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~ yunapolaris' EMP ~

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#1 yunapolaris


    I'm here because

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 08:25 AM

Ladies and Gentlements, guys and gals, 2007, introducing ~ Today is ~ ~ ~

yunapolaris' Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image ! Posted Image

~ Prologue ~Posted Image

Hello everybody ! I'm Vickie a.k.a yunapolaris - a gal from Vietnam :) . After a loo~ng time, more than 2 years in BJJ, finally I have happily reached my EMP on 07:54 AM - 07.12.14 !!!

The first time I accessed BJJ is when I saw the link in BoA's box in a Vietnamese forum about music. Since then, BJJ has become a station for me to upate all new things of BoA :).

About 1 and half year ago, the slow internet connection and my busy studying restrict my active in BJJ :(. About 6 months ago, I can use internet without any limitation,so I've tried to be more active in our forum. I go into BJJ almost everyday to read news, to get pictures, to..spam :P. BJJ has become one of my hobbies :D

Today, in my EMP, I wanna give my sweetest thanks, short speeches and gifts to my special persons in our forum Posted Image...

~ Main lady : BoA Posted Image~

It has been more than 3 years since I "fell in love" with BoA. I still remember clearly the moment making me become her fan. It was the time when I watched "Love and Honesty Live Tour" VCD. I was attracted by BoA's voice and dancing. At the last part, she sang "Feel The Same" and she cried...At that moment, I found myself "feel the same" with her, I also cried when watching her tried to sing in tears. A small girl on the stage, singing in tears, touched my heart deeply :) ( still dun know why up to now :P).
That's how I become a BoA's fan :) ! From time to time, (sound a kinda crazy :P) BoA affects many aspect of my daily life. Her music keeps me up everytime I feel kinda of sadness, loneliness and makes me feel even more happier evreytime I feel happy. Her smile is one of encouragement whenever I'm down. Her passion for singing and dancing, her ambitions toward work always remind me to try hard in my study, my work :). She brings me not only music, but also many meaningful things in life such as : friends, dreams, ambitions and even love :P. Share with you guys 1 small secret of mine, via BoA's forum, I've found my boyfriend - he is a BoA's fan too :P
There's no any words can express my admiration for BoA <3. I love her like my sister <3 :P .
I wish someday I will have a chace to say this to her in person : "Kamsahamnita ~ Domou arigatou, BoA Unnie ~ sarang hae yo ! ". Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll always support you, BoA ah ! Thank you for being a singer, thank you for being yourself, my BoA ! Here your gifts : my heart Posted Image! Plz receive it, BoA :) !

P/S: BoA is MINE, not yours or your friends' ! haha ~Posted Image

~ Friends ~Posted Image

- Daphne (RisingSunRocks) : Our friendship has been about 6 month age, ne :) ? You know, sometimes I feel as if our friend ship is something of destiny. People who meet each others online don't often have chances to meet in person, even they live in the same city/country. But you and I, living in two countries, can have chance to not only meet but also go shopping, have lunches ect, It's such a great destiny, isn't it :)?
From the first time you reply me in BJJ, you've showed me your kindness and your honesty in friendship, I really respect all thing you've done for me. Thank you for being my friend (andyour Xmas gift :) ), gal! Keep our friendship up, ne Daph-chan ?
Here my gifts for you --> Posted Image
Hope you like it (and also my Xmas gift :P) when you back from the trip :) .

- Jie Ming /Kyo (kyo_jieming2000) : Hey Kyo, you are the one who make me become a spammer, it's all your fault ! Haha ~ just j/k :). I have to thank "spamming" , cuz' it help us make friend, rite ;) ? I've never enjoy spamming until you responded my replies in Eye Candy Reg section. To tell you the truth, I felt kinda happy when there was someone caring about my replies :). Thank you for the nice time we have in..spamming, Kyo.
Let's spam Eye Candy again sometimes together, okay ? ;). Spamming rocks hahaha ~ :)
Here a gift for you --> Posted Image. Merry Xmas, Kyo <3. Hope you will come back soon :)

- Kitchie (cheotsarang) : The thing about you which I was impressed the most is .. your ID :) - 'cheotsarang'. I like its meaning, I tend to be like any word with 'sarang' :D. I glad that you join with me and Kyo to make a "spamming team" haha ~ I love it.
I see that you seem like cars, ne? I like cars too, hope we can make some chat about cars sometimes (maybe spamming in BoA Quiz topic hehe~ ) and also hope I can get as many cars as possible from you in Quiz topic :)
Here a gift for you gal --> Posted Image

-Hanjin (hanjin) : Do you mind I call you babysis :) ? You know, I really love the way of BoA's fan you are. Your enthusiam and whole heart for BoA is hard to find these days in our Vietnamese fans community, I greatly appreciate it. You know many things about BoA, some things even never known to me. Chatting with you have never made me boring <3.
Hope you will "escape" from your studying soon, then we will have more time to chat ne. Good luck to you on upcoming important exams, babysis.
Here your Tablo's phone in AnyBand :( --> Posted Image

