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Im leaving soon....

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#1 cathy86


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 12:54 PM

I was gonna call this a byebye thread but then Daphne86 told me it wasnt like I was gonna die or sumthing *blink* lol… so i will not call this a byebye thread or temporary leave of absence thread ^_^ its my thank u thread to bj for giving me support & encouragement that I can bring into real life. I remember Jwu said u cant b 100% online just like u cant b 100% offline, they r intertwined. I know for sure this is true and I thank u from the bottom of my heart, I wudnt have applied for music school if it weren’t for u all.. *unsure*I wudnt b a total new person if it weren’t for BJ. I will keep this in sort cuz this thread will b long enough *rollseyes*

Ace: Thanx 4 noticing the positive influence BJ has on me, I thought it was only me noticing. Im still very honoured to b in ur FEP ^_^

AiChan: I want ur vibrato:D lol thanx for encouragemet, coming from a talented girl like u is really an honour^_^ I love hearing u sing keep it up, and perhaps a collab ^_^

AngelicBeatOfBoa & BuNnIeS: I haven’t seen u 2 around for a looong time =/ but I cant forget ur kawaii faces ^_^ I miss seing u 2 around ^_^

APrayer4U: “can u shatter glass with ur high notes” :D ure so supportive & so kind ^_^yet so freakin humble – U CAN SING! No that’s wrong… U CAN SING GOOD! Nuff said, no objections -_- hey I wonder what the heck happened to AP collab tho ; )and oh we were gonna do a song together too, I forgot =/ hope we can do it soon ^_^And oh, the girl u wrote a song 4 is a very lucky girl ^_^ it was just plain beautiful…

Atlantis: I still dunno if Im ur sis or ur aunty ;) but what I do know is that ure a very kind and very supportive girl!!I remember ur intro post… I was the first to answer cuz we had just been discussing horses :D U got such agood heart, and thanx 4 all u do to fifi ^_^There must b sumthing bour Singaporeans ne ^_^ ure all so kind ^_^ U all make me wanna travel to spore!!lol :P I also remember u asked when my cd was released *hugz*

Atlantis Prince: Mariah & BoA 4ever ne? ;) thanx 4 support… thanx 4 listening to my rambling lol…. Encouraging me and getting me bak on top again when im down…even tho u dun have to… I remember I was gonna send u a mariah file once, what was it? ;) One day ill let u meet Mariah…. If u teach me volleyball lol ;)

Aurora_jung: …. Wow 2000 *blinks* posts since my EMP and look how deep our friendship has bcome…. All the long loooooooong pms :lol: Thanx 4 ur support & encouragement!! ^_^ and remember u got a talent too, God didn’t give it to u for fun… I hope I will hear ur singing one day!! ^_^ and oh b4 u forget plz repost ur pic cuz duuuuh no ones ugly! :angry: :P Good luck wit ur TV appearance & hope ur leg will b healed soon!! *thumbsup* know that even tho ure so far away ure close to my heart ^_^

Azn_Status: hiphop fan^_^almost in same time zone and I didn’t even get to chat much =( thanx for helping me with msn space which turned out to b my space *blinks* im so retarded =/ keep posting the nice pics!! ^_^ and thank u so much for the support ^_^

Chidori: chi.. chiiii CHIIII :D what wud life withot my pretty chi *hugz* I meant what I said in my card, those who have u close to them r lucky! I envy them ^_^ uber talented singing buddy & songwriter ^_^ cant wait to make some music ;) u make me tink I shud play piano more often, and I shudnt have stopped practicing =/ I hope all ur dreams come true, and remember u will only b unique & respected if u do what u told me *thumbsup* and oh, u and me – the secret – cant wait!! :lol: ive done my recordings :D I remember I got chills listening to ur beeeautiful boa ballad…. I got chills…in fact I listen to it now! and ur latest song almost made me cry, cuz u know me & u been through the same sigh =/i also remember u did a song just 4 me to make me happy, because i felt sad... and also the countless time u have mixed my songs... thanx for all the encouragement *hugz*

