chronological order if not I will miss out some stuff.

To dear smellybread (DAJIE!!) - Now everyone know u as Dajie already. HAHA.
I dont want to sound very old-fashioned..but still have to thank you for creating that thread..brought me to those SG people..
SG club must meet one day...
c_e31(Danial) - Hey page topper! LOL. Nvm..let u top..i take bottom..but im using the standard structure, not the 40 posts one.
U were one of the more active ones in that thread..but now..u go do ur blogging thing then come here less often alr -_-

Angelxxx- Thanks for the encouragement and some nice technique to count the number of days in a month? LOL!!
Must find one day to MSN again..like quite long nvr chat already hor?

SITINANA - Eh, I didnt wanna add the nana in..but still thats ur nick. LOL. U also potential spammer..One day we have to find Lisa..and spam together again..
And ur name BIG ENOUGH? U requested for ultra large size leh...so i put CAPS for u..if still not big enough..i edit agen..lol.
I also made the fonts ALL BLUE for u leh.
Ya, i spammed quite alot in ur intro thread..spamming is my hobby..just like ur "adik"(Lisa)..haha.
Wait, where's my chocolates? :lol:

I dono wad to giv u leh, NAH! Give u ur fave la. YTSS U in St.Johns right? LOL.
Posted Image

April too..I still havent talked to her in school u know??
Too shy to approach her..like very random leh. Haha.

Minion(Jaevus) - Eh u ah...I know u dont visit the other sections other than the SG thread.
U also the official "Lamer's Club" president..I pass the baton to u..
I old already..HAHA. Dont act humble alr..I know u want it la.
Nah give u this stun baton. :lol:
Posted Image
For u to recruit members one..LOL. u idiot la make me so lame wth.

vazod - U use *^$%$#*^* too often..I BTH. But still, thanks for ur advice..at least I see some light for my GP..LOL
I took off the "uncle" in frt of vazod..im not "no big no small" okay..But really, thank u la..:)
Sorry the other bros and sis from SG club, cannot name all of u here..Really la..I didnt forget any of u...
The SG thread is one of the reasons my post counts increased so quickly..but of course..if not for my itchy hands..:lol:

I think we chat too much everyday...Nothing much to say here leh..

Just this la :

Posted Image

Then its the other sections of the forum..I got to know some people that are fans of DBSK..

Breeann(studmuffin)!! LOL! U should be happy to be a die-hard DBSK fan! Thanks for ur updates at the 4th album thread..we were spamming there a few weeks ago..haha.
We always use those "!!!!!" and CAPS when there were updates, haha. Like some crazy fans..^_^

Luv2U(Angel) Hm, havent had alot of chances to talk to u, but yes, u were a spammer like Lisa! If im not wrong, I met u at the "Person Above U" thread. Ah!! My fave spamming thread LOL. DBSK loyal fan too!

For the DBSK lovers!!!
Posted Image

This pic rocks..I wished there was one for BoA too..working together is always more enjoyable than alone..so GOOO BoA!!

Some other people like diana, Cloud_honey, BoA_Holic..those uploaders at the non-BoA section..thanks for the non-BoA feeds..BJJ seems to be sufficient enough..see..even Jay's album can be found here..^_^

Hmm,being a member or chocolate lovers club..aw, not very active there..sorry Lily!
But i really love chocolate..ice-cream,cakes..chocolate is the only flavour I will ask for a 2nd serving..
This..for u all..
Posted Image
Not real chocolate! Its a fake but interesting one. LOL! Sorry! :lol:

Finally..I would like to thank the group of people who started this forum, Mods and Admins for maintaining order and peace here.
Again, busy people..didnt have much interaction with u all as well...

kuraudo(Danny) - Since I started off with the Downloads section..and u are the mod there..thanks for ur uploads too..I loved the GoT Gayo Daejun Awards TP vid..^_^
Also quoted from jieming's EMP , u are one of the most active mods I see around..

RockWithMe192(Cori) - Hey, I dont think we have talked before, but u seem very friendly .. :lol:

J-Dragon(?) Hello, Maybe u have forgotten me since ur already 101 years old! :lol: But thanks for ur reply to that particular PM.. and about ur avatar, I still think its Audition! LOL.

To allgamers here..
Posted Image
This is PT2!! Nice gfx..

To All BJJ-ers..Thank you..I hope I haven't left anyone out..
If I did, sorry..dont be angry please..Im very blur and careless.really.

