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#1 LiLstephy


    BoA*'s LiL Sis

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Posted 23 January 2005 - 02:58 PM


yeah yeah.. i know its pretty late cuz my current ammount of posts is like 2278 or something.. and i wuz suppose to make this awhile ago! hehe ><
well here it is! late.. but better than never! teehee, and its in no particular order

after you read all of this ( might take you awhile, or yoo could just read your's =D ).. i think i deserve some sorta award or prize xP this took me forever, and if you read carefully, it wuz quite expensive to get all these "gifts" xD

jess, thanks for being an awesome friend =] we never really talked before I came to boajjang.. but then that time we were both at chris's and i saw you were posting like crazy on this site, and i got a glimpse of BoA, and you putting on shine we are! lol, it wuz friendship at first sight, ever since then we've become a lot closer =) and it wuz fun having you over for thanksgiving, heh you're a really good drawer, and oragami-maker xP and you're so funny to talk to, not to mention a lot maturer than people expect from an 11-yr-old (12-yr-old today;) ) and best of all, you introduced me to boajjang! lmao, i remember the first time you told me to signup, i forgot, and you kept bugging me, and then i did signup, but i never posted, and you kept reminding me, and look at me now! quite a poster, eh? well to kyoote lil jessica, i give an akira clone, he will do wuttever you tell him to :lol: and let's see.. you get $$$ 100 million buckerooos to buy any drawing supplies, origami stuff, BoA stuff, akira/lead stuff, anything your heart desiress xD oh, how could i forget? you get a mic and webcam, so that you can interact more in ventrilo and taking pictures! xP OH YEAHHH, i just remembered, you get another $$$ 10 million dollarsss to get all those clothes/accessories/etc you like! i kno you love hoodies, hats, visors, ski masks, etc! teehee* shop your heart out girl! =D love yaaa <3

Furby/VxSpec/My Big One/Loc
furby, you're the greatest friend ever, i love you to death, you're always there for me, whenever i need you, we got so close in just a matter of a couple weeks, and you're like a big brother to me, always lookin out for me and protecting me in a way, and jus giving me advice and someone to talk to, from the crazy day we met, under strange circumstances, lmao, thanksgiving day wif me and JO making furby girlfriend vids and staying up wif me till 7am, and jippii online games, and bow pics ^^ and i feel like i can tell you anything, especially all my problems, and you're soo funny, you and your gaming xP and i hope we'll always be friends forever and ever and ever =] to you furby, i give you all the CS/other game accessories and gadgets, a neato webcam so yoo can take lotsa pics and show them to me, a awesome cellfone wif unlimited minutes so we can always call each other and talk to each other, and anything else you want
i kno you’re still mad at me.. and I miss you so much... pleez stop ignoring me...and I bet you’ll never see this...
Wendy/IcyJadedHeart/Big Sis
wendy, you're the bestest big sis any stephy could ask for! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 and you're so pretty and talented, but always trying to be so modest, but everyone knows the truth! hehe you're so nice, and so loved by everyone on boajjang =] you're a very sweet girl that i can always talk to, and get advice from, always there to lend a helping hand ^^ i give wendy sis your vewi own private basketball court, where you can practice those awesome mvp skills! yeah! and it gotz all those fancy gizmos like score thing.. and um.. i dunno! wuttever u want! and i get you a $$$ 50 million buckz shopping spree to any store in the entire world =D

denny, you're the greatest oppa ever, lmao, you're my only oppa ^^ hehe when i requested for an oppa, you're the only one who responded! and you didnt even kno me! =] you're so sweet, and we can talk about anything together, and you're soo nice to talk to =) to the greatest oppa ever i give a whole building full of BoA stuff, $$$ 50 million dollars to buy wuttever you, in any store you want, I also give you a cool webcam so yoo can takiez lotsa pics and show them to dongsengg =]