Celebear: lol I bet youve heard the funniest & weirdest from me ;) and still u wanna chat wit me lol!! I remember trying to type in finnish once, I failed ne ;) meeeh I cant even type correct in english or Norwegian <_< u know theres considered making a “cathy-dictionary” :P well enjoy ur somer & winter and really wish u cud share wit me ;) I mean duuuuh u only gotta fly to Norway :D ure such a cool guy even if u beat me in minesweeper lol ! :P thanx for just listening to my crap lol im good entertainment ne? ;)

Daphne86: life without letssingit.com… imagine it! Empty ne? ;) I owe it to this girl Im at bj… I know for sure my life wudnt b as good as it is now having u in my life! Ive known it all the time, but just seen it lately how much alike we r… and I think its gods way to save us both… thanx for being there evey single time from 8 am to 4 pm…giving me joy…making me laugh.. supporting.. encouraging.. letting me know ur deepest secrets…. Letting me help u… and last but not least, having fun wit my typos :P when u said u wanted to stay up late at night just to chat wit me u melted my heart… just always remember im always by ur side… I will never lie… dun ever let ANYONE discourage u…. b strong, if I can – u can! Ill
give u my new address!^_^ and once again thankx to ur housemate 4 translating :D

Dalilvietplayer: I promised u a song =/ and im so sorry .. u will get it!! ^_^ I just lost courage for a sec, but now im bak :lol:

Daenar: “ the one wit the awesome siggy” – I used to call u by that ne ;) now ive seen a lot more of u lol, although we haven’t chatted much..i like ur awesome pics… one of ur friends had such great hair I wanted to copy her hairstyle!! :D it was red wit blonde… yup I did it, not successful lol:P it didn’t end up green hair or anything lol but meeh not successful ;) thanx 4 being in the fanclub ^_^

Evolution: thanx 4 everything… u know what I mean…. U started it all… u & iy… I wanna do so much bak… seriously words cant express my gratitude…b proud of urself… ure a very good person and u helped sumone far far away on the other side of the world…and u didn’t even have to.. that’s shows ur good heart … u really deserve so much bak *hugz* u wanted tickets on first row, ull get it ;) ill never forget what uve done for me.. goosh u just started it all… *hugz*

Foreverdancer: my pretty pretty gia *hugz* gooooosh I want ur hair lol! :D I know we haven’t talked months… but I found out we have a lot in common…. Like we shud design our own clothing line together once ;) I must ask my friend to draw tho cuz meeeh I cant :P thanx 4 the acting tips… and ur passion 4 dancing encouraged me to get bak to dancing again… im gonna go command the doctors to fix my knee lol :P cuz hey if u gonna b my b dancer, im gonna have to keep up ne ? ;)

Hikari: namie forum lol :p what happened :lol: just remember, dun give up on singing…. Cuz no one can take away ur right to expres urself in singing ^_^ and aww ur sweeet face is like stuck into my head, I dun think it gets cuter than u ^_^

Hikkichan: u r good looking -_- I got eyes…. I use em…. And I saw ur pics! Goodlooking, nuff said -_- and thanx for the tips on clothes/make up :D I still cant believe ppl all over the world help me ^_^ if u got more tips, I wanna hear ^_^ and haha my friend shpirtie (Shpirt4ever) were literally :o :o :o over ur pics ;) I believed she used the word H*O*T -_-

IcyjadedHeart: chuchu ^_^ u were one of the first to welcome me…. Even tho so many ppl adore u, and u know so many here u still wanted to have contact wit ME - lil me lol:P I was so happy bout that ^_^ specially when u wanted me as ur sis ^_^ u r gorgeous, but u also got a good heart… those who hasn’t realised it has missed out on sumthing great! ;) and oh I remember reading ur poetry on xanga once ^_^ beautiful ^_^ and in addition, a cute voice ^_^ ive always wanted a sis, lol ive even nagged on my parents to adopt another girl from korea :D but who needs that when I got the perfect sis on BJ :D I know we cant stay in touch on msn….meeeeh different time zones suck=/ hehe at musicschool, where im gonna live, I have to b at my room around 10 pm my time and we have to b quite.. that means if im not dead tired I can chat ;)

