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Kuraudo's legendary 5K+posts

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:17 AM

Kuraudo's FEP

This is 5000 posts celebrating my Fandom of BoA who i admire, rave about and defend more than any other person with my posts.
The list of shoutouts are as follows:
MY list is not in Priority of friendships or whatnot. You know what I feel about you as I express it. If I haven’t shown appreciation or honor I am sorry, nothing personal 
Man they make us do this like some graduation+wedding+funeral speech combined but 10x worse! -_-
I don't too many projects lately and no time to edit or decorate this. Its 8 pages on WORD.

Yes i missed some people, but at this point its just way too long, please don't make any complaints :P

FellowStaff heads you are ALL my friends: notworthy:

Ace: What is with your maniacal plan? Not only does your name appear highest in alphabetical order and you are staff which makes you get on top even without me prioritizing a list :P Some evil plan you got here! Hey thanks for being umm too cool headed, like a firefighter a bit calm, I am sure what I see here on the forum as a great quality won’t compare to other qualities if I know you personally at home  The site doesn’t run smoothly without your hand at work!
Anathel: Nice graphics you make my friend and always a pleasure to find that you put positive thoughts always into posts.
Atlantis princess: We have exchanged a few partly indirect words to one another I believe. I wants to say cheers!
Celebear: Searching..still searching... Does not find! @[email protected] AHA! In boajjang.com are music sheets unfound ANYWHERE else! Save a few Korean forums of the obscure type.
Amazed that you are doing something for us that few people are qualified for, good work!. Thanks for pitching in your thoughts so people don’t get all whack when I say something about audio engineering :P
Coolin: Much thanks to you for bringing us this site, I don’t think anyone who has heard of you will actually forget you; in fact my ghost will be still posting on bjj well after we are all dead. You keep things together and this site doesn’t run without your leadership. Hey excellent tips on computing, I put them to heart and own a Coolin worthy silent PC  Coolin is too cool!
Choopster: So when did you become a fan of Snoopy? Haha I think its 8 years since I have been to Knotts berry farm and that was for Halloween. Oh yeah its been pretty cool chatting with you and hope you have a good day 
Cutiebunnybaby: Abbye, you know I feel warm and fuzzy inside when I get to talk to you  Your mission seems to be involved to make people smile! Your hard work is not taken without notice in your daily life. Many things are great about you! I am obliged to be your friend. I am glad we are still in contact! I was gonna ask you to make me a rabbits foot for good luck but hehe since you are around more My luck is increasing! ^.^
Chidori: I am impressed by your charming kindness. Your kindness and good nature and welcoming heart sure is a sweet and refreshing. You’re singing is quite astonishment so keep it up! With your beauty, charm and singing talent, who in the world is dumb not to hire you? Go tear up Music Arena, I will look forward to it!
Diana139: Heyo! Don’t you seem a bit mature for your age, Diana? You are always so friendly you know? Hehe, there is no stressing over BoA’s image for you, and a lot of girls on the forum your age seem to freak out each time BoA makes a new look after my Name.As always I enjoy looking at your graphics that you put on the board.
KrJeami: Whoa such fluency in languages! Great translating, and your interjections to Asian culture are necessary, you contributions are excellent I know your time is limited as to contribute to both the news and subtitled videos and I think that’s just wonderful. Great stuff!
heffySouljar: Hey just like Krjeami you put out the same thing, like brothers or something. I haven’t talked to you much, but you sure are nice to have here 
hikkichan: Aha you are like a warrior or something. I remember your first posts here and I had a great feeling about you, and I am glad you became staff. WE NEED people like you who can give constructive feedback on everything that’s on our forum. Thanks much for being kind!
J-Dragon: Hey you are the other co founder! Hey you just like came in after a long haul of inactivity and it’s like the second time talking to you.
JWu : hey glad I met you Johnny, I mean it was cool to see great BoA live wasn’t it?
Ah you like to debate a lot, that’s what you do lol. Was your second career choice as a lawyer? Hard work you have done for us all thanks for being a companion and site support.
All you subbers I admire your work!
TheBEAR: The bear won’t sign the stuffed bear?  ahh. Someone like you comes around to a forum once In a million years. I am glad you
KOB: Whoa dude..Like thanks for always saying positive comments to every thread people pull out their butt. I swear its good to hear that when someone posts something you respond so nicely  Oh yeah! Your karaoke is “fighting!” it kicks ass 
Lildan_814: Your confidence in the TBP projects greatness into every member working on the project. I thank your for you tenacity and perserverance!
Ptoor : Spiderman, Spiderman! He swings around and does what he can XD
I did a search on you once in the summer and every other post was (-_-) haha I was thinking it was your official smiley! I think because Summer was a pain to mod wasn’t it? It was when everyone out of school, posting nonsense and getting into fights all day and night XD. You got a lot going on at a young age and you love Christ. Petey is just too cool.
Seoulstar*: You amaze me. Before you decide that you would handwrite and translate peoples Fan letters? OH my God girl..Glad I told you could type it! Ha. That is just one of the many examples of what dedication you put to your fandom for BoA and such sweet kindness and hard work you put forth to boajjang. :D
thaDj: Cool mixing man. Those mixes you made were like totally killer beat! And heyTry not to kill every computer or everyone on the forum when the site goes down :P
Timmy: I am positive that the cam whore girl of your dreams and yourself will be together in holy matrimony ;) Just umm I hope you like Champagne!
Truong: Oh my God..I think you turned 95% of the staff gay! I mean you know you must of us were busy drooling over BoA now we are drooling over you. I think the Truong’s Eye candy and Truongs general chat is only for secret Fan members? Oh my..
KingofBeer: Heineken brother!! Cheers! Dude! Lets go get some!
Whoa brother! Wanna grab some sake some time :P
UNI: Glad you are a pal too! I love the Magazine, that’s so cool! No one has done this and its such a HUGE task. You are a great graphic artist and sweet girl. Glad to know you! :)
Vietpucca: OMG I saw a pucca chocolate Korean cookie! Looked YUMMY, so what does that have in common with you besides the name Guess: P Your hidden easter eggs of naughty talk is well executed within your posts. It seems I am always reading in-between the lines, its rather funny!
Jeanie Kim: I put faith in you for our completion of TBP2005. I thank you for doing this for us and It WILL be successful. 
Mr. X: A mystery man I never talked to. Hope things are going good and I just wanted to say Hi 

