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1000th POST EMP dedication buddy thread

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#1 kuraudo


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:13 PM

Hello! Boajjang!
Anhyoung haseo :(

Posted Image
Like my edited picture? :lol:

Wow. It is already my 1000thPost. This is special, since I have been here at BoAjjang not very long but had great experience in my journey here.
Umm not very good at this, but I have to thank everyone here on the board. I know there is MORE people who have helped me than I can list, so please don’t hate me if I forgot to include you!
This EMP includes Head of forums, Newbs, buddies and veterans (who may be more than one description)

With special regards to the Head of the forums I would like to give a nice warm shout out to:

For being a damn good Global Moderator.
Umm cause you are cool and like fixed my ugly “newbi-ish “ looking threads
Haha, things I did and looked at, and thought wtf? @[email protected] did I just write that? Haha
Cause your have made a great cause here to help create the largest English BoA forum as well as the most enjoyable. GiFT: +1 Billion Won, trip to Korea to see BoA
Coolin: Pretty much the same goes for you buddy. We’ve exchanged a few words, but even if I haven’t talked to you much, what you do for the forum is beyond words. Its great what you do here, and you are quite on top of things! BJ is definitely enjoyable with your PC skills and help around here. Hope we can chat more soon.
GiFT: +1 Billion Won, trip to Korea with jwu and a little champagne for wubby dubby..
Thadj: (the Dj?) for posting nice stickys! My first download here during my first post, was 7 HQ perfs in divx _ It was on a rainy Saturday, and Dang! I found my new home as I was addicted! This was a memorable entrance to the wonderful world of BoAjjang. GiFT: +1 Billion Won, trip to Korea, +Silver headphones tp see boA, help remix new songs
Thanks For helping out on video editing jargon. I learned a lot from that site! For hosting some of my files and offering a hand J you rock!

Other Mods: I never was able to chat with you, but I am pretty darn sure you are nice :P thanks for making this place Great! Collaborating with the likes of the above, BJ has become a great place to rest my head..zzz snores…

*I would like to thank all my Buddies:

SexyBoAFan (Truong is sexyyy) For help easing me into the forum. Having 1-5 posts or so, I was sent a pretty gift of 7-03-04 My name performance outdoor arena in blue outfit. You are funny :( and totally cool to chat with on msn haha. What else can I say? Hmm you rock?-Gift: a sexy holed T shirt for NO.1
Acebase01 (Andrew) You were the second person to ease me in the forum besides ^^ As a 1-5 poster, you made an excellent choice to give to a newb. HAHa you make it real nice here and you are nice too! Thanks a lot pal.-A trip to see Ace of Base "reformed" concert in 2005 summer!+3 million GBP for UK!
Armserver (can’t they fix the “r” part for you? You sound like some horror movie) I asked you if you knew what sever means..and It’s like you don’t know how bad in English this combination is! Haha, but hey.. It’s a mistake and also you are from Thailand ^_^ -Gift: endless HQ files to you!! and we go see BOA together
You have given more RSVP treatment here than I have expected from anyone! First to download secret files..haha ;) Glad to call you a buddy, and definitely great to chat with! Both of us have lots of [HQ] files to share with BJ and people definitely like that. Your first post here was a gift; a nice [HQ] file and that put you at a great start! Way to go!! +10,000,000 Y and To see BOA live anytime we want!
Kaleekyu: You rock! Haha love sharing files with you, very much so. Glad we both share a huge love for BoA. Btw you are very kind! Its been very cool chatting with ya! Gift: Secret Concert from BOA+1 billion won
Sara, Sara, Sarang hae-yo: It was your need of BoA files when you Lost everything on your hDD that got the fire burning to upload files. Previously, I had no idea what and how you work a YSI. But I was understanding, cause I had to reformat my computer that same week due to virus overloads, dead cpus and the list is endless! December was worse month for me for computer. You are an excellent person to talk to, you know much Japanese and have lots to share to make people happy, whether BoA related or not! Gift: Secret Concert from BOA+1 billion won
Shadowflare: for causing the 9999 damage to the forum and then giving me an absorb material to counteract the damage :D I am sure Kuraudo (Cloud) and Shadowflare sharing files is a damn awesome team haha, you roccckk! You have been reupping files for me, been sharing cool stuff Gift: Trip to Japan to go see Tetsuya Nomura, 1 Billion Yen and Trip to Best of Soul concert
good_sushi: For Creating such cool reencodes, and reupping mass amounts of my files! Gift: Trip to Japan to go see Square enix staff for dragonquest VIII, 1 Billion Yen and Trip to Best of Soul concert
Billy-X: Dude what can I say? I mean you interacted with BoA! With emotions attached to it! You definitely hit a “spark” to her, and I am sure that she will remember you forever and ever. You always have the best Pictures to share, as you run the Eye Candy section quite well! You been soo nice to me, and I like ya lot pal J gives cool handshake and BIG smile Gift: Gift: Secret Concert from BOA+1 billion won with our group!
Kamuikwon: respectable, cool, nice!, has files to make people envious..hmm now we haven’t talked a bunch either. Just wanted say Hey thanks for sharing some radical files! Those HQ files rock!! YOU ROCK!! +1 million american, 3 billion Yen, 1 trillion WON
Chu: so quiet..i like go around to the posts and noticed you hosted a file, then next thing you know another! Wow thanks a lot, that helps matters of YSI hehe. You seem pretty cool and so nice! 50 Multiprocessor ONYX station +rendering farm/server. BoA korean MBC any date for 3 nights!
Angelicshan: Everyone seems to like you here at BJ. You always host great files to share and make this a great community. Thanks! :)
BabyDragon: Wow you like the BoA gossip/news queen haha. And ha! Did I reach 1000 before you? 0_0 oh my! I spend far too much time here!! Damn you make me feel special, and warm and fuzzy inside. Gift: Secret Concert from BOA+1 billion won you are also coming too^_^
Young_B Hey buddy! Whats up! Yeah you rock man! Yeah excellent of you to always give me some of the first reups! You might have been the first or 2nd person to reup for me period. Oh definitely you are cool in more ways than one.
Cathy86: Cathy O Cathy..dances haha :D Hey thanks for having fun chats, and reupping files for me! You are so kind, and you ALWAYS defend BoA and find GREAT ways to explain to the other fans WHY she does things. “applauds” You think the way I do about BoA. “warmer and fuzzier now”
Everalpha: Ha you are very damn friendly buddy, always nice and always reupping like mad! Its been like totally cool, you know? Haha
Diana139: Aha aren’t your photoshopping skills sooo lovely? Omg its so pretty J ANNNDD you are very very very nice to me, J I like you
Cocogirl886: J I feel happy talking to you too, about the BoA and Eugene stuff we talked about. It just sorta makes me feel happy. Thanks for trading files with me! Glad we share a likeness for BoA and Final Fantasy too! OH my the day I woke up to find you pm’ing everyone on my thread, so I didn’t have too. NOW that’s something special, oh yeah! Nice to be your buddy! -:LATE GIFT!: 2 weeks in Korea/2 weeks Japan too, 1,000,000 Y, 10,000,000 Won for Seoul Center, 250,000 Shopping spree Tokyo Exchange Dior.
..and I surpassed your posts haha..maybe I should get to homework? On Friday night? You kidding me .lol..
Mylenium[Paul] Hey you are busy admining your Yeseule Forum haha. Its nice chatting with you online, talking nonsense..talking Winter Sonata, Talking about Korean things and BoA!! See you online soon.
(its hard to put you on newbies with 18600 posts at Yeseule lol)Gift+1 billion won, Trip to Korea with Yeseule to see BoA*
Kheewei: Hey hey! Whats up! I am glad you are also very nice.. I see a trend here, Boa fans are nice! You know the fans of slayer, and metal heads were NOT nice. The music does say something about you, in a way. Gift: Trip to Japan to see Hey hey hey, and live show+spending spree 1,000,000 Y.
Kiwi : eek I am allergic to kiwi, but you know umm Its very delicious and I am not allergic to you :P hehe. You are cool, trade files from me whenever needed ok!
Gift: Trip to Shibuya to Nagoya following BoA and watching her live, modeling and shopping spree for 10,000,000 Y!
Rockwithme192: Umm the first time I heard of you was a couple weeks ago. Its like hell yeah someone who can sing! I liked your version of Neul, I hope you get around to pushing the extra step! Hey even BoA had to get her choreographer to say “more feeling, more emotion” it’s a very hard part. However, you indeed have the voice for it. Good luck with your singing! GIFT: singing lessons with Starlight academy, one on one with BOA! Shopping spree with BoA!
REINA: haha thanks for Kanariya, thanks for the cool files without hassle, thanks for being nice and being you! GIFT Trip to Shibuya for weekend to see BoA+13,000,000 Y spending cash and to see Ayumi Hamasaki live
Ptoor: Nice sharing with you man, a lot of good stuff swapped between us. Glad you post a lot of neat topics to read too! GIFT Trip to Shibuya for weekend to see BoA+13,000,000 Y spending cash
Shiman hey i almost like forgot you, ..for some reason my buddy list got screwy and thought you were there Anyway, Thanks for all the kind words here and at Y.seule..site Thanks for sharing! GIFT: 1,000,000 Y and Supra turbo to drive to BoA concert
CutieBOA: I think you said some nice things, and yeah you leech very politely hehe.-GIFT Trip to Shibuya for weekend to see BoA+13,000,000 Y spending cash
RNA072100: your name sounds like a file name for a BoA download lol, and you know what? Thanks for reupping my files, and yes you are very nice to me!
Saru: Thanks thanks thanks! Good to trade files from you, I want to say whats up!! Give me woot woot! BoAs hawt!!-Trip tour korea to seoul to see BOA at both places!