Ody/Oderz/Odyism/Aaliyah Namie BoA Koda Hikki
Ody, we hit it off on the first day we met, eh? lmao, I remember we had that “online marriage” after you had told me you lived in new jersey too, ody you’re so funny, sweet, and nice, and I love listening to you sing, you’re so talented, you can sing and draw really really well, so to my ody I give a stephy double =_________= lmao, so she can keep yoo company and a koda kumi clone, so you can stare at her forever and ever, cuz I kno u love her soo much ^^ and yoo wanted babies.. So I adopted two babies for yoo, and yoo wanted to name them cody and stephy xD so there you go, and you get a buncha songs sung by stephy herself xP cuz u wanted me to sing for you, well there ya go! =D and yoo get your own contract to some awesome recording studio, so sing you’re heart out babie! :D

truong, you’re the sexyuploader! *teehee* you’re sucha awesome uploader, lmao, heh, I browse the downloads section.. *sees a list of uploads from sexyboafan* ^^ everyone loves you so much, cuz ur so helpful, and funny, I always laff when I talk to you, and I think your voice on vent is soooo adorablee ^^ and i love seeing your pics cuz you're soo kyooooteee =] you’re really sweet and fun to talk to, and I wuz so flattered that you included me in your emp post xP it wuz the first emp post I wuz ever in, other than jess's, and yoo gave me that sexy perfume stuff, so for my gift to youu, I give youu unlimited FTP stuff.. wuttever it is.. and a sexy BoA clone so yoo can check out her sexyness whever you want to =P ummz.. I’ll give you $$$ a billion buckerroooniezz for any store in the world, so buy wuttever sexy stuff you wantt :D *hint* more adidas shirts, lmao xD

cori, you’re so unique and special in your own way =] I just find your singing skills so amazing =D and you’re so pretty, I’m pretty sure you were the first boajjang person’s pictures I ever saw! XD lmao, well anywayz, you’re always so kind, always talking to me on aim, and ventrilo, and just cheering me up when I’m down, I love you so much <3 so to cori I give, every single boa cd ever made xP, your own contract for a recording studio, a $$$ 50 million dollar shopping spree, and a buncha cuddly teddy bears ^^ oh, and stuff for your fat kittie, furby xP

Johnny/Jwu/My hawt cuty
johnny, lmao, yoo say not many people call you that ^^ so that’ll be your special name for me, well you’re so smart, and sweet and nice, and you always give me advice on life and everything, and you’re always there when I’m bored, to keep me company, and you’re just there to talk about that serious kinda stuff.. when we get so into talking about relationship problems xP when I first met you on the forums.. when we weren’t really friends, I thot u were so funny xD and wondered why you’re name wuz in dark black =P hehe, and I love playing instant messenger games with you xD and just spilling out wuttever is on my mind to you, you’re an awesome friend =] so to you I give, a $$$ 5 billion dollar to any restaurant in the world, cuz I know how much u love eating, you get your own personal chef too ;) and ummz, I’m getting yoo a really loud alarm clock, so yoo hafta wake up early xP
inky gayo (7:40:20 PM): say you're gonna give me you
inky gayo (7:40:21 PM): =]
and you get a stephy double as well xP hmm.. i really wish i could give you what you want most.. but it's out of my power =/

Naru/Kanai/Big Sis
naru, you are sucha sweet person =] always so kind to everyone, even helping out truong and choopy on there work for hours and hours =__________= and playing toki boom wif me on yahoo messenger! *teehee* you have sucha kute voice on ventrilo, and i really enjoy talking to you, especially when we're dissing that gay tom boy xP hehe, so to naru dear, i give a whole building full of ayumi stuff ^^ cuz i kno you really like her, a contract to a recording studio, cuz i listen to your version of bcuz i'm a girl by kiss all the time! you have amazing singing talent =D i give you $$$ 100 million dollar shopping spree =D buy wuttever you want to! anddd i give you a billion cool fancy hairbrushes, cuz your fat lil kittie always steals them xD