Spamming +Msn buddies
During summer you call became my buddies Thanks to Truongie who basically threw you all at me AT ONCE! Now can’t stop talking to any of you ^__^ :P
Anime811: Sorry Girls below I had to put Karen Poo first because I FEAR karens fist > @ fist! Oh ish scary isn’t it!! :o I’ll send you another letter Karen, because I am sure it got lost. I am just glad none of my other gifts got lost hehe. Karen ish totally cool :P
Ritazafras: HYPER HYPER!! You know..haha you remind of the Flintstones Dino. Like as soon as Fred comes home his dog Dyno runs him over licking him to death! Just like I got on msn, I click sign on and Its like DANNY =/ :hug: and the page hasn’t even loaded yet! Whoa! XD I must talk to you the most on msn, because you don’t seem to leave :P haha you panda butt.
GiA:foreverdancer: Omg excuse me while I wipe the steam off my glasses, allow me to put on my lifesaver… from the drool! Hmm seems to me the hot dancer gets whisked away and twirled by a man of her dreams lately! You know you made a lot of guys here depressed now, Now Truong and I are in the hospital.. Who will visit us and console our emotions? Haa..
Talking about your family makes me laugh, oh yes Gia is interesting  I wish the best to your new love.
Koneko : You study hard that’s what I know! Smart girl huh? Fun talking to you on msn, but mostly you are studying! Good luck and much success to you.
Shengyi: You didn’t mail me any cookie  sob sob. Now you don’t want to come over because fear of spider. Sob sob. But I killed ugly spider >;[ Karen came over and smashed it with her fist! They FEAR her and won’t be returning.
LiLstephy : OMG.. I think your amount of pictures actually are MORE than BoA’s eye candy here. Careful! You might put BOA out of a job for modeling! Oh noes..
Um yeah you know you just too cool for words ^__^
Mirai:10K+ posts OMG, you are THE Queen of posts! You have succeeded every post on Boajjang! Everyone likes ya! Including me XD You offer your feedback to everything hehe.
Jay(sadness): Been a while since talking but yeah I don’t forget. And you are a girl! OMG that’s the tricky part! Hey have a good one 
Mike Zero: Recon trainee, where have you been? I guess you are back packing the Flak Jacket to your brotherhood of war. Good luck buddy! Break a leg!
Monochromatic Flame Tony: You are survivor :P Although you are opinions are drastically opposed in religion, you are no enemy of mine, more like a mirror Image of myself at your age. Hey I think Karen still got the hots for you :P
Squiddy: Aha final fantasy fan yay! Whats up with you lately?
Thaoie: Haha! Reading your thoughts on msn and Spam is quite entertaining XP I think you are the coolest, Thaoie!
Tien: You do nice things for people like yesterday for Chi, and can do graphics, dance and other things! That’s pretty cool  People love you for that!
atlantis [ spammy girly ]
Winnierz: Aha winnie! You seem like a greatly fun girl ^_^
Shirley: see "sakura lite" below