----Newbies: but damn you proved yourself to be the best! Non-leechers who have probably shared more than some cough long time residents here.

Adee: Everytime you chat its always personal, not just give me a pm or such lol. You seem to make me smile for some reason..You got a way to capture your charm within your typing. You reupped MASS quantities of my files and so polite as well J I also feel warm and fuzzy inside now. Gift: Certificate for 10,000 at D&G. Trip to Tokyo and then To Seoul to see BOA! 1,000,000 spending cash in Y, 10,000,000 in WON.
Krypto89. Starting out as an unknown leecher with one post or so, everyone is hesitant to share files with. OH man you seem to want the need to reup every single one of my files, the need to be kind, now why is that? You ares o kind..and yeah you don’t have to lol. Your posts are ranking as fast as me, and soon you will be writing this boring EMP ;) Gift: A new computer! 10,000,000 Y and BoA on CDTV show
Chupacabras: 0_o what does your name mean? I am all :P Hey by the time a finish writing this, it will be your turn lol! Omg, you have 19.2 posts average a day. Not a newb! Not a leech! Like seriously how many files you reup for me weekly? Daily? Hourly? WOW. YOU ROCK
Bluebird: Whoa.. you came in the same time I did. And you gave me a cool TVXQ hd file! Thanks a bunch, I hope you continue to stay here, I enjoy talking about tvxq just like BoA J You are definitely no leech, lol. Hope to talk to you more!
Cutiebunnybaby: I know you came out to Boajjang at a rough start, and wasn’t well, but I am glad you can stay. You helped me with enormous file re upping, sometimes 2-3 re ups per Thread LOL. Enjoy your stay here you are very nice buddy!-GIFT: Shopping spree at Korean malls, 10M cash, Seeing BoA life with 10,000,000 to spend too.
Racool: Whats the Racool is COOL deal? Haha, but I will play along. Thanks for the reup, the reups and MORE reups. Thanks for the new files, you got stuff I don’t have, so
don’t think I am some sorta Upload God lol..haha theres people on the forum with MORE! -GIFT: Spark dance lesson, BoA live shows for 2 weeks in Korea. 10,000,000 WON!
Triade: The new guy who makes sure I don’t forget him lol! Haha! Yeah you know you did your best to overcome the “newbie” factor. Thanks for the reups! Oh you are very cool indeed
Carzy: woo hoo! More reupping aha, definitely nice of the getgo you take very politely and give reups without a hitch. :P
Peepman: You are definitely working overtime, pushing the reupping,(thanks!) talking like homies do. Good stuff, stay aboard as a true BOA fan!
LIA: Hey you are from France, and not many French fans know of BoA! You don’t need to obey requirements to receive my files, I know that BoA fans need to be encouraged! You are very sweet too. GIFT: a meeting with BOA. 10,000,000 Y and lots of new Korean clothes!
InnocentLucious i just know you now, but hey! you are pretty nice already, thanks!- GiFT: +1 Billion Won, trip to Korea see BOA
zhaihanee yes you reupped my files and were pretty cool in the topic discussion. Its good to have you share them files with us all!
GiFT: +1 Billion Won, trip to Korea see BoA
OH man, please don’t kill me If I forgot you.!! Post a message and tell me!