Coolin/Colin/Mr. Hung/Mr. Fung o.0
coolin, well letz see.. almighty mr. admin! =D well you're spesho, since your name's in red, sooo.. i give you all that fancy computer/harddrive stuff, anddd i make martin luther king day a holiday in canada! so guess wutt buddie? you get that day off now xP andd i give you all the upgrades for forums ever made, especially one that saves posts while they're being created ;) *teehee* thanks for making boajjang :blink: you're the greatest of the greatesttt xD and you get your own peronalized private badminton court =D equipped wif.. all that stuff that comes wif it! like uhh.. raquets and nets and birdie things... ^^

hehe, febes, you funny funny gal, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE hearing you on ventrilo, you're sucha jokesterr xP and you're very nice =D hehe, i love how you're always so cheerful ^^ and coool, so to youuu febeees, i give a $$$ 50 million buckerrooo shopping spree, to any where you want =D a high-tech webcam so you can take pictures like crazy, cuz i dont think i've ever see your picture xP and you get a sparkly necklace and matching earrings! ohh.. and since you're a "sleepy" chickita, i give you 500 pairs of comfy pajamas =P

rachie! you kyooootie pie! hehe i love all those lil sticker pics or wuttever you get wif you friends.. they're so adorable!! and i always get you above me in the word games! *teehee* =] so to rachieee pieee* i give cool webcam, so she can take lotsa kute pics and post them, in about 2 minutes! hehe instead of getting those stickie pics, i also give youuu all the BoA stuff ever made, and tickets to her next 30 concerts xP anddd $$$ 100 million SINGAPORE dollar shopping spree ^^

Bluey/bluechick126/my rappin' buddie
bluey, you're sucha awesome gal, vewi fun to talk to, and vewi tough and persistent! i remember i met you when we started havin' "rappin wars" wif the guyz, just me and youu, and we sure showed them ;) you're so original, and kyooote, i enjoy talking to you a lot, and i hope we get to know each other better =D to bluey, i give all the cool blue stuff in the world that you want! and lotsa BoA dvds and concert tickets, anddd blue crayons xP andd $$$ 50 million dollar shopping spree ^^ anything for my rapping buddieee xP

Bea/-ShyPinay[Bea]-/BoA lookalike/Valerie
bea, you are just SO PRETTY, heh and it shows in all those pics that you like taking! i love watching your hilarious vids wif you and your cousins/friends, i found that teen titans one soo funny :D props fer that hun, andd you're an awesome singer too! i really really really loved your no. 1 clip that you went me, it wuz super! and that 12 days of christmas boajjang style, that wuz GREAT! i almost forgot, your kyoooote gifs! hehe they're alwayss soo adorableee, so to youu bea, i get youuu get, ramune watere! *teehee* i love that gif you made, and you get INK CARTRIDGES, so you can make your cool binders of all the stars you like! you get a contract to a studio recording company, $$$ 50 million dollar shopping spree ^^ and tons of BoA clothes, so you can do your cool cosplay stuff! =D

eya, another gorgeous girl here at boajjang! not to mention, you've got awesome decorating skills! lmao, everyone noticed that hawt boajjang blog of yours ;) verry nice use of custom blocks, eh? you can also sing! hehe i liked your baby boy clip, that wuz soo cool ^^ you're always so nice, and welcoming =P so to you eya, i give you a $$$ 50 million bucerooz shopping spree =] so you can buy lotsa pretty clothes to match ur prettyness xP and you get a contract for a recording studio, along wif all the other good singers here =] andd you get 10 gigantic teddy bears that are bigger than you xD

Eiji! hehe always so funny xP you're a really sweet guy ^^ always there to chat wif, and you're soo kuuute =] i love seeing all your pics! *teehee* so for you eiji, i give you toystory action figures xD lmao, cuz redmage told me tooo, and a renaissance noble suit =D and two horses =] as you requested, enjoy that stuff, lmao.. redmage says you love that cowboy dudeee xP

Diana/Diana139/Di/Goddess Diana
diana, wow where do i start??!! you're an ADORABLE lito girl, such a kyooote face ^^ and you're graphic skills never cease to amaze me! heh, you must be a super fast learner, always coming up wif new ideas to make images look even better! i love looking at your work, it looks like you really put a lot of effor into it =] i hope you continue on as boajjang's wallpaper/graphics goddess xP so for you diana i give you any imaging program you want, 1 zillion funky awesome brushes, lotsa and lotsa stuffed animals =D andd $$$ a 50 million dollar shopping spree to any place of your choice =]