Iynaix: “Im the cathy of graphics” :o ^_^meeting u just shows me again how GREAT Singaporeans r ^_^ u r so talented!! And knowing u got a fanclub cuz of ur talent always makes me grateful yet humbled I get one too ^_^ haha I remember when I was planning the fanclub with k ;) I had so much fun wit that one knowing u sooo deserved it!! I remember the uuuuuber cute avie u made me ^_^ its still on my comp, so who knows one day its bak ;) u were the one making my fanclub blinkie ^_^*hugz* once again im forever thankful for what u & k did … ^_^ I really cant describe it… it means the world to me *hugz*

Iza04: min venn I danmark – lykke til på skolen :D takk for all støtte spesielt gjennom de vanskeligste tidene på BJ^_^ du en en veldig grei & søt jente ^_^ takk for at du scannet mariah carey atikkel til meg, det betydde mye^_^ ikke slutt å tegn, min venninne syns du er sp flink!!^_^ takk for alt d har gjort for meg, det betyr utrolig mye *klem*

JewelSong: Mariah fan… a supporter ^_^ and ure from a country I wanna travel to!!! :D thanx for the encouraement ^_^just know its appreciated ^_^

Jwu: I got a pm from u and I though “crap is my sigy too huge again??” ;) I opened it…. And read I won the boa contest… my very first boa cd^_^ words cant explain how much that cd means to me ^_^ I respect u, so much. And im not saying it so suck up. Im gonna tell u why. When ppl do crap around here or dun obey the rules u do sumthing bout it. I get crap, a lot of it, in real life but I used to never do anything bout it…. You have taught me to get bak and dun let ppl walk all over me. Rules r made to b obeyed, and we all got rules as humans – that our fellow human being shud respect -_- when that lines crossed u dun just let it happen… u speak ur mind. Thanx for making me stronger.. ure truly correct on online/offline life.. I have noticed that the encouragement & strength I get from online life at bj is so helpful I will bring it wit me in offline life ^_^ thanx ^_^

Krjeami: im gonna buy books tolearn Korean + im gonna learn from a Korean studying in Norway in my city ^_^ who knows, maybe soon well convo in Korean ;) im so grateful to have found boa… she made me love my country agaian! I used to b ashamed of korea =/ cuz of everyone making fun of my name… now im just PROUD and that’s all thanx to boa ^_^ thanx 4 the translation of waiting.. u know how much it means to me^_^ lol I remember playing pol online and u said it didn’t matter if I wasnt good offline .. haha turned out i suck in pool both online &offline lol :P still a cool guy tho, and as I said earlier I admire ur maturity ^_^ weve been through the same in life…I hope everything goes fine ^_^ it did for me in the end ^_^ btw I was so happy, cuz daphne at bj found south Koreas national anthem for me!!! :D

Kuraudo: :D :D :D I just gotta smile when I read ur pms or our convos :D again w cant chat much cuz of the different time zones sigh =/ but thanx 4 ur encouragement… thanx for being so kind…. All the tips and advice uve given me… links u sent to me…thanx for teaching me about recording my voice ^_^ we have a lot In common,regarding boas image etc ^_^ im sorry for pming u 5 times when I cuda just sent pm lol:P I never learn do I ;) ionno why I always do it and I promise its not on purpose!! Good luck wit midterm project *hugz* Im happy to know u… u always make me happy^_^ I remember I loved ur posts in dl’section!! Gotta love the mochies ^_^thanx 4 sending me programs…. Thanx 4 offering to mix – but most importantly thanx for being a friend *hugz*

LilStephy: the cute pics… the cute voice… the cute clothes…. The cute poses…. Everything botu stephy is cute ^_^ ure like great in everything! I remember as a new-b I saw ur posts and tough u were sooooo cool and I loved ur close friendship here at bj and wish I was a part of it ^_^ that kinda persuaded me to stop being a freakin lecher and start to contribute ;) thanx 4 ur support here and there ^_^ I love the person u r, always so cute and kind – dun ever change ^_^