Let's share this cake...
Posted Image

Everyone gets an Ipod Classic..it rocks..Im using it to watch my vids.
Posted Image

Posted Image
LOL. tin, I stole this gif from u!

Woooohoo! Its the end!
Haha, indeed, its quite LONG..lol..expected from a spammer..
Oh yes, sorry if I have annoyed anyone of u because I have been spamming/chatting with some members in some of ur threads..
*Still in the process of getting used to forum-ing*

Congratulations to all who read the paragraphs of longwinded-ness!And thanks for ur patience everyone..Posted Image

I shall end with a pic of BoA!!
Posted Image
^Kevin, ur favourite..Haha.

Go BoA!!!!!!!!!

Omg. I cant believe I typed all these..like writing a report LOL. Okay I should stop.
Byebye and thank you everyone for ur kind attention! :lol:

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#2 Y2Kevtjai


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 02:59 AM

Waaa Clarissa a long EMP Post leh. But worth all the time for reading it all over again :lol:
Stop saying it's not creative la. Very creative lor ^^
Oh yeah!! I feel so honoured. First time I've been mentioned in someone's EMP Post. Xie Xie Xie Xie Xie ar Clarissa :lol:

And then your shoutout to me. Yeah I think you would be really a wonderful sister to me :P
HAHA LOL You still remember my fly and tea story OMG xD
Thanks la I'll definitely use it to make my room creature free LOL :lol:

And don't worry I'll be the first one to teach you encoding.
Don't worry leh I'll try to keep it as simple as possible :hug:
Manual is coming ASAP leh :lol:

And woohoo ah yeah!!! You found that pic of BoA. I think it's really cute ar seeing BoA is having fun :lol:
Haha now saving the pic and make 100x back-ups xD

Congrats with your EMP Post Clarissa :D

Edit: Ah just a few more days and then it's your B'Day la :lol:
Presents from me for you waiting leh :wub:

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#3 -nothing-


    Blink Blank

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 03:34 AM

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

Junsu smile for you

小妹妹, its the long EMP post that I have ever read. ALAMAK!!! :wub: I feel so honoured 謝謝lah~ U always will be my fellow spammer and also my sister^^
I forgot which spam thread that we are met... And you are the first newbie that I send PM (never send any PM to newbie b4). The phone I like it although I prefer to blue one haha... Oh~ I cant speak chinese and really!!! How great u still remember with "kakak" and "adik" means :D, 1st Oct?? oh that day~

Posted ImagePosted Image

steamed brownies with choco ice cream and I also gave my Pepsi :P

And coffee?? u really make me drools with coffee now~ I dun have any coffee since being on holiday... :hug: And I month later, I think I make my second project but I will spam :wub: I also can be a good little sister ^^ oh btw~ I like ur siluet... Keep spamming, Clar!!!

Posted Image

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#4 RisingSunRocks


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 04:54 AM

Congrats to you on ur EMP gal :hug:

keep posting :P

#5 torukun2


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 05:05 AM

Congratz on your EMP (YAY! I was mentioned, I feel so happy). Haha. I really can't be bothered posting a verdict in the original thread, so I'll just spam yours and put it here :hug:
THE WINNER OF THE GIRLS AND BOYS GAME WAS... *drumroll* BOYS!! Jajaaang. We RULE :D haha... you girls aren't too bad yourself, but you must admit, we owned your butts ^^;... please don't hurt me.. lol
Wow... you've been in this forum for such a short amount of time, but you've posted your EMP already! I should get more posts, but it's going to be a while before my EMP :wub:
Hmmm... I should give you a prezzie for your hard work accumulating that massive amount of posts...
Posted Image
There you go. It's all prettyful and colourful, just like you :P
Once again, congratulations :wub:

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#6 kyo_jieming2000


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 05:08 AM

*reserved* Aha..I am not too late, am I?? :wub:

okay..Here goes my LOL (forever and ever) again..:lol:..for a really REALLY long read that was Clarissa's EMP..There's no denying it..u're a creative lady with mind of a lethal spammer, eager to take on BoAjjang..haha..This 47 days of Clarissa-madness alreadys prove that..:lol:

SO, I am going to saviour this pride u gave me as your first friend here..& and I don't even realise it until u told everybody here....CONG-KAT-CHU-LE-SON, Clarrisa!!..:wub: Rate my lameness here, and u will see I am not bad a cold joker too..*crows flew by*
u know, I learn of lot L-A-M-E stuff from SG film..aka..Jack Neo movies..hehe..Have u watched Money NOT enough 2, Btw??..