Nik/My 2nd hawt cuty/n1k
nik, lol you're sucha funny and kute guy =] you remind me of a lil kid, and i love your australian accent xP its sooo adorableee, hehe, and i know you love those neopet plushies, so for youu babe, i give yaa a whole house full of kyooote neopet plushies ^^ and you get every single BoA cd and dvd, andd tickets to her concerts =D

hikari! omg you adorable lil girl ^^ *pinches cheeks* you were the first person i webcammed wif =] and ur sooo kyoote wif ur lil whoppers, hehe and your so nice, a really great friend =D and your voice! OMG YOUR VOICE IS *faints* too kuuuuute!! ahhh, *dies from all the kuteness in hikari* hehe, and you always try to help out others =) you're a really sweet gal, so to you hikari, i give UNLIMITED WHOPPERS! hehe and lotsa BoA cds and dvds and any other singer you like! hehe and for your sister! *dies again* she's soo kuute, so i give her some stuffed animals ^^

night, lmao you're one of the most interesting people i have ever met, you're always so mysterious, but still nice and helpful, and of course you correct my grammatical errors xP but you're fun to talk to also, even though you said i wuz weird xD and i'm still wondering whether you're a boy or girl =P but i have a pretty good idea, and i'm happy that even tho you've decided to take a lil break from boajjang, that you don't mind me talking to/bothering you on aim xP so to you night i give you umm.. well since i'm not quite sure of your interests, i give youu a full scholarship to any college of your choice, since you'll be going off to college soon ^^

Redmage/redmage20386/Evil Redmage/Hendra
redmage, haha you're sucha funny and evil guy xP we just started talking recently, since you had that post about wanting msn buddiez ^^ so here i am! a msn buddie =D you're a really humourous guy and i enjoy chatting wif you, so to you i give a LCD monitor 17" and a love and honesty tour dvd, as well as all of BoA's other dvds =P

binnn, aww you're suchaa kuutiee pie, hehe i remember seeing your pic in the member info and pics section when i first joined the forums =D and we also webcammed for awhile one day ^^ i love talking to you, cuz you're so sweet and nice, and funny too! lmao yoo thot i wuz 21!! >< hehe so to you bin, i give you hmm, i'm pretty sure yoo like gaming xP so i'll give you lotsaa games that you likee and all those game accessories stuff, along wif any BoA stuff that you would like, and $$$ 50 million dollar shopping spree to get cool clothesss to make you even hawterr ;)

aceeyyybaseyyy, hehe that sounds so cool ^^ well you're another awesome uploader! you're up on the uploader food chain wif sexy truong ;) and i remember you even sent me a holiday e-mail when i wuz whining about wanting an e-mail xP well i'm not really sure wutt to give ya.. cuz yoo prolly have loads and loads of BoA files already, soo how about some signed BoA dvds, cds, and posters? and.. hmm spend-one-day-wif-BoA =] and any comp upgrade stuff you wantss ^^

Tim/Hi There Its Tim/Timmy
timmyyyy, hehe you're so kyooote xP timmy's an awesome nameee, reminds me of the name stephy ^^ lol, i never really talked to you on messengers until recently, but you're really funny and nice =] and i have fun talking to youuu >< lol you thot i wuz 11 like JO! hehe, one tall 11 year old, eh? xP well for you tim, i give youuu a private jet plane to california, since you love it there so much, and a mansion in california, lol since you hate living in texas =] and i give ya some BoA stuff =P

liang! hehe, one of my firstest friends here at boajjang ^^ we used to talk on msn all the time, you seem to be pretty busy lately and we havent talked in awhile, but you're a verry sweet, verry nice guy =] and i hope we can catch up soon, so to you liang i give $$$ a 50 million dollar shopping spree to any place in the world =] BoA concert tickets, and all her dvds =D