Mashpotatobunny: jackiejackiejackie- when can I hear u sing ;) im sure ure great! ^_^ everyone cansing….. even if ure voice is off, too high, too low – that IS ur singing voice – truly unique so b proud ^_^ as I sad everyone has he right to express themselves through
singing! ^_^ yah u can b that ego… if singing makes u happy – dun ever stop ..! ^_^

MimiChan: u wont read this… we started off wrong but r now a very good friend… I thank u for always being honest… always being so mature… always being encouraging…. Always being so sweet ^_^ I only hope that one day I will hear ur singing and see ur pics!!^_^ and thanx for giving me the fashion tips - I admire u for trying sumthing different than the “overly sexy look” lol :P I love ur honesty in ur pms/mails… just remember u will always b beautiful and unique to me…. ^_^ nobmatter what ppl say they r airheads anyway ;) they cant see what i see!! such a nice girl!! <3 u *hugz*

Mirai pan Chan: whether u believe it or not, agree or not, I still think u r cute!! And that will never change! NEVER ^_^

Odyism: I remember hearing do the motion… and I was like huuuuuh when I heard the beginning- is that boa?? Is it ody??we still haven’t collabed but I really hope we can soon cuz I love ur great voice ^_^ I remember u also said my voice got higher and I was like nooo?? I thought that was impossible :P but it did and I love it… and that’s all thanx to the high note lovers u & lee (and chi, fifi, chlo lol :P )…u encourage me to use it more, and work on it ot make it higher^_^ seeing other ppl loving it encourages u know!!^_^ keep singing!! ^_^

Ptoor: pete ^_^ the one who gave me that last kick in my butt to upload songs on bj ^_^ the one who said “im gonna b complete honest, if it sucks I will tell if its good I will tell” - and u scared me to death -_- I even signed out of bj cuz I didn’t dare ur honesty lol.. but now I see that honesty really I very important.. I mean… what is he freakin point in lying?? *rollseyes* anyways when I feel like giving up I always think of what u said that one time ^_^ and knowing u like chloe & hana whos AWESOME tells me I really do have sumthing ^_^

RockWithMe: coriii ^_^ my good friend – supporter ^_^ thanx for helping me so much wit my space the other day!!!! :D I know it didn’t work, but anyways – thanx for the effort ^_^thanx for my prettypretty set ^_^I hope we can collab reeeal soon ^_^ keep singing girl ^_^

Spring Sakura: twinnieeeeee ^_^ wow do I feel honoured to n ur twinnie!!! :D :D :D thanx 4 wanting to collab wit me…. My very first collab… I never thought anyone wud collab wit me when I first joined this forum ^_^ I thought ok ill post, they theyll me to shut up I leave and forget entire thingy… look what happened in just 1 year ^_^ I love ur pics… I love ur hyper ness (lol is that a word?? :P ) I love ur voice…. I love ur funny faces…. But chloe…. I love ur honesty….. that meant the world to me :hug: and I hope u know u can always b honest wit me whenever u need to talk ^_^ uve done so much for me, and encouraged me so much I will always b there.. always ^_^ good luck wit exams and school, I know ure uber busy ^_^ hopefully we can sing together again ^_^ and I also hope to see more cute pics at bj !!! :D :D u always make me happy!! When I was at work and noticed u had been posting sumthing I had to read to see sumthing pretty at work u know!! ^_^

SexyBoaFan: ur hand writing is so pretty ^_^plz plz plz post it at bj ^_ ^ its so pretty ^_^ u were also one of the first to welcome me… and also wanting to chat wit me on msn! In fact u were the first from bj to chat to chat wit me on msn :D hopefully if my stupid msn allows it we can play minesweeper<_< I wish it cud, I wanna beat sumone kiddiiiiiiiiiiiiing :P thanx for being so kind to me and supporting my singing*hugz*