Yes!! we have some pending trading to do..^^''..and we just keep forgeting it until now..u choose the location and time, and I will go there to meet you..Remember to brings yours too..No picture, no talk.. :P ..

Bring out all the fun here, we got to face the A-Level soon..:D..haha..everything seems so fast this year..but all gonna be ends in 2 months time..BUT..BUT..before that, its your B'day first followed by my b'day..so remember this date..Oct 25.. :hug: ..

Since u say I'm such a loyal BoA fan, I wouldn't miss out my chance to sent you a BoA drawing..becoz u got see the imaculate drawings skill there..
defintely one of my favs..
Posted Image

Edited by kyo_jieming2000, 03 October 2008 - 06:38 AM.

#7 Minion


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 05:33 AM

Thanks for the baton, but ill still share the baton with u la! We both the president of lamer's club. :P
Btw, it looked more like a Lightsaber.. extend it and fight like jedi knights. LOL

#8 Mardy Bum

Mardy Bum

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 06:06 AM

Congratulations on your EMP Clarissa! Keep active and stay spamming! :P

#9 angel_kulet16


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 06:17 AM

congrats!!! :P
and thanks for mentioning me. :hug:
must spam some more!

#10 Angelxxx


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 07:46 AM

Congrats!!! I am proud of u!!! :P



    The Fire Rose

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 07:50 AM

Congratulations on getting your EMP, Clarissa! :P
You're another one who likes referring to me as 'The Fire Rose'. Haha.
And hey, believe it or not, those are the exact boots that I considered buying!

Keep spamming, girl; it's been great fun spamming with you...
But wait, you should be studying more! Haha.
So good luck for your exams!

P.S. I don't know your surname. LOL.

#12 whatta-chan


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 08:56 AM

woooo!! congratulations! so many presents xD

#13 Elusion



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Posted 03 October 2008 - 09:05 AM

^Thanks! laugh.gif

Okay, I'm going in order again..lol.

Kevin : Haha, yeah. My memory is not that good but isnt that bad either. And yes, I will use ur manual to make a satisfactory encode at least. I hope. LOL

Lisa : I knew ur pepsi will come! And OMG that fiery "Clarissa" LOL. FYI, I saved all those pics!! And Junsu..ALAMAK!
And wow, u managed to type those chinese words..can u write them anyway? LOL. THANKS!
Wait, wads siluet??

Daphne : Hey! Ur a Singaporean I havent had the chance to talk to yet! Thanks lol. Ur job is kinda interesting...

Trieu : That game..the guys won cos the girls didnt bother fighting back! HAHA! Thanks for the colourful cake too!

Jieming : First thing.. LOL. Ya la. This is the longest thing I have done on a forum! Essay-style sleep.gif
Hmm, first friend here at BJJ cos ur everywhere LOL. And hey..I cannot rate! I can only invite u to join lamer's club. But eh, I dont understand wads "CONG-KAT-CHU-LE-SON" ! As for the date time and location thing..wait till ur online on msn then say! For the Money Not Enough..I forgot which part I watched alr, so many parts that i watched when i was in pri school..Thanks for the drawing too..Minion has one also! LOL

Jaevus : Eh, the jieming gave me ur DP as present, where is urs?? I will deal with u later..si teletubby..LOL

Eugene : LOL. Big bad wolf is here..RAHH. Luckily Rox casted her last vote for u. Otherwise either me or the other innocent villagers would be dead..

Vikki & Angelxxx : happy.gif

Sunny : LOL. My spamming teacher - The Fire Rose.
Good then, donid to buy the boots alr. Have u received them?? I purposely found a white one! laugh.gif

Studying..bleh. Reading same things over and over again. So boring.. sleep.gif

Anyway, Im curious, how many of u actually readthe WHOLE long-winded post? laugh.gif

Edited by Elusion, 18 July 2014 - 09:45 AM.

#14 Y2Kevtjai


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 09:48 AM

Ahhh I cannot resist myself from posting here when I saw ur name Clarissa xD
Keep it up with studying. A lot LELELE is waiting for you leh :P

Don't worry about that encode la :hug:
Like I always said if I can see BoA smile and having fun I count ur encode as very good one leh :wub:

Long-winded post?? It's AWESOME leh :D

Edited by Y2Kevtjai, 03 October 2008 - 09:51 AM.

#15 chocolate-kid


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Posted 03 October 2008 - 01:03 PM

congrats to ya!
wow, you've been here such a short amount of time and you've already gotten EMP!
yay for you :D

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