Uploader buddies:

At this point people are begging me to stop hiding and post this.
YOU all know I care about you so its going to get drastically shorter now :P

To my media Upload team: Thanks to your help, my collection has reached 178 GB of just BoA, and 260 for Kpop/Jpop. Also, It’s been a while that we have been in contact.
It seems me that Adee was the leader and when she left that our binds to each other also
Dissolved. BUT, I do not forget any of you. I wish you best of health, peace of mind and much success in life! I think its been many months though. Please pm me or I will you and we can have much better talk that way, but I am out of time and out of words!

My Media download buddy list:
Adee: I miss you sweetie! I hope everything turns out the best for you cause I know you
krypto89: My Kryptonite! I think I see you “lurking” unfornately, since most people split up and stopped uploading there is nothing to see or post reply to for ya =/ Hey let me know how you are doing sheesh!!
KpopChink: Aha a well rounded BoAjjang member. You contribute everywhere to the forum and keep it kindly. Yes you are cool one, Johnny!
Yuri99: Thanks for replying to my response for MIA Adee chan. We all miss her! Hey you must be the COOLEST if you are her friend :hug:
calvin_ng: A regular nice guy, such a long time as well. I am broken record lol..
zhaihannee: Ahh its cute how you are always calling me big brother in all different languages! Cute cute. Where is everybody!!!??
Crazee4music: AMY!! What are you up to?? This whole section is all awol.
Firestorm: Your presence on the forum is insane dawg! Material that I would be uploading you have uploaded.. I am taking an extending vacation lol, you are the best substitute!
Clearsnake: You bring great media to the BJJ forums good work!
RaCool: racool Is cool! Hey miss ya buddy, and I remember you cute huggabe stuffed raccoon! Hey don’t cha miss ‘Dee chan?
Bobaberry: bobalicous! Hey ^___^ where’s that sense of humour? I better hope to see your funny comments!!
Babi_BoA: Ah you are are busy or more as me! You come and go, but when you are here Everyone loves you! Never to be forgotten!

armsever Long time no talk! Hey I tried to contact you a few times..
TriAde: I remember you helped a lot in the DL area and helpd me reup. Long time no see!
CARZY : yeah long time no talk too.. have a nice day pal
azn_person: The famous Atlantis princess loving generous and fun buddy, yah! ..Another person quiet on the forum.. 
young_b: Hey been a while, but I remember you!
kaleekyu : Hey there girly! What has been g
babydragon: Hm heyo how is been lately? (long time no see)
yuki: YUKI!! Your sarcasm is a refreshing as a black rain :P Haha! Hey long time no talk!! Why so many people no talk ah misses you!
Chupacabras: What’s the military like right now? Hey wanted to give you a shoutout pal, take care!
boajjang_xP : Ms. Boajjang that is! Hehe Long TIME no talk I swear..oh I am repeating myself here. Oh silly me. Gal you been a kind friend!
Babi_BoA [ Asian pop encyclopedia! ]
InnocentlusciouS: Aha! You are another person who hasn’t posting >:[ Been busy too ? Take care!

RE-upping thanks
Thanks to all you below who made my life easier to reup my files to help our grand community here. You are all kind and helpful in many ways in addition to reupping lolz.

Media Creating buddies:
Your kindness and charm matches your excellence in talented creations. Some of you are in other categories, so look up in staff!

RockWithMe192 : Cori, your outstanding Timing and Pitch is amazing! I shall call you a TUNING FORK! Amazing! When I sync your tack to BoA’s it produces a tuning fork “Ring” Only When two sounds are in synchronous they produce that! You are the super duper most sweetest girl Cori! :wub: always offering your to talk about life and music and everything good in life
cathy86: OMG you made it to Music school! That is so cool, and you won BoAjjang contests! You support BoA bigtime! You are a fantastic uber luscious singer! OMG Cathy you are a great friend and much nice to talk to! I wish you the best life has to offer!
cocogirl886: Hey you are on your way to becoming an awesome dancer!
Iynaix: Too bad you hate your original name! Ha anyways, good work on the graphics tutorials. Just a few more and you can run a full blown site!
Spring Sakura Chloe: You offer great constructive, intelligent, essay form responses to BoA’s life and serious discussions. Not to mention you got a pretty cute face to boot!
Sara, Sara, Sara, Sarang-hae-yo: A HUGE BoA fan thats what you are! your discipline for learning other languages is impressive and you are a mighty hard worker, keep it up! (long time no talk)

Do it all Buddies:
SakuraLite: Aha you come to cheer on Tvxq! you could of out screamed those soompi girls on june 11 thats for sure! Wow they were loud, you could be louder! Oh did i mention you are too cool?
Chu: How is chu chu train? Or should I say Parappa Chu da rappa?
You get too many pet names, Girls gotta stop teasing you, and date you lol! And it seems all the cute ones have been doing that to you lately..sigh.
Cyber Lips: Whats up with the other name? Ha mang I think I liked the old one better. “steals LCD monitor” haha! Hey nice boa collection and room dude, nice contribution to the forum as well!
Evolution: Aha another person contributing his best thoughts everywhere to the site, thanks!

CoCoGirl886: You keep dancing away! What makes you special is you keep trying and pushing yourself in school and then make time for BoA dances! Not to mention you look pretty cute, have a sweet doggie and are sweet yourself ^__^
xbeatangelx: The words you said to defend Dakishimeru was OUTSTANDING. You backed up what you said magnificently and I admire that you defended BoA from unfair justice. Please continue, as your support really is what would put BoA to teary eyes!
JustLovely Hey sweet lil sis! Lil sis busy with school? Awww. Cute letter you sent me! Great buddy you are as well! Call me up anytime 
Boanjel: 7 GBs of BoA.. What a contribution! A girl who owns the most BoA pictures ever! you prove that girls like to look at boA just as much as guys, and i am the fourth ranked here :P (but guy with most boA pics lol) Pretty cute pics of yourself as well, why not have more Trina Eye candy, and 7 gb worth for us too? :P I hope the best with your relationship too!
Billy-X Your dancing amazes me too! Omg and you are so nice! Great cosplayer!! YOU ROCK!
Hikari: You are shoo cute :P (As you normally put things) Whats not wubbable about a cheery wittle girl? ^_^ take care Hikari chan!
Padlet : Hey Paddy! Hey you took Bjj by storm for posting cute pictures of yourself. Good job! You are kind hearted and claim to outeat any male here. Another feat!!
begin! :P Hey very friendly you are ^.^ Paddy  take care!
BeA*: You are a pretty nice girl, we just started talking. I am glad you are working on the BoA project. We need dedicated BoA fans like ourselves to bring the best !
Shadowflare: Cool you share your Video encoding knowledge and share a common Computer video game and BOA geekdom :P
chubbyvox Steph, thanks for coming out and posting on our board because I feel your opinions are quite valuable on the board, whether we all agree or not, they are at least well thought out. And your graphics are very emo, and soo cool!. Very cute pics you posted of you as well!
Mylenium: Paul, homie We talk on msn, all the good stuff I tell you all the time :P
Glad you support BoA 100%. Glad you are such a nice buddy for everything!
Masamune Carlos: A good pal you are, I told you already how cool you are; Your dancing, remixing, kindness and more! Take care pal 
DAENAR-Sam: My Christian brother, I welcome you with open arms as a buddy :( Cheers bro!
animepro22: Hey buddy

Too the following: its been A while peeps, you still around?

LiA : I am glad there are French fans for BoA! Its been a while but yeah you were kind to me :P
Shiman: We chat sometimes about your life and so busy eh? College life. Yep I know exactly how it is!
BoA* Shine!: Your fandom for BoA “truly shines” kindhearted person you are
Ashitaka: Hey! We hardly talk here, but we talk other places. A shout out to you Ashi!

boAlover: Hey will ..pssst You got a GF, now STOP HOGGING the HOT BjJ girls and stop posting your pics -_- aha :P
&'Beti__* Hey Beti! You started being nice for no reason at all. That makes you cool!

To the following, we have exchanged “few words”
Have a good one fellas!

The rarest breed here,
You guys made it possible for me to write about Audio and umm that I don’t look like a fool! Cause you partially understand :P Thanks for joining my Audiophile gang :P

Bjj familes too

I like to give a shout out to my BJJ families, I believe you were listed above, and if Not I don’think we have conversed much.
What happened here? It seems I have two bjj wifeys?
- Daphne86
- Endless Love
- Chidori
- SexyBoAFan
- Ace
- Abzlykewhoa
- Gabriel
- Koreanboba
- Rachel
- Joe^Han
- Infuze
- Good Sushi
- Irvine_86
- Catiesan
- animepro22
- rissa

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:25 AM

Congratulations on your FEP ^_^

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:31 AM


yay /o/
i got 2 comments :3

#4 Evolution


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:42 AM

Congratulations of reaching FEP, Danny ^_^

#5 ptoor


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:50 AM

Man, that hurts my eyes at first glance! I can hardly imagine how long this took.

Thanks for everything Danny!

#6 BoA Fan 23

BoA Fan 23

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 01:30 AM


#7 Spring Sakura

Spring Sakura

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 02:47 AM

whoa...O___O That is one huge post!!!
I'm so honored you managed to slip in a comment for me despite the huge number of other members. ^____^ :) :thumbsup: :lol: :) :D :hug: :hug:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D



    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 05:50 AM

ahaha, it took me so long to find my name. :)

#9 Cyber Lips

Cyber Lips

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 06:18 AM

Congrats!!! :lol:

T_T...you are the first person to recognize me on something special. :thumbsup:

*ahah! you took my monitor eh!? I'll just take your speakers! :)

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:33 AM

First of all...
Posted Image
Posted Image and thanks for taking the time to mention me in this lengthy FEP! Thanks for everything :hug:
You sure have made a lot of friends here and I am glad I am one of them :P
I still remember the nights staying up late sending each other BoA files over msn :thumbsup:..and our little uploaders/downloads buddy lists...I guess it all fell apart after Adee ran away from us like you said? :(

Truong: Oh my God..I think you turned 95% of the staff gay! I mean you know you must of us were busy drooling over BoA now we are drooling over you. I think the Truong’s Eye candy and Truongs general chat is only for secret Fan members? Oh my..

:o!Shilly Danny! I thought you knew that we weren't supposed to talk about the " " forums?!?! Posted Image

Spamming +Msn buddies
During summer you call became my buddies Thanks to Truongie who basically threw you all at me AT ONCE! Now can’t stop talking to any of you ^__^ :D

Bjj familes too

I like to give a shout out to my BJJ families, I believe you were listed above, and if Not I don’think we have conversed much.
What happened here? It seems I have two bjj wifeys?
- Daphne86
- Endless Love
- Chidori
- SexyBoAFan
- Ace
- Abzlykewhoa
- Gabriel
- Koreanboba
- Rachel
- Joe^Han
- Infuze
- Good Sushi
- Irvine_86
- Catiesan
- animepro22
- rissa

Danny, even if I didn't help introduce them....everyone would've still wanted to meet you because Danny's such a hawt and cool guy! ;) :P

& Rome has created quite the family :lol: I was told I have a wifey now too? :) :D

I have to go to work now, but once again, congrats Danny! Your presence here @ BoAjjang is an honour to have :P
Take care buddy! :hug: I laaabbb jjjuuu... :) :P

#11 kimchiBoAchan


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 08:09 AM

Congrats on reaching ur FEP :)

#12 Daenar


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 11:53 AM

wow!! what can i say Danny?? this is an awesome BJ milestone that you've finally hit! congrats on the fep (the EIGHT-pager :lol:) and thanks so much for the shoutout :) keep up the awesome stuff you provide for all of us here, and above all, keep walking the narrow path. your bro in Christ always!

**btw, Truong turns everybody homo lol!! :thumbsup:

Edited by Daenar, 08 November 2005 - 10:57 PM.

#13 -rita;zafra-



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Posted 08 November 2005 - 12:59 PM

OMG HOW COULD I MISS THIS? *kicks herlself!* :thumbsup: lol i remind you of Dino? :) FINE! (fear karen's fist XD) lol kekeke j/k j/k, i love you buddy, congratulations on your FEP :lol:

#14 LiLstephy


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 01:04 PM

hehe congrats danny :thumbsup: lmao.. i wish i looked like BoA :)

#15 Cori


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 01:10 PM

Kuraudo's FEP

RockWithMe192 : Cori, your outstanding Timing and Pitch is amazing! I shall call you a TUNING FORK! Amazing! When I sync your tack to BoA’s it produces a tuning fork “Ring” Only When two sounds are in synchronous they produce that! You are the super duper most sweetest girl Cori! :) always offering your to talk about life and music and everything good in life

;__________________; oh my g! that was so sweet danny :thumbsup:!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWW!!!!! I really am crying now ;_____;.....but there happy tears :lol:!!!! I promise!

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