Sleepychikta13: my date :D my sis :D my very good friend :D wow we have so much in common…. I remember our convos sooo well…..i remember everything u said… how open u were wit me, how honest.. how I cud say anything to u and ask for advice… and u helped me….how I wanted to go to Canada to study in british Columbia ^_^ how we plan to take the bus together ^_^ I love that ur into drama, im gonna try my best at it even tho im really really scared…. Im gonna try my best cuz I know ure into it… ^_^ if febes into it, its worth trying! *hugz* I remember hearing the word Canada on tv (and that weird sport, do u remember the name of it lol :P ) and I always think of u…. cheerleading, makes me think of u…. I love ur pretty pics, I love u as my sis …. And I loooove the convos we had cuz it always made me survive the last hour at work cuz I knew soon soon SOON febes wud come online :D that was the highlight at work ;) and no not cuz works boring… just really really looked forward to it…. Uve helped me so much and just u know being honest wit me is sumthing im so happy for ^_^ that u trust me enough to do so its just awesome ^_^ wow I remember I even discussed wit my dad how I cud fix ur fam situation ;) lol… and also…. I spent a few mins longer at work just to chat a liiil longer ;) precious moments ;) and one day…. Ure gonna show me Canada !!^_^

Sara sara sara sarang hae yo: the highnote lover like me ^_^ u gave me so much faith in my high notes, ^_^ I finally found sumone who was so into highnotes ^_^ and its so awesome that we can do songs that r perfect for the both of us:D u amaze me being able to hit ntes higher than some girls can ^_^weve had some great collab, I hope there will b more ^_^ thanx for giving me the faith in my highnotes ^_^ and when u said I was pretty like boa I thougt I was gonna fall off my chair…. Ure an awesome guy, theres not that many kind guys like u(although bj has lots of em ;)) … always believe in urself, dun eve rthink ure ugly cuz ure not ure cute and always keep singing ^_^ im so happy we have the same opinion on what singing is all about: expressing our feelings ^_^

Shenjiapple: u have a good voice, and its sad it is so difficult for u to record so I can hear it=/

SakuraStar518: I remember trying to convince u that u were cute!! Cuz u really r!! ^_^ one day I hope I get to hear u sing too ^_^

Squiddy: u were the one saying I sounded lik Mariah once ^_^ just like my friends in real life ^_^ keep singing, and plz let me hear once – I know I can help u more then u know!! ;)

Tampigns: the one who wud do anything to help me learn Korean…. The one who helped me get in touch wit a korean girl living in korea who happens to b a very very kind girl!! ^_^the one who also sits online at work :P thanx for ur support ^_^

TheBear: and the rest of the team… 4 translating so I can understand what my beautiful boa says ^_^ u know it means a lot to me understanding it since I was born there and all ^_^u all do a GREAT JOB!

VietPucca: I envy u – for being so funny& carefree^_^ I really wish I had ur energy and humour^_^ it just looks like u do whatever u want just cuz u happen to think its fun ^_^ and I wish I was more like that, just let loose a lil and stop thinking “ do I have to get permission to do that??” :P

Vocaltalentz: I know u prolly will never read this =/ we started off wrong but im happy we bcame friends, cuz we do have a lot in common^_^ I just wish u came bak cuz ure a very sweet girl ^_^

Winnierz: the girl wit the pretty pretty pics :D I still wonder how u remove the flash on ur camera tho lol :P

Xiaouy: I love hearing u sing… I love hearing improvements ^_^ and ure not only talented, ure cute.. and kind^_^ and supportive ^_^ and I promise there will b singing posted at bj soon lol :P

Sorry if sumone is left out… if sumone got more lines than the others… sorry for typos… sorry for posting too early, after all I leave on Thursday evening…. But my mom is angry at me if I use the comp at day cuz then im supposed to pack my stuff and clean my room then <_<

I will still b at bj now & then ^_^ just not as much as I used to, and I know ive said it b4.. but im actually gonna start school…im gonna live at school, being wit fellow students 24/7… and its not like work where I pretended to work :P I hope I will get to use the studio and I hope I will buy a digital camera b4 I leave… so I can still post singing & pics to whoever who wants to see ^_^

<3<3<3 *hugz*

p.s. i plan on posting pics & songs b4 i leave ^_^

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#2 xx_lost_love_xx


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 12:56 PM

bye bye cathy! im going to miss you! ='[ cant wait to hear your songs before you leave! :D

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#3 princess azalea

princess azalea

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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:01 PM

aww... cathy.. we'll be missing you..