well..i dunno yoo that well, but you're a funny guy, and everyone likes you a lot, so i just thot i shood include ya in here ^^ so to you choopy i give all the snoopy products in the world, and a lifesize snoopy plushie, have fun xP

well you're another person i dont kno that well, but everyone also seems to be good friends wif you, i didnt even start talking to you until like.. yesterday? yeah, well for youu.. umm.. how about some fishfood? andd.. $$$ 10 million dollars to go buy some fishie friends and a fishtank ^^

laken! the girl who looks like raven's bestfriend! xP you have such great singing talent =] i love talking and listening to you sing on ventrilo! hehe, you're such a nice and pretty girl, so to you i give, every single BoA cd created, a contract for a recording studio so you can start making your own cds, andd a trip to some tropical islandd =D

swtx10v3/ann/my dimple buddie =D
ann! hehe you're sucha pretty pretty girl, and we are spesho dimple buddies! we only gotz one dimple and i think they're both on the left side xP hahaha well you're a really nice girl, and i enjoy talking to you and seeing your pretty pics ^^ so to you i give a $$$ 50 million buckeroonyy shopping spree, all the BoA dvds, cds, performance stuff, and a trip to any place you want =]

peteypetepete, heh well i really like your singing =D very cool, and your vocab has been rubbing off on people "that's so win!" xP haha well anywayzz, you're a cool and funny guyy andd hmm.. i think you like "gee-tars" soo you can have all of them, every single style, brand, type, etc. =D

val, you're so gorgeous! hehe i love seeing all your pretty pictures, and all those cartoons you make! they're soo funny, and i like listening to you singg on ventrilo =] a pretty voice to match a pretty face, and i still cant believe you're 20! you look soo youngg! not sure if you're gonna take that as a good thing or a bad thing xD well for youuu, i give a buncha cool makeup, especially the ones that BoA models for, so that you can take more and more pics of you trying on makeup xP andd i give you your vewi own recording contract because you're an awesome singer ^^ anddd i give youu.. some headache pills, cuz ur gonna be having a lotta headaches since your married to jwu and truong's your kid xP ohh, and you get all the BoA stuff ever made =D

so i dont kno u guyz directly but i wanted to thank shan for her enormous donations to the eye candy section and kamuikwon for uploading lotsa album files! heh you guyz are super helpful to boajjang ^^ so to both of you, i give $$$ 100 million dollar shopping sprees to any store of your preference =]

Kakashi Mina/Mina
Mina! everyone tells me you're sucha goood singer =] and you are! and you're a very nice person too, hehe i made your happy birthday post xP and you posted on my xanga, I WANNA HEAR YOU SING MORE!!! =D THAT'S AN ORDERRRR!! so to you mina, i give a contract to a recording studio ^^ so you can become famous like BoA and i give youu teddy bears and candy! cuz everyone loves those xP andd you get to buy anything you want [[ clothes, BoA stuff, other stuff... ]] wif you $$$ 50 million dollar shopping spreee ^^

Mirai Pan-Chan/Mirai
mirai! you're sucha awesome girl! never scared to speak your mind ;) a lot like me xP you also post a lot like me! *teehee* i knowz you likiez BoA, Anime, Avril, GreenDay, Evanescence, ChIcKeN (taken straight from yur profile xP) soo to you mirai i give BoA cds and dvds, and all the anime series you want! and avril concert tickets, and any of her cds you like, greenday concert tickets and cds, evanescence cds and concert tickets ( you're gonna have a lotta cds and dvds to watch and a lotta concerts to go to! you better not be busy these couple of weeks xP ), AND CHICKEN! all the chicken there is, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, cooked chicken.. uhh.. yeahhh =]

so here lil stephy wuz.. typing up her 1K emp post.. when all of a sudden.. she wants to check out her great artwork, and clicks preview post, and gets page unavailable, no big deal, stephy clicks back, everything (A LOT OF WORK) that stephy typed wuz gone! :) it took her about 4-5 hours, and she wuz verry mad/sad/angry/etc, so wutt you see here is stephy's remake of her emp post, because her first one went *poof* bye bye :( now this final thing took about two and a half days =/ i've been constantly working on it

