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___-=* eya's 5k FEP.

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#1 eya


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:17 PM

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hey guys! ummmm since i wanted my FEP to be longer.. i decided to put some intro.. so here i go..

well i first got into k-pop by listening to baby vox.. i was surfing around asianavenue and came across their picture.. i remember one of my friends giving me a stationary with a picture of them.. so i went to look for more info and this amazing site came up.. with all k-pop music!! SOLID07!! aaack! i love this site.. the ultimate site to listen to k-pop artists =P... anyways.. i listened to a couple of songs.. got hooked with their music.. went to more fan sites.. [and here comes the boa part].. for some reason, most sites i looked through had this picture of a girl.. i kept asking myself who she was.. so i went back to solid07 [your stop for k-pop lol].. and saw her profile and music.. saw her discography.. i almost dropped my jaw.. she had so many ALBUMS! and seeing there's a korea and a japan link beside her name.. she must be really popular! "hmmm.." *click* *jewel song comes on*... she's pretty good.. *watches the MV* ... pretty.. nice voice.. the next day, i didn't bother going back.. but after a couple of days.. i had nothing else to do so it wouldn't hurt listening to more boa songs.. *clicks the MV link to sara*.. WOW this girl CAN dance.. and ever since then, i still love this song.. sara was the song that brought me closer to boa.. then next was don't start now.. and i REALLY got hooked.. i have no idea what i would do now if i hadn't click those links.. boa gave me so much inspiration seeing that she's so talented.. almost everyday, i gotta listen to boa.. watching her sing, dance, perform.. all her hardwork.. brightens up my day.. haha.. THE END. :P

now you're probably wondering how i found boajjang.. i actually forgot how :thumbsup:, but i think i was looking for a boa forum.. of course i wanted to learn/hear/see more about boa.. so looked for one and came across this one.. the BEST one of them all ;]

but my k-pop interests doesn't stop there.. thank you all at BJ who introduced me to more k-pop artists out there.. not only k-pop but also j-pop/c-pop.. i decided to create/design a graphic with their pictures in them so here it is:

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[no particular order]


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i don't know you very well =I .. you seem to be a nice and quite funny guy though.. i remember when you hogged the dl section with a lot of boa vids.. hehe.. thanks for taking all your time sharing/uploading them ;) and keep up the great work!

pinkie!! raaawr :P... at first, i thought we weren't gunna get along very well.. but what do you know.. we did!... haha... all those crazy talk in our convos, you sometimes crack me up.. you are such an adorable little girl.. so fun to talk to.. and so cute.. :]

the girl who can freestyle!! oh damn this girl can rap!.. you're fun to talk to.. ;] you and stephy should be songwriters someday.

JJ/CHOOPSY/JAMIE!...wait.. is it jaimee or jamie? i'm sorry i forgot how to spell it =I .. anyways, you deserve a big HUG. :hug:... hehe.. you're the reason why i've become so friendly with boajjang.. it's like everytime we talk.. there's always one thing we always have to laugh at.. you're such a funny dood.. oh yeah, STOP SLACKING and get to work!.. oh and remember when i saw you riding a pink bike in brampton?? hahaha! you actually thought i saw you.. loooooser =P i'll never forget those frigging hilarious convos with you.. don't ever change! :) yoo = COOL BEANS. <3

mr. cooooooooLIN.. thank you so so soooo much for making this wonderful site.. you are amazing.. i think [i think we all do] boajjang is the best and the NO. 1 boa forum on earth! and i'm serious!

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diana, the goddess! oh bow down to the goddess! *bows*.. :P
you are so frigging talented... your artworks always impress me.. you got a long way to go.. after all, you're young ^^.. don't ever stop doing wallies, graphics and such! oh yeah, did you know.. you're also one of my inspirations of making wallies and stuff? yes you are.. XP GJ goddess!

i feel like i could talk to you about anything.. we've had so many unforgettable conversations.. whenever i need something to laugh at.. cry at... get mad at, haha.. etc etc.. you were always there.. you have no idea how much you've helped me.. over school, boys, my brothers, life.. *sigh.. i don't know what else.. we've had our weird convos.. =P you're probably the only one who noticed i've changed a bit.. besides myself, haha.. we've talked about so many random things.. stupid things and of course OTHER things.. hahhhhh... my bejewelled budddey!... just stay the same and don't ever give up on anything you want to achieve! *hugs* <3

james :( i never talk to you anymore.. what happened? anyways, you've got such an awesome voice.. so soothing to listen to.. my favourite clip of yours is still "i don't wanna know" with dan.. haha.. keep singing buddy ;)

future s
anh!! hmm.. remember when you thought i was a guy and you kicked me out of iRC? :o ... haha.. then you finally knew.. you were like "oh sh!t"... =P.. yeah yeah, you better be sorry... and remember those axe signs you made?.. or should i say the ads.. hahhhh.. you're such a joker.. but at the same time.. you're mean too... well i hope we'll still keep in touch every once in a while.. ^.^ <3

tiana, the cutie pie! why do you have to be so adorable?!.. honestly! if we ever see each other.. i'll just glomp you.. you're too nice and to cute for your own good.. and on another note, you also have a great and such cute voice.. keep singing ok? ;]

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my one and only sis.. we talk once in a while.. i know we're soo "busy" with our own lives now.. haha.. you've helped me with some of my problems waay wayyyyy back.. and i just wanna say thank you for being there... you're my one and only sisss.. love ya! <3

my graphic collab buddy.. thanks for everything and i'm looking for more collabs with you in the future.. i know we’re still not done with our first one.. but please bare with me.. =P

wooooieeee [i barely call you with that name].. hmm.. most of our convos die [haha, it's the truth] but that's ok.. i remember those iRC days, the iRC quotes with you, choopy, dan, james... oh man i almost died laughing there.. hmph! but now everything just fell apart.. =/ … just hoping “those days” would come back someday… anyways, i wish i could get to know you more better.. i don’t know what else to say =I <3

a girl with such an amazing voice.. don't waste it ok?... everytime i hear your voice, it always makes me wanna go back on singing.. you also have a unique style.. i like looking at your pics.. you're so cute.. and your fake lip-piercing = HOT. lol.

my partner in crime?! i don't even know if you still like se7en as much as you used to.. but you'll still be my partner in crime.. in SE7ENIZING people.. haha.. it feels like whenever i talk to you.. it seems like i know you already.. like.. you're one of my best friends? i dunno.. it's really hard to explain.. but it's really fun talking to you.. miss ya!

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stephy!!.. you're a sweet girl.. so nice.. i wish i had a sister like you.. well we hardly talk but i can already tell you're a great person.. i don't know what it would be like if i know you in person.. i remember you telling me that you have no talent or whatsoever, well guess what?.. i think you DO!.. being able to have gymnastic skills is a talent!.. or.. or.. your clips of dancing to valenti.. =P ... don't ever put yourself down.. you have a long way to go for your age.. lol what am i talking about.. i feel like i KNOW YOU a lot.. ahha.. but anyways.. don't ever change anything about you ;] <3

where are you?! =I… well i see you here at BJ once in a while, but you seem to be very busy nowadays.. well remember iRC days? *sigh.. haiiz.. i miss those.. and that yahoo chat i had with you and choopsy.. priceless.. hehe.. well i miss talking to you and the others at iRC.. =I

i don't even know if you're gunna read this but we REALLY miss ya lots here at BJ!.. oldies are starting to drift away every minute [exaggeration. lol].. well i hope you still visit us every once in a while.. i wish i had the time to get to know you more better.. i think you're really busy now but i just wanna say.. you've been like an older sis to us here at BJ.. and hope to see you more active like you used to be.. my BR buddy!!

we hardly talk now.. i think the last time we had a talk was during iRC. i miss those days.. well anyways, cori, you've been always so nice to me.. and very sweet... your voice is awesome and i wish i had it =P
you make lotsa nice graphics too.. a really talented girl.. oh yeah, and you could draw!.. hehe.. well i wish we could still keep in touch once in a while.. i know you're very busy now with your new school and such.. but don't ever give up with your dreams to become a singer someday ^^

rachieeeeeeeee... how are you?!... i haven't seen you in a while.. hope everything's going well.. i only got to talk to you when i was on iRC... hehe.. i think?.. or yahoo? wow, such a long time ago.. i don't even remember.. but i miss talking to yooooo.. =I

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truong!! thank you so much for everything... i know we don't talk a lot.. but you're really easy to get along with.. ;) and such a nice person!... hope to get to know you more better! :D

beaaa! aaaaaaaaah.. the boa-look-a-like.. you always have such pretty gifs/pics/videos.. your room is so cool! and you're so cool =P... i really hope you achieve those dreams of you and your cousins getting in the music industry.. heheheh.. :]

thank you so much for the letter! and thanks for everything.. i’m sending mine soon.. i’m so sorry if it’s taking really long.. i’ve been really busy.. i am deeply sorry..

furballllllllllllls... where are you mannn? you're like never here anymore :( ... and whenever you're here.. its only for like almost a day.. and you never go online! we miss yoooo! come back furbyy.

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other shoutouts
addkidd. anathel. angelicshan. Daenar. goodkarma. inhyung. japaneseobesession. JustLovely. K-PopChink. kuraudo. Mirai Pan-chan. MIS0HAPPY. Odyism. Padlet. ptoor. Redmage. RitaZafra. Uni. Winnierz. xxfcuk. xx_lost_love_xx.


PS. i am deeply sorry if i missed you.. i only put the ones i talk to.. and the ones i'm close with.. and the ones that are ALMOST close with.. please tell me if you want to be added and i'll add you to the shoutouts.


.goodnight. goodbye. that's it. THE END.

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<3 BoA*jjang.

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YEA BoA*!!!

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#2 LiLstephy


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:22 PM

first sweet~ nice fep you're like.. sooo awesome at graphics eya
sorry we dont talk much ): *me vows to start getting to know you way better*

everything you said was so sweet :hug: i wish i had a big sis as goregous and nice and cool as you :thumbsup: hehe i'll type more, but currently writing an essay :x

LOVE YOU EYA <3 congrats on your fep [:

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#3 Diana139


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:23 PM

Congrats on your FEB :hug: *clap clap*
Nice job on the FEB too :thumbsup: The graphics are really nice =]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

this is so random but i really like the picture of teddy you used for your siggy

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#4 kuraudo


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:23 PM

Wow congrats on Your fep too! OMG!!
you too!
I am sorry i forgot to put you :hug:
MY fep is too long and didn't have any design cause it was tiring to write 8pg :thumbsup:

Yours is so beautiful!!

:hides in corner and cries:

#5 goodkarma



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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:23 PM

Congratulations, eya! :o :thumbsup: :hug: Thanks for the shout-out too. :) You are so awesome at graphics, I really admire your talent (in fact, I am using your Dakishimeru wallpaper on my computer right now).

#6 BoAgIrl


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:24 PM

heya eya. gosh i nv expect u to include me in.
its so sweet of you <33
i didnt now we will get well at 1st too.
but then we did. isnt it great?
though we r mad sometimes.
but its fun though. ^^.
now i congrats on yur fep post.
its a nice one.
i can see u spend alot of job doing it ^^.

#7 Kakashi_Mina


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:29 PM

:thumbsup: :hug: :)

haha thanks ^^ you should post your singing clips~~

#8 xx_lost_love_xx


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:31 PM

i got mentioned? wow i didnt think i would get on there.. congrats on your feb! woo!

wow i love the graphics you made! they are so =O! lovign teh colors of them too!

#9 angelicshan


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:32 PM

Congratulations. *cheers*

#10 kingster0517


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:37 PM

ha ha love the pics. congrats on the fep. :thumbsup:

#11 Cori


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:40 PM

AWWW! I wished we talked more too :thumbsup:!!!! thank you for the comments, and I love your little collages of K/j/c pop artists and the BoA one as well :hug:!!!!!
HAPPY 5 K!!!!!!

#12 wandoo


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:45 PM

Whoa... Everyone who posted in here has at least 1k posts... Intimidating... D: Anyways, congrats on getting 5k post ^^

#13 -rita;zafra-



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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:45 PM

now you're probably wondering how i found boajjang.. i actually forgot how :lol:addkidd. anathel. goodkarma. inhyung.

K-PopChink. Mirai Pan-chan. MIS0HAPPY. Odyism. Padlet. ptoor. RitaZafra. Uni. Winnierz. xxfcuk. xx_lost_love_xx.

@the first part: yeah i almost forgot once too XD!

@my shouout!: OMG EYA :) i wasn't expecting it! :hug: we sould talk sometime, you seem like a very nice person and i love your graphics [you are so talented!]

your FEP is so cool! CONGRATULATIONS ~~~! :thumbsup:

#14 FireAngel


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:46 PM

eya! congrats on the 5k! lol
wow.. 5k. i have yet to hit 1k.. hahahaha
i shall continue for u eya. :thumbsup:

#15 ptoor


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 07:58 PM

You the man Freya! :thumbsup:
Notice I'm into gender equality here. :) Feel free to call me woman! :hug:
Congratulations once again!

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