#4 kuraudo


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:04 PM

OH God Cathy Gonna miss you!!
Posted ImagePosted Image

Thanks for being a friend too!!
But your leave is all for the better, as you are facing and walking strides towards
your goals!! My my i believe strongly for you success that will be part of you
and want the best for yourself!

Please say HI every now and then ok?

#5 LiLstephy


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:09 PM

LilStephy: the cute pics… the cute voice… the cute clothes…. The cute poses…. Everything botu stephy is cute ^_^  ure like great in everything! I remember as a new-b I saw ur posts and tough u were sooooo cool and I loved ur close friendship here at bj and wish I was a part of it :o that kinda persuaded me to stop being a freakin lecher and start to contribute :hug:  thanx 4 ur support here and there :( I love the person u r, always so cute and kind – dun ever change :D


oh my.. i'm really gonna miss you cathy -_- you're so kind. all those nice things about me :D i'm sorry we never really bonded and became close friends -_- i really wish i had talked to you more, and now i feel like its too late since you're leaving. i wish you the best of luck at music school. continue to make beautiful music cathy <_< just dont forget us, mmkay? =/

the second you come back, or have spare time, im me okay!

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#6 eraiza



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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:10 PM

aww we'll miss u :D

#7 thaly


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:13 PM

i don't know you, but i wish you the best of luck with music school. :D have fun there! and come back whenever you can.

#8 celebear


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:15 PM

we'll all miss u cathy. :D

#9 cathy86


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:19 PM

i will b online now & then - just not as much as i used to while i was working ... because then i was always online and rarely worked :o (bad attitude, dun do that... its really a bad attitude :( ) but still gotta focus more on school :D ... and im gonna live at school, meaning im wit my fellows students 24/7.... i have to b wit them all the time, cuz u know close relationships is good for making music and performing - we have to trust each other 100%! <_<

and danny dun cry imma cry too ^_^
sumthing tells me i must stop listen to chis bauuuutiful ballad cuz it reminds me of the first time i heard it siiigh :D

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#10 goodkarma



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Posted 14 August 2005 - 01:21 PM

I never got a chance to get to know you, but I wish you the best of luck in music school and I hope you will come back as often as possible. <_< Keep your eyes set on your goals and you will go far, I'm sure of it. :D

#11 xxfcuk


    vive le fcuk!

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Posted 14 August 2005 - 02:33 PM

Work hard in Music School! But have equally as much fun as work!

Have alot of fun and hope to see you back here soon! :lol:

#12 Atlantis Prince

Atlantis Prince

    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 14 August 2005 - 02:44 PM

Aww i'm gonna miss you :( thank you for being a awesome friend. I really enjoyed talking with you. sadly i don't remember either what you were gonna send me i have bad memory :(. :lol: I would love to teach you volleyball
Mariah and BoA foreva.
Be sure to pm me once in a while ^_^

#13 shadowdragon_7


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 02:50 PM

good luck in the future!

#14 japaneseobesession


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 02:50 PM

oh, so even when I leave, you don't say something about me? :lol:

ah well.. visit occasionally like me though :D

#15 chidori


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Posted 14 August 2005 - 03:36 PM

:lol: :D ^_^ :( :(
Chi is gonna try really hard not to cry cos i cried too much recently... :P I just wanted to say thankyou for all your kindness, encouragement and support- you have helped my confidence improve so much over these past months and it means so much to me and i can't thank you enough :hug: i think its great that you're following your dream- I'm gonna follow my dream too because you gave me the courage to go for it ^_^ maybe through our dreams, we'll get to meet one day! :)
Also, even though you won't be online as often, i'll be sure to email and PM you!! I hope you have loads of fun at music school and learn lots of cool stuff there! It is always great fun working with you and i look forward to working with you more in the future! Keep up the good work and i hope your dreams come true! :hug:

<3 always,
Chi xxx

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