* WAIT! *
hehe, all those losers on boajjang that everyone hates.. they know who they are xP and all those people that were mean to me =] you guyz get superdeduper cool glow-in-the-dark stickers! only cuz i'm in a good mood, go in the bathroom, and turn on the lite, and turn it off, neat, eh? go knock yer socks off!

yoo get a hug from stephy ;) and some candy xP

i have a bad feeling that i forgot a lotta spesho people that deserve to be here... :(
if you find a typo/error, pleez point it out :o i'd appreciate it muchoz

Edited by LiLstephy, 30 January 2005 - 06:12 AM.

#2 naru


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:02 PM

awwww thanx stephy *so touched*
LOL yesh the gay boy dissing was fun...xD;;;;;

OMG only me calls him tru-eee *whacks u with a squeeky hammer*

#3 richurd


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:03 PM

yeh, i was wondering if i missed ur emp or sutmhign :blink: a belated congrats to u miss stephy

#4 Cori


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:10 PM

LOL!!!thanks for the things stephy ::hugs:: and im glad that cheer you up when your sad.....I feel special now ^^

#5 Odyism



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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:10 PM

I wuv my little Stephy ^.^
*glomps her to death*

#6 JWu


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:10 PM

OMG, you weren't exaggerating, that's an extremely long post! Aww, thanks, I could really use a personal chef (I hope it's Iron Chef Sakai :lol:). And you made me #8!! Woot! Lucky #!

Oh, and I already have a loud alarm clock; I just turn it off and go back to sleep hehe.

Coolin/Colin/Mr. Hung

Heh, I guess my nickname for coolin has caught on. *hides from the angry look on his face*

anddd i give youu.. some headache pills, cuz ur gonna be having a lotta headaches since your married to jwu and truong's your kid xP ohh, and you get all the BoA stuff ever made =D

:blink: Why's she going to be having headaches!!??

#7 Ace


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:16 PM

aceeyyybaseyyy, hehe that sounds so cool ^^ well you're another awesome uploader! you're up on the uploader food chain wif sexy truong :lol: and i remember you even sent me a holiday e-mail when i wuz whining about wanting an e-mail xP well i'm not really sure wutt to give ya.. cuz yoo prolly have loads and loads of BoA files already, soo how about some signed BoA dvds, cds, and posters? and.. hmm spend-one-day-wif-BoA =] and any comp upgrade stuff you wantss ^^

Awww....sweet! Thanks for remembering me :o And for the stuff..I like the stuff :blink:

#8 ptoor


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:20 PM

heh :blink:
this is the greatest EMP ever!!! :o
teh win! ^^v

you sure you can afford all my geetars? the ones i want are like 3 grand each...
that's not even including the amps yet.. :lol:
but thanks though!

#9 LiLstephy


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:22 PM

^ lmao, of course i can afford it xP i gave people $ 50 billion dollar shopping sprees! i'm sure i can afford your geetars and amps and all those funky lookin doodatzz that come you'll need =D

Edited by LiLstephy, 23 January 2005 - 03:22 PM.

#10 naru


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:23 PM

heh :blink:
this is the greatest EMP ever!!! :o
teh win! ^^

View Post

stephy u r so friendly *wipes a tear* :)
awww ur sho sho nice :lol:

#11 Coolin


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:26 PM

Holy crap, this has got to be the best EMP ever...

I wonder how it would have been like if it didn't get erased.

#12 LiLstephy


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:30 PM

^ well actually i perfected it from the original one =]

#13 Hikari


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:34 PM

OMG OMG TY SO MUCH FOR MY GIFTS..=] i just got exodus today....finally its here in canada!!!;____;........ty for the unlimited whoppers...XDD

#14 LiLstephy


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:40 PM

^ LOL! whopper princess =] hehe balancing them on yer nose like a pro :)

#15 Hikari


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 03:41 PM


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