Shout outs to newer people: Cute chingu, CKJ-C,xmike, ero chan ..hope to get to know you! you are nice so far and shared a couple files. GIFTS to you: Every BoA album and single and 3 posters each with autograph
Shout outs to other s "AYU" "Icy Jaded Heart" "addkidd", kamashita, ling yun, apache, redmage, Japaneseobssession GIFT: 3 days on BOA schedule, in person +100,000 Y
IF I MISSED YOU, then yeah I would like to say A hello to you too, theres 1000+active members out of nearly 7000 lol

I like to thank you all at Boajjang for making my BoA dreams happen at bedtime .zzzzzzzz
This is definitely the best BoA fanforum In the States.

OK now my forearms/hands official going tired and carpal!!

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#2 Ace


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:14 PM

Muahahaha...first. Congrats!! I say more later :)

[EDIT] Well, congrats once again for reaching the 1K mark. Good job spamming/sharing/posting/contributing. :lol:

P.S. Before some of these guys start flaming you, you need to give out gifts as with the apparent tradition. :P But that's up to you. Ok, take care dude and I'll see you around :P

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:23 PM

yay! Congratz! :)

u forgot me :D lol its ok you don't even know me XD

#4 kuraudo


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:24 PM

Well let me get to know you better then! You seem very nice :)

#5 Kakashi_Mina


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:26 PM

Well let me get to know you better then! You seem very nice :D

View Post

Thanks :). We can chat on aim if you would like. But not now lol XD I can't get on aim

#6 kuraudo


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:28 PM

OK the Virtual Gifts are coming..
hold on

#7 sleepychikita13


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:30 PM


#8 Apache


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:40 PM

Congrats :)

#9 Redmage


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 10:41 PM

oh man, congrats *shake hand*

#10 BuNnIeS


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:00 PM

OMG congrats =]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant see my name anywhere *looks around*
<.<""" lols just kidding =] welll Congratz again whats your tittle gonna be??..

#11 Diana139


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:09 PM

Congrats kuraudo on your 1000th post! *hugs* u rawk! :)

#12 zhaihannee


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:47 PM

i feel that you are one of the most special person in BJ cos in 2 months .. you have done so MUCH !! i'd joined in september and only a 300 ++ post and I couldnt beat you with that ! CONGRATs MY MAN !!
An Announcement in our prestigeous award ceremony with the category The fastest EMP record holder in boajjang goes to ... the one and only

#13 peepman


    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:48 PM


#14 Ling Yun

Ling Yun

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:48 PM

Congrats on your EMP post! :)

#15 RNA072100


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 11:50 PM

CONGRATS kuraudo!!!!! Hehee, thanks for the comment about me. Actually, nobody really knows why my username is "RNA072100"..... Its an abbreviation name and a date about me!!!!! :)

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