~ Vietnamese BoAjjangians ~Posted Image

- Son (sondaudinh) : It suprised me that your school and mine is really near each others ! Maybe we can have lunch together someday ne? I know some delicious but cheap place to have lunch around our schools' area. Nice to meet you, guy :)

- Hùng (doubletakeit) : Hey younger bro, do you mind I call you dat :D ? Glad to meet you man ~ You helped me much about hosts and I also took many files from you. Thank you a bunch man ~Make some talks one day ne :)

- Gin (worldofboaandme) : Hello Gin :) ! To tell you the truth, I've been mistaken that you're a gal for a long time, so sorry ne :P. Do you remember that we argued a little before ;)? Plz dun think dat I wanted make a fight, it was just some misunderstandings, I'm sorry about it too :)
I highly appreciate your uploadings, your data of BoA must be a huge. Watch out man, I would steal it some day haha ~ :D

- John (dudely123) : Hi :). We don't really known each others rite :P. But I also appreciate your uploadings in Download section. Like Gin, you also have a huge BoA's data ne ? Our BJJ need members like you :). Great work, John :D.

- Hoang Ha (masoi) : Hello little sister ! Your study keeps you so busy ne ? Plz hang out in Quiz topic sometimes gal :). Btw, our Sub Team also need you. Be back soon ne ^^

- Quynh (nguyen_quynh54) : Hey little girl, you're much younger than me, but the time you're a BoA's fan even longer than me. It's really awesome and amazing, gal! Keep the love for BoA grow up with you, okay ;)

To you guys-who live in the same city (HCM) with me, why don't we meet and have a cup of coffee then happy chatting sometimes ? Let make some talks in Yahoo! first ne :D, here's my Yahoo ID : yunapolariskc, add me if you like :)

Together, let's make an active Vietnamese Fans Community in BJJ <3 !

If there is any ACTIVE VNese mems but I didn't mention here, plz let me know ^^.

--> Here gifts for guys : Posted Image

---> Here gifts for 2 gals : Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

~ Great BoAjjangians ~Posted Image

- Trina (boanjel) : My most favourite Staff B) ! Because we have you, we've never missed any BoA's new images ! Sometimes, I think it must take you at least 8 hours a day to go through internet to pick up BoA's pictures, ne? I don't know how you know all of places to get BoA's pics ? Your work is really amazing, Trina. BTW, I like your ID 'boanjel' :D - it's kinda creative ID <3, so I often use it to call you than you real name Trina.
Thank you very much for all the thinggie you've shared with us. 'Eye Candy' section would be such gloomy without you, boanjel.

- ZZOOzzoo : Hi guy ! You know, you help me much with your updating news :). Not only help me to update about BoA, but also help me in my work, Cuz' I'm a Mod of News section in our VN BoA Forum, so I often get news from your threads to write news in Vietnamese. Thank you a bunch dude :) !

- budonkadonk : The speedman :D ! Your fast has never failed to amaze me ! I can't imagine how you can upload BoA's shows just a few minutes after her finishing.It's totally amazing !! You must have a mega speed of internet, ne ? Because of your HQ files, I've managed to use Bittorent, adn now I totally love it ! Besides, I always envy you, you know :P. You can go to many BoA's live shows in Japan ,even can take siggie from her - those things I would never can do TT_TT. If someday I visit you in Japan, will you give me one of your BoA's stuff man :P ?
I greatly appreciate your work. Thank you very very much :lol: !

- Matthew (sennheiserlover) : Hi dude ~ I admire your encoding skill, you know ;). I like encoding, but I don't know how to use those compicated programs T_T. Could you accept me as your disciple, Matt :D ? To be honest, your requirement to download is one of the seasons which encourage me to upload more and more :D.
You do a great job, Matt ! Lucky us that we have you in BJJ. Thank you very muchPosted Image !

- Danny (Kuraudo) : The most humour and active Mod to me :). I enjoy reading you replies in topics, really cute and ..funny :D. I can see how big your love to BoA is ^^.
I still remember the time when you helped me to resize my siggie before I could get warned, I greatly appreciate your kindness. Thank you, Danny Posted Image.

- MF Yong : Hi man ~ I'm your fan :D ! I really love your BoA's comics, esp "How to kidnap BoA" serie :wub:. This serie always makes me ROFL :D !! Sometimes when I feel boring, your comics help me brighten up my spirit :).
Thank you for the laugh your comis bringing me :). Keep your great work up, ne :P .

- Rico (upstream) : The reason I put your name here is obvious, right in my siggie :D. I'm using ur seal and I really love it <3. Thank you for bringing us an awesome BJJ seal man :)

==> These are for you guys, take anything you like :P :
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

~ BJJ's Mods - GMods - Admins ~ Posted Image

To dear BJJ's Administers, keeping a big forum neat, attractive and..alive is totally NOT an easy work, but you guys are doing it really well :). Thank all of you 9999999...x times for being here for us, for our BoAjjang :D ! Together, you guys-Adminiters and us-Members will keep our BJJ be the most attractive BoA's fansite ne :)

Xmas gifts for you guys :P --> Posted Image
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... ... ...

Okay, I think I should to stop now cuz' my EMP starts to be so long and..boring hehe ~ Posted Image

Oh ~ wait , I also upload some random BoA's files to celebrate my EMP in Download section. You guys can grab them HERE --> So sorry guys Posted Image. ALL LINKS ARE DEAD b/c of my problems with the stupid host ><

Thank you guys for spending time reading my prolix speech :P :) . I love you all , BoAjjangians Posted Image !
Let's make our forum grow in strength more and more Posted Image

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, everybody Posted Image!!

See ya again in my...FEP Posted Image ~ Baibai Posted Image

-VickiePosted Image-

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#2 lovelisax3


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 08:30 AM

congrats on your EMP! keep posting. :)

#3 upstream


    BoA's Secret Boyfriend

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 09:04 AM

hahaha...xD i was there xD thanks for using the seal, it's becoming a uniform here in boajjang...xD

bdw, my name is Rico :lol: i can see your an Onion head fan too..xD

:) i dun have this one:
Posted Image


Thanks for the shout..merry xmas and congrats your EMP! ^^

Edited by upstream, 14 December 2007 - 09:07 AM.

#4 LionAngel


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 09:20 AM

hahah those xmas gifts are so cool!
congratulations on your EMP~!
your BoA sig is so cute :(

#5 yunapolaris


    I'm here because

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 09:36 AM

@Beauty4123 : Thanks :D ! I see that you're also nearing to EMP. Keep posting, too ;)

@Rico : Oh? So its name is "Onion head" :o ? I've never known this haha~ :P , I call them "White dumpling" cuz' I see them looks like ...dumplings :P . Thanks for the name and the congratz, Rico :). P/S: Ur seals is really creative :(. I'm glad at I see it everywhere in BJJ, we need that 'uniform' :P

@LionAngel : Thank you :lol:. I took my sig from wing~, BoA's so cute in this, ne :wub:

Edited by yunapolaris, 14 December 2007 - 09:37 AM.

#6 [email protected]

[email protected]

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 10:02 AM

another emp!!
maybe u dont know me, but i see u alot...
congrats... great thread btw.. u even told us ur story about boa n u...

#7 cheotsarang


    [~+ Tarantallegra +~]

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 10:02 AM

omg!!! an Audi!!! :D

you gave me an Audi?! that's really cool!!! :(

btw, i saw your EMP thread in the download section :D you uploaded so many videos :P
and about cars? hehehe... yes i love cars but i still don't know how to drive! :P :lol:
but maybe next year i might enroll to a driving school and hopefully pass the driving test... and get my driver's license :D

and.... those gifts? those are really amazing! the Acer Ferrari and the Lamborghini notebooks!!! :P

hopefully next year we will still continue spamming here at bjj :wub:

and before i forget, i already saw Tablo's phone model UFO at the Samsung Center on a mall here at Manila! but i didn't bother to asked about the price because i know that it's jaw dropping :)

congratulations again Vickie!!!! i think we have a new thread to hang out :o ;)

Edited by cheotsarang, 14 December 2007 - 10:03 AM.

#8 whatta-chan


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 02:25 PM

girl your emp looks awesome :( (i'm an active viet member! :P)


#9 BoA-chan-fan


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 02:46 PM

Sweet EMP!

congrats on reaching it this far!
I hope to see ya around in the forums!

#10 Cori


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 02:48 PM

Very nice EMP :P!
CONGRATS ON THE 1K! And thanks for the iPod :P!!!!!!

#11 pupluvgurl



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Posted 14 December 2007 - 03:01 PM

Haha, congats to you!!! I remember my EMP...justlike a month ago i think. Lol, congrats once again!!! So many pictures...

#12 moonstarox


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 03:07 PM

Aww~ Congrats on your EMP. And it's nice of you to give so
many gifts ;]

#13 angel_kulet16


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Posted 14 December 2007 - 03:24 PM

congratulations on your EMP!!! :(

#14 Be The One*

Be The One*

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 04:09 PM

Congrats on your EMP! Let's toast...*then we toast* :(

#15 dudely123


    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 04:20 PM

sweet, cam on vickie da cho cai may diet tu moi :P

haha, im very flattered that u put my name in ur EMP
love the emoticons
i realized that there many active bjj members (in vietnam or outside the country)

chuc mung vickie da duoc 1000 post

hope we can become better